Wizard 552

Chapter 552 The Day Before the Operation

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 After teaching magic to Tsubaki, Shinji focused on preparations.

 First, he delivered the weapons created by Durin at Smith’s Workshop to Kuroumaru. Not all of his subordinates received them, but they went into the hands of those participating in this operation. Shinji was deeply grateful for Durin’s swift craftsmanship.

 Next, he adjusted the role of Clara, who had been serving as Hiyuri’s monitor. She had been receiving magic lessons from Freri since merely watching wasn’t enough to make her a full-fledged succubus. In fact, her magic abilities had improved significantly since her early succubus days, and she had grown to a level comparable to Shizuku and Eve. Therefore, Shinji positioned Clara as an apostle apprentice entrusted by a goddess, just like Eve, and planned to have the three of them act together.

 By concealing her horns and tail and wearing a magician’s robe, Clara appeared as a beautiful wheat-haired magician. She had informed Shizuku that she and Eve were both apostles of the same goddess, but they had been acting separately to eliminate any dependency during their training. The biggest concern was whether Shizuku would dislike being alone with Eve, but various factors, such as being of the same gender, Eve and Clara being friends (according to the setting), and the desire for more firepower in the party, all aligned, and Clara was accepted.

 A party composition of three female magicians was unusual, and on top of that, they all had striking appearances, which led to unwanted attention and worsened Shizuku’s aversion to men. However, this didn’t concern Shinji, who was already disliked by her.

 Finally, Sylphy left Hayate’s side and had Flair bring Sylphy back to Goddess Arian. According to the latest news, despite the effort to select apostles from different worlds, no one else had been able to contract with Sylphy yet. So, she was currently assigned tasks by Goddess Arian. This time, like Flair, she had received permission from Goddess Arian to assist Shinji. There was no need to discuss what she desired as a reward.

 As a result, the annex where Shinji and the others were staying now had the highest number of people ever. “Green Travelers” Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris; A party of Shizuku and Marie; Eve and Clara; High Spirits Flair, Sylphy; and then Freri, Emily, and Sophira, totaling 13 people. Except for Sofira, who was not informed, they were all sisters of the pole and had pleasant appearances. Shizuku was the only one who was disgusted and her impression of Shinji worsened further.

 It is not a new thing for those who know that Shinji is the son of a succubus. Besides, high spirits do not care about the pole sisters. Sophira, on the other hand, remained unaware and emotionally immature. She assumed that her master’s acquaintances were all good-looking individuals.

 The only one who was truly shocked and had her opinion of Shinji further deteriorate was Shizuku. Even Shizuku, who had been thoroughly trained and would obediently submit if Shinji made advances, could not hide her disgust.

 However, Shinji simply laughed it off and continued as if nothing had happened

 ”Now, the operation begins early tomorrow morning. We must wake up early, so let’s keep this briefing brief.”

 In the large hall, Shinji took the lead in the discussion. Roles and requests had already been assigned, so this gathering was for final confirmation.

 ”Sofira, deploy the ‘Gate’. ‘Green Travelers,’ please secure the retreat route on the other side of the gate. Soukai Country’s troops will likely do the same, but there’s no need to protect them. I want you to prioritize your own safety.”

 Each person nodded in response to Shinji’s instructions. It was clear that the enemy would attempt to collapse the gate, so the highly coordinated “Green Travelers” were assigned to protect it.

 ”Flair and Sylphy, you’re on guerrilla duty. Neutralize any forces attempting to collapse the gate. If you happen to find the sealed crystals of my biological parents while on the move, please inform me.”

 The current maximum known combat strength is the same as Sophira’s duplicate, but it wouldn’t be strange if someone stronger was beyond the gate. The plan is for them, the strongest among them, to secure the opponents defense before those stronger ones approach the gate. Assuming nothing extraordinary happens, they can leave dealing with the small fry to the soldiers of Soukai Country, but…

 ”Leave it to me-noja. It’s a bit more fun with strong opponents-noja.”

 ”We are the key to the defense. We don’t have time to have fun, okay?”

 ”I-I understand-noja…”

 Not only Shinji but also Lila and others laughed wryly at Flair, who had been scolded by Sylphy. With Sylphy around, Flair won’t go berserk.

 ”Emily, Freri, Shizuku, Marie, Eve, and Clara will aim to capture our original selves. Ideally, I want them alive, but if that’s not possible, defeating them is also fine. The most important thing is to rescue my foster parents. Shizuku and the others will handle reconnaissance.”


 ””I understand!””

 With four magic users, including Marie, on the offensive, it won’t matter how many soldiers protect the original bodies. Marie is a high-ranking spirit, and Eve and Clara are succubi, so they are sturdier than humans. In the worst case, they can escape through teleportation. Measures have been taken to ensure teleportation even if the ‘Gate’ is nearby.

 Shinji plans to capture the original bodies with Emily and Freri as soon as Shizuku and the others strip away their protection. They must complete this quickly before Soukai Country’s soldiers, including Kuroumaru, make contact with them and grasp Tsubaki’s desired future.

 Shinji’s intentions are conveyed to Freri and Emily without the need for words. Seeing Emily give a thumbs-up with an exuberant smile, Shinji nodded and looked at everyone.

 ”Thank you. With everyone’s help, we can go rescue my foster parents. It’s a dangerous quest to infiltrate enemy territory, but I believe we’ll be fine with everyone’s strength.”

 To the top-tier adventurers, goddess apostles, and high-ranking spirits, who are all reliable allies even in their original world, Shinji directed a confident smile that oozed with a hint of cunning.

 ”When we safely return, I’ll make sure to reward everyone properly. So, let’s start by taking everything we can from Tenshou Country.”

 Shinji’s calm and confident attitude, as if success is a given, is a result of thorough preparation. Because they all knew this, nobody interjected, and they responded to his enthusiasm.

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