Wizard 553

Chapter 553 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part One

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 In the early morning, Shinji and others were at the training ground where the sun had just begun to rise. The faces of many soldiers gathered in the spacious training ground were tense and rigid, and an unusually quiet atmosphere dominated the place. It was not strange to think that it was just before a mission that would determine the survival of the country. Shinji and others read the atmosphere and quietly closed their mouths while waiting, just like everyone else.

 Walking in front of them were Iwao and Tsubaki. They stood on a platform one step higher to oversee the brave warriors who were about to go into battle that would decide the fate of Soukai Country.

 ”…The invasion of Tenshou Country has begun, and we fought to protect our country. That country was strong, suffered a major defeat, and gained time to resist at the cost of losing their heir and many soldiers. However, they cunningly targeted innocent civilians, putting us in a situation where we had to react defensively.”

 Iwao spoke in a low, heavy voice with his eyes closed. The soldiers felt the regret seeping from his voice as he recalled the faces of his deceased son and vassals.

 ”We endure the days without knowing what the future holds. It was not without frustration to impose hardships on everyone and feel inadequate. But that ends today!”

 He opened his eyes wide, and his loud voice echoed.

 ”We will capture the hated castle of Tenshou Country in this operation! The soldiers will invade the castle that lies using ‘Gate’ and take down as many important people as possible!”

 Shinji had gathered some information about what lies beyond the ‘Gate’ from Sophira’s memories and conveyed it to Iwao. It was determined that the facility that produces clones is located inside the moat of a castle somewhere in Tenshou Country.

 Iwao’s goal is to capture the castle of Tenshou Country and cause great chaos within the country. No matter what country it is, if a castle falls, it becomes a major incident. The larger the damage to the castle, the more manpower is needed for recovery, and if important people die, personnel replacement is also necessary. If the country is large, factions will increase, and there is a possibility of internal conflicts over who will be the new lord for what reasons.

 Taking advantage of these chaotic situations, they will regain lost territories including the fortress. That is the desired outcome for Iwao. Therefore, failure is not allowed in this operation. It is clear that if Soukai Country’s excellent soldiers are defeated, they will lose their ability to resist the enemy country.

 ”Now is the perfect opportunity to defeat the enemy! I expect everyone’s efforts!”

 ”””Yes, sir!”””

 In response to Iwao’s enthusiastic speech, the soldiers responded in unison. Their determination was tremendous, and their voices were so loud that it hurt the ears.

 When Shinji looked at Tsubaki, she nodded with a serious expression. Seeing that signal, Shinji and his companions stepped forward in front of Iwao and others.

 Except for Shinji, who walked at the forefront, everyone else was female, which is an unusual composition in Soukai Country. There was no man who would send flirtatious glances even if they were all attractive women, and instead, they felt a sense of respect that they could rely on.

 ”Now, I will open the ‘Gate’. As planned, we will be the first to rush in, so please follow after.”

 ”Understood. Please, Shinji-dono.”

 ”Leave it to me. Please, Sophira.”

 ”Yes. ‘Gate’.”

 Take’s soul within Sophira trembled as she tried to use magic. He could still be of help to his beloved homeland even in death. He imagined the enemy territory while looking through Sophira’s eyes, seeing his father and beloved sister who had aged in his memories. Sophira also exerted all her magic power, and the two of them cooperated to create a long oval-shaped ‘Gate’ that could accommodate many people at once.

 ’I believe in your success… Good luck.’

 Receiving Tsubaki’s thoughts, Shinji, who was walking towards the ‘Gate,’ lightly raised the staff in his hand and disappeared. Tsubaki, who watched his back, clasped her hands together as if praying and continued to gaze at him with a longing expression.

* * *

 After enduring the discomfort unique to teleportation magic, Shinji and others emerged from the ‘Gate.’ There, they found themselves in a place exactly as seen in Sophira’s memories.

 It was a simple room that served as the return point for the clones that went out through the ‘Gate,’ with only one room with double doors. Relieved to see the scene exactly as confirmed in the dream, Shinji and others, led by Emily, ran towards the door, knowing that it would lead them into the grounds of the castle.

 As they forcefully opened the door, there was a wide garden just like in Sophira’s dreams. The place where Shinji and the others were teleported to was inside the walls that surrounded the castle, and it was a section where the lord and his vassals who ruled this land lived.

 Thanks to the early morning, there was no one, not even guards, let alone any pedestrian traffic. This situation was very convenient. Now, Shinji gave a signal to Sophira, and the soldiers of Soukai Country would board one after another.

 ”Advance! Take down the enemies one by one!”


 The momentum was tremendous, and in no time, soldiers who had readied their weapons scattered everywhere. They needed to find the palace where the target person was staying, so they stormed every building one by one.

 There were those who swung and missed at empty spaces, those who killed half-asleep residents, and those who fought against awakened warriors due to the commotion. The results varied.

 There were also those running to occupy the main keep, which was responsible for commanding the army. The few remaining guards, who had not even imagined such a surprise attack, were thrown into chaos and were being pushed back by the Soukai Country army without functioning properly.

 Overall, the battle situation could be said to be in favor of Soukai Country. It was only natural since they launched a complete surprise attack.

 In the midst of all this, Shinji and the others were still near the building where the ‘Gate’ was. They had planned to immediately head towards the research institute where the original bodies were, relying on Sophira’s memories. However, they stopped when they heard Lila’s report, who could overlook the town from a bird’s-eye view using “Hawk’s Eye”.

 ”Shinji-san. The castle town here is much larger than Soukai Country. And as you go towards the outskirts of the town, the buildings become poorly constructed. I think it’s probably the slave district…”

 The only place in Tenshou Country with a slave district. It was the core area of Tenshou Country, which launched wars against other countries and always brought the captured slaves back to this place before dispatching them to various locations.

 ”So this is the capital city, huh?”

 Knowing where they were transferred to, Shinji groaned. It was fine for now since there was chaos, but once Tenshou Country regained its composure, it was clear that reinforcements would come rushing in. It could also be imagined that there were a lot of troops waiting in the capital city.

 ”We can’t afford to waste any more time. Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris. I leave this place to you.”

 ”Yes. Please take care, Shinji-san…”

 With the “Green Traveler” seeing them off, Shinji and the others started running.

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