Wizard 549

Chapter 549 Not a Princess, but as Tsubaki, Part One

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 As Tsubaki lowered Shinji’s pants and underwear with her own hands, the half-erect p*nis was exposed to the open air. She then buried her face in Shinji’s lap as she lay face down on the tatami mat, emitting a low, lustful moan.

 (It looks different in a bright place.)

 Their intimate moments always occurred after sunset, and Tsubaki only saw the p*nis in dimly lit rooms. Her lips, blushing at the sight of what was clearly visible in the light, touched it sensually.

 With each touch of her glossy lips, the p*nis bounced, and as her tongue sensually circled the glans, Shinji quickly became fully aroused. Tsubaki, performing the service she had been taught by Shinji, gazed up at him, and their eyes locked.

 ”You’ve gotten better, Princess. No, wait…”

 ”Kiss, mmm~♡ Kiss, ju~♡ mmm?”

 The identity of being a princess was inseparable from Tsubaki, and she had always strived to be a suitable presence for the nation. Even though her body bore the lewd crest and she was on the verge of slumping into pleasure, her heart remained unwavering. Whether the time spent in s*x exceeded that of the magic ritual, or if she demonstrated her lascivious movements on top of him as instructed by Shinji, she always began with the magic ritual, and Tsubaki benefited from it.

 Even if Shinji were to express a desire for only s*x without the magic ritual, she could confidently refuse. That is how proud Tsubaki is of being a “princess” and how she lives for her country.

 She had never doubted that those who served the nation felt the same way. In the face of the national crisis of Tenshou Country, no one had given up, and they had all united to confront it. That’s why, even though the princess’s duties were heavy, she had always strived to be a respected princess who didn’t run away.

 But when she learned that Garoumaru, the chief military officer, was considering betraying them behind the scenes, Tsubaki’s unwavering determination to be an honorable princess wavered. If he prioritized his own desires, she thought that she too could discard the shell of being a princess without being blamed. And so, Tsubaki pushed Shinji down and ventured into the realm of “s*x.”

 ”You’ve gotten better, Tsubaki. It feels really good.”

 For the sake of the nation, for the magic ritual, Shinji smiled and responded to Tsubaki’s individual desires that had nothing to do with the country’s interests. It was the first time she had reveral her true self, shedding the polite and gentle manner that had supported the princess (Tsubaki) until now.

 Tsubaki and the princess were inseparable, except for her father, mother, and brother. Most of the people who respected her saw the princess-like Tsubaki and praised her. Praise for Tsubaki, not the princess, was an act that should have been disrespectful, but it made the wounded Tsubaki happy beyond measure.

 Unlike Garoumaru, who saw Tsubaki only as a princess, Shinji saw Tsubaki as an individual who had learned to serve him. Although it should have been a domain reserved for blood relatives or spouses, she allowed it because of her fervent service.

 ”Nn, nn ♡ Slurp~♡ Fuu, nn~♡ Chu-pa, chu-pu~♡”

 ”Well, Tsubaki’s mouth is just too good… I could c*m right away.”

 Both during the magic ritual and in the midst of s*x, they spoke very little and focused solely on satisfying their carnal desires. Therefore, Shinji’s changing expressions and sweet compliments in his natural state planted warm feelings in Tsubaki’s heart.

 (I’m happy…♡ I want him to be even happier…♡)

 Tsubaki had received an education that emphasized supporting men from the start. It was only natural that she felt the desire to make things even better when she saw Shinji’s pleased expression. The desire to serve her husband that she should have felt was now pouring entirely into Shinji.

 ”Puhaa… ♡ Shinji, you prefer it when I use my chest, don’t you? You’ve taught me the paizuri many times.”

 ”That’s right. Tsubaki’s breasts are big and beautiful, so it feels even better. So, I want you to use your breasts.”

 ”Oh, you’re such an insatiable man… ♡”

 Encouraged by Shinji’s natural demeanor, Tsubaki also revealed her true self and wore a soft smile. While never mentioning Shinji’s preferences that she had sensed during her training, Tsubaki asked about them. She laughed when she heard the answer and appeared somewhat troubled, but this added a touch of youthful cuteness to her beauty.

 With a smooth movement, she loosened the obi of the kimono, which had been tightly tied to hide the contours of her body. When she untied the sarashi, which had compressed her ample breasts, a deep cleavage came into Shinji’s view. Shinji, who had a strong image of being a calm and dependable wizard, furrowed his brow in a rather disheveled manner. Instead of a sense of aversion, he found her humanness more appealing.

 As she squeezed the p*nis between her breasts, it slid with her saliva. Slowly pressing it from both sides, her touch on the warm p*nis made Tsubaki’s cheeks even redder. As she pressed her breast meat with both hands and moved them back and forth, she observed Shinji’s reaction closely. He seemed genuinely pleased, and her desire to serve him grew stronger.

 ”Oh, I-I’m about to… c*m…”

 The rhythmical movements of her breasts, pressing against it perfectly, and her skillful hip movements not only heightened Shinji’s pleasure but also aroused Tsubaki. Unlike when a man devours a woman in s*x, foreplay done in sync allowed her to observe Shinji’s reactions carefully while leaving some room for thought.

 The swollen glans and Shinji’s rough breathing indicated that he was truly on the verge of climax. When she looked up at Shinji with a slightly open mouth and a pleading tongue, her movements became lascivious. Shinji responded by thrusting his hips forcefully against her breasts.

 Tsubaki had hinted at “sp*rm-drinking” because during her training in serving Shinji, she had remembered his satisfied smile when she had done so. With a desire for Shinji to be pleased even a little, Tsubaki chose to perform sp*rm-drinking without hesitation.

 ”C-c*m… in my mouth…♡ Nn, nn~♡”

 ”I’m… c-c**ming…”

 As she forcefully pressed her breasts and the perfectly timed hip movements pushed the glans, the hot breath that washed over them served as the catalyst for Shinji’s climax. Finally, Shinji’s p*nis was thrust into her mouth.

 Spurt~♡ Spurt~♡

 The copious release dirtied not only Tsubaki’s mouth but also her tongue and chin and further poured into her cleavage. Thanks to the dedicated paizuri, where she skillfully rubbed the shaft of the p*nis, Shinji was able to release without leaving any sp*rm in his urethra.

 The room was filled only with Shinji and Tsubaki’s heavy breathing. When she released the p*nis from her cleavage, a thread of c*m bridged the gap. Overwhelmed by the extraordinary amount, thickness, and scent, Tsubaki felt dizzy as Shinji grasped her shoulder.

 There would be no turning back if they continued like this. Tsubaki sensed this premonition but did not stop Shinji. She prioritized her selfish desire to receive his seed in her stomach, as her fallen body demanded.

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