Wizard 550

Chapter 550 Not a Princess, but as Tsubaki, Part Two

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 At Shinji’s urging, Tsubaki raised her body when he grabbed her shoulders. She was asked to place both elbows on the nearby wooden table, and obediently turned her back to him. She leaned her upper body onto the table and used her hands to support herself.

 Behind Tsubaki, Shinji knelt down and further loosened her kimono, exposing her flawless, well-rounded peachy buttocks. As he touched her soft buttocks, his fingers sank into the supple flesh, causing Tsubaki to squirm.

 Due to the excitement from the paizuri, her thighs were now moist with desire, and Tsubaki, overwhelmed by embarrassment, turned her face away. The modesty she had likely been taught, that indulgence was not appropriate, fueled Shinji’s sadistic desires, causing the p*nis to become even firmer and erect.

 ”I’m going to insert it…”

 ”Yes…♡ Ahh, mmm~♡ Oh, there…♡”

 As Shinji slowly inserted it, Tsubaki’s body trembled, and she lowered her face in an attempt to endure the pleasure. Her v*gina, which had remembered the shape of Shinji’s p*nis through repeated s*x, now fit perfectly, and even though he was merely inserting himself, it brought immense pleasure, transforming her expression into one of ecstasy.

 With a slight thrust, the glans reached its deepest point, and as Shinji finished inserting it, he grabbed her buttocks and moved his hips gently. This act was different from the intense release of pent-up se*ual desire after the magic ritual or the training to instill a submissive attitude during s*x. It was a subtle balance that provided just enough pleasure to be enjoyable but could be stopped if Tsubaki wished.

 ”Tsubaki, move your hips too.”

 ”Me too? Nn~♡ Ahh~♡ Nnnn~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahh~♡”

 Tsubaki moved her hips as instructed, and Shinji synchronized his movements with hers. Their perfectly timed thrusts amplified the pleasure, overwhelming Tsubaki with intense pleasure without clouding her thinking.

 Until now, their s*x had been clearly defined as either dominant or submissive, with Shinji taking the lead when he moved his hips and Tsubaki being passive when she served him. But this time was different.

 While maintaining a clear understanding of what she was doing, what was being done to her, and without losing herself in the experience, Tsubaki enthusiastically engaged in s*x that was mutually satisfying.

 (This is amazing…♡ The clearest it’s ever been…♡ It feels so good…♡ I love this…♡)

 Her kimono, now completely undone and revealing her neck, received kisses. Gentle hands fondled her breasts, and her nipples were teased. They moved their hips in harmony, and their bodies heated up from within. Gradually, Tsubaki’s entire body tingled with arousal, and without losing herself in a trance-like state, she instinctively searched for ways to enhance her pleasure.

 ”There…♡ Ahh~♡ Ahh~♡ It’s good~♡”

 ”Right here?”

 ”Yes~♡ Like that~♡ Nn, Ahh~♡ Haan~♡”

 Tsubaki twisted her hips to offer a better angle. She turned without shame, craving kisses. When Shinji withdrew his p*nis, she didn’t say a word but turned back to reconnect with him in a face-to-face position. With both hands and legs, she clung to him and reached climax. These were all displays of vulnerability that only a lifelong partner should see, and Tsubaki exposed them to Shinji.

 She pushed aside the detested Garoumaru, whom she hated, and forgot about Kuroumaru, whom she had chosen as her partner. Tsubaki, not as a princess but as a woman, devoted herself entirely to the current happiness of s*x.

 Tsubaki knew that this was wrong. She understood that Shinji showing his true self, engaging in sweet s*x, and accommodating her desires were all just for her sake. Nevertheless, for now, just for now, she couldn’t help but want to entrust herself to the dependable wizard in front of her.

 ”Just for now~♡ That’s why~♡ I’ll do it properly~♡ I’ll return to being everyone’s princess~♡”

 ”I understand. Tsubaki is doing well. Just for now, right? I promise to keep this a secret.”

 ”Yes… yes~♡ Make it strong, like always~♡ Oh, oh~♡ Like that~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahhh~♡”

 Shinji’s gentle words seeped into the wounded Tsubaki. He pushed her down and, lying on her back, he pounded her as she desired. It was a fierce and vigorous s*x that didn’t involve synchronized breathing but rather showed a man ravishing a woman. Tsubaki, who had accepted him with her body and soul, was so overwhelmed with pleasure that she was dripping with excitement.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Uhh~♡ Ohh~♡ So good~♡ Feels so good~♡ Shinji~♡ Shinji~♡”

 Shinji inwardly smirked as Tsubaki, the princess who always prioritized her country, descended into depths from which she couldn’t turn back. Even though she said it was just for now, it was not clear that it had no impact on her, considering how deeply she had become corrupted.

 Tsubaki’s highest priority remained her country, and she continued to prioritize her duties as a princess. However, the events of today would significantly affect whether she could sever her relationship with Shinji and Garoumaru, become Kuroumaru’s spouse, and become the ruler of the nation.

 The issue of maintaining ties with Soukai Country after helping his adoptive parents was also a concern. But for now, Shinji was focused on engraving the pinnacle of happiness into Tsubaki’s life. Balancing the books could wait, and he had no qualification to call himself the son of a succubus if he missed this opportunity.

 Amidst their union in the missionary position, Shinji grabbed her bouncing breasts each time he thrust his hips forcefully, speeding up the motion to reach climax. Tsubaki, realizing his intentions, entwined her legs around his waist, longing for his release, and this act was driven not by reason but instinct. She thought that she wouldn’t mind if she were impregnated by this man.

 ”I’m c*mming…!”

 ”I am too~♡ I’m c*mming~♡ Inside me~♡ Inside~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahhhhh~♡~♡”

 Spurt~♡ Spurt~♡ Spurttt~♡

 The glans pressed against the deepest point, releasing his seed. Shinji’s vigorous demand for her body, which had slowly accumulated heat, and her desire to accept him both mentally and physically caused Tsubaki to experience the most pleasurable climax she had ever had. If Shinji hadn’t used soundproofing magic, the volume of her ecstatic cries would have likely led the maids to storm in. He continued to thrust his hips while embracing her.

 ”Haah, haah, haah…♡”

 Tsubaki, who repeated ragged breaths, lovingly wrapped her arms around Shinji’s back. She felt the remnants of the afterglow of the intense pleasure slowly leaving her body. It was as if her sadness was also dissipating, and her thoughts were becoming clear.

 (I won’t let Garoumaru become the ruler of the country. I’ll thwart whatever he’s planning. It’s all right; I have this man…)

 Tsubaki believed that if Shinji hadn’t visited the country, things would have likely gone according to Garoumaru’s wishes. Meeting him and receiving assistance before losing her country, her people, and herself had been a stroke of great fortune. One could even call it a fateful encounter.


 ”What is it?”

 ”I’m relying on you, okay…?”

 He smiled and nodded in response to her, holding her tightly.

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