Wizard 551

Chapter 551 Tsubaki Holds Secret Feelings in Her Chest

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 Tsubaki, whose body had cleaned by Shinji’s magic, faces him again. She sits with a calm expression that does not show the unstable feeling before s*x, with a good posture as usual. Tsubaki coughs shyly once in front of Shinji, who is relieved that she has generally recovered.

 ”I may have lost control… but my goal remains the same. I will marry someone who will help me in my reign and protect the country from the threat of Tenshou Country.”

 ”If that’s the case, I will continue to assist you, Princess.”

 ”Yes, I’m counting on you. …I was able to notice Garoumaru’s scheme. In that sense, it’s actually a good thing. From now on, I will strengthen the surveillance on him. What do you think, Shinji?”

 ”It’s necessary. …A sale cannot be completed without a buyer. It would be faster if there is evidence of a connection with Tenshou Country.”

 ”I don’t think someone who has hidden so well would leave such evidence carelessly. But just in case, I intend to investigate. I have this magic, after all.”

 Tsubaki’s gaze turns to the small squirrel that had returned to the room without them noticing. The squirrel can infiltrate the building and with shared vision and hearing, a more detailed investigation is possible.

 Compared to Shinji’s magic, which relies on immobile flowers, Tsubaki’s magic, which allows her to move, is more suitable for finding evidence. It is very helpful for Shinji, who wants to focus on preparing to infiltrate enemy territory, to leave the investigation of Garoumaru to Tsubaki.

 ”Then I will leave the investigation of Garoumaru to you, Princess. I will focus on the strategy, but please don’t hesitate to call me if anything happens.”

 ”I will do that. …Are you leaving already?”

 ”Yes. There are still things I need to do.”

 Tsubaki’s gaze, looking up at Shinji as he stands up, changes to a lonely one. It represents her true self without the princess’s mask.

 Garoumaru’s betrayal, who was supposed to serve the country and her father, deeply wounded Tsubaki’s heart, but knowing that, she had developed a strong trust in Shinji, who vowed to support her. In the process of being indulged by the opposite gender and experiencing pleasure, she has lost her resistance to exposing her true self to him.

 Even though she knows it is not rational, her emotion tells her that it is okay to be pampered by Shinji, and her budding selfishness prioritizes her emotions. Knowing Garoumaru’s selfishness, she has lost her excessive selflessness and has become a little more honest about her own desires. As a result, the feeling of wanting to be together a little longer is reflected in her gaze. Shinji smiles back at her modest and adorable reaction, which she always had as a princess.

 ”I will come again at night. Inside the castle and to Garoumaru. Since the number of surveillance targets has increased, we will need a new magic.”

 ”Yes, I’ll be waiting~♡ Don’t worry, I’ll behave properly when there are other people around.”

 ”I believe that you, Princess, have no need to worry. I trust you.”

 Tsubaki, who had a lascivious smile filled with expectations for the magic ritual called s*x, suddenly changes the atmosphere and returns to her calm princess-like expression. Even though her body falls and her heart recognizes Shinji as someone she can rely on, even if she feels a fateful connection, she will not lose sight of her purpose in s*x.

 Tsubaki realizes that if that were to happen, her connection with Shinji would be forever severed. When she wished for his cooperation, she didn’t realize why he accepted, but looking back, she realizes that there must have been a reason for Shinji, who had strongly hinted at refusing, to suddenly accept.

 (Surely, Tenshou Country must be involved.)

 As she learns magic from Shinji, Tsubaki realizes that there is nothing he desires in this country, and if she considers that the reward he desired was only superficial, she realizes that it is too disadvantageous for him. The more she gets to know Shinji’s personality, the more she understands that he is the type of person who doesn’t act without personal gain. Cooperating with Tsubaki would benefit him… that is the answer she comes to, that he desired the capture of Tenshou Country’s facilities.

 If the operation is successful and he gets what he wants, the relationship will be cut off. When she made the contract, she thought it was unavoidable, but now she hate it. However, Tsubaki understood that maintaining a mutually beneficial state is essential for the continuation of the relationship.

 It can also be said that cutting ties with Shinji, who can make a move to save the country from a national crisis, is a loss for the country. For the sake of the country, for personal desires. As long as these two can coexist, Tsubaki will not become a foolish princess.

 ”Well then, later.”

 ”Take care…”

 Tsubaki watched Shinji disappear into the brilliance of the teleport magic with a hint of regret. Until the remnants completely disappeared, she held the feeding box and gave food to the crouching squirrel in the cage. She let the squirrel eating rest and released a small bird from the cage instead.

 It had been a considerable amount of time since the presentation, and she thought that there were no major military officials in the castle. So, Tsubaki sent the small bird towards the barracks where Kuroumaru’s unit was stationed. As soldiers moved around, as expected, Kuroumaru was there. Tsubaki, who shared visual perception with the small bird, listened to their voices while observing their situation.

 The morale of Kuroumaru’s unit soldiers is high, and they hope to participate in the operation. Among them are many who survived the losing battle six months ago, and they are excited about the unparalleled opportunity to avenge themselves. Kuroumaru also gives clear instructions and selects soldiers, which is reassuring in one word.

 However, Tsubaki’s chest did not harbor any further feelings. She finds his straightforward personality admirable, and she can imagine a future where they become a good couple and lead the country in a positive direction. Besides, the respectful gaze he directs towards her is pleasant, and she even has the conviction that they can become a happy couple.

 But Tsubaki has truly come to know a reliable man. Without his arrangements, Kuroumaru would not have become a candidate for marriage and would have been swallowed up by the nuisance named Garoumaru. Although she had s*x with him for the sake of magic, now she finds herself wanting it, and there is also a slump of happiness in surrendering herself to the other.

 (But I will keep these feelings in my chest… for now…)

 Tsubaki understands that the feelings that should not be spoken aloud need to be fully digested before welcoming a husband. In the first and last flutter of her chest, which will never come true, she can’t help but want to surrender herself until the time comes.

 Not as a princess, but as Tsubaki. The sweet voice that seems happy no matter where echoes in her room even on that night.

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