Wizard 554

Chapter 554 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Two

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 The surprise attack by Soukai Country using the “Gate” in the early morning was completely unexpected for Tenshou Country. They have fought wars with many countries, always gaining the upper hand in every battlefield. The battlefield is always the territory of the invading country. But they never imagined that the capital city, which is the central part of the country, would become a battlefield.

 And why didn’t they take any measures against the existence of the “Gate” that they knew about? It was nothing but their arrogance, believing that Tenshou Country was chosen by the gods.

 However, there was one person in Tenshou Country who reacted to the “Gate” opened by Sophira. She is a young woman with the blood of the ruler of Tenshou Country, the original of the numerous clones created. She is known as the beautiful white-haired Miko of the human god (Hitogami).

 Tenshou Country was originally a country with a human supremacy ideology, but it started implementing extreme policies such as invading other countries and using slave soldiers in the past few years. The cause of this was the Miko receiving divine revelations from the human god.

 As a result, the Tenshou Country received various knowledge from the god, and the people became proud, thinking of themselves as chosen by the god. This knowledge ranged from how to use devices to extract magic power from crystal that sealed demons. It can be said that this led to a rapid increase in the country’s power.

 This revelations of the Miko make a significant impact. Therefore, following the orders of the god to conquer other countries, the Tenshou Country continued to wage wars against neighboring nations. A nation driven mad by the god. That is the true nature of Tenshou Country. The fact that the Miko reacted to the “Gate” was nothing more than a divine revelation given to her while she slept.

 ”Ah… Hitogami-sama, I thank you.”

 The Miko, whose consciousness awakened in an instant, quickly got out of bed and, still dressed lightly, opened the sliding door. She gave instructions to the clone waiting in the corridor to put on a mask.

 ”Enemy attack. Eliminate them immediately.”


 When the command was given, the clone moved swiftly. Replicants born from the work of the god were stronger than ordinary soldiers, but the Miko knew that they could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. She expected to sacrifice their life and take down dozens of enemies with them.

 After all, for her, the clones were just replaceable pawns, and she believed that it didn’t matter if they were completely wiped out as long as they could defeat the troublemakers who were ruining the God’s country. What was more important for the Miko was the answer to the question of why Tenshou Country was being attacked.

 ”I see… The clones dispatched to Soukai Country have betrayed us… O Lord God, I apologize… It’s only because of my inadequate education…”

 The Miko, who had found the answer, murmured sadly about being attacked by a surprise using the “Gate”. Only she could hear the voice of God, and to others, it seemed like she was just murmuring to herself. It was very eerie to see her speaking while looking up at the empty sky.

 ”This is all the fault of the ruler of the Country… Attacking with just those clones… If we ignore the treaty and attack and destroy them, things wouldn’t have turned out like this…”

 The attack on the royal castle of Soukai Country was a plan strongly desired by the ruler of Tenshou Country. By removing the clones who lived in the royal castle, the plan was to first expelling Iwao and Tsubaki, who lived in the royal castle. After that, they wanted Garoumaru to become the temporary ruler and restore peace. The goal was to then convince Soukai Country to surrender and become a loyal vassal state.

 If the order given to Sophira and the others is to abduct those with high magic power, Iwao and Tsubaki would also be targeted. In order to prevent the plan of abducting the two and the plan of Garoumaru taking control of the castle from being exposed, the attacking team was given orders while hiding the original purpose.

 But it is beyond unexpected that the clones were captured and a counterattack was launched. The Miko has no idea how the other side able to prevent her from committing suicide and make her change sides.

 Now, ignoring the ruler’s plan, the Miko deeply regrets that it would have been better to deploy all the clones and destroy the town. It is an extremely foolish idea considering future efforts and profits, and it is unthinkable for someone of royal blood.

 ”…How merciful of you to say that, O Lord God… Then let’s use this opportunity to remove the nuisance. There is no need to bow to anyone other than the human god, I have always thought so… I must give new instructions to the clones.”

 No matter how much she is a Miko, if she usurps the ruler, she cannot protect the country. The Miko, who wants to avoid the disappearance of a country that worships the human god, hopes that those nuisances will be eliminated by the hands of the Soukai Country. Although she is a Miko with royal blood, her position in the succession to the ruler is low, and unless all the blood relatives are dead, the position of the ruler will not come around.

 In fact, the current ruler is wary of the Miko’s fervent faith, bordering on madness, and the Miko holds a grudge for being deliberately demoted in rank. The ruler of Tenshou Country was well aware that the country could not function on the grace of the human god alone. In that sense, one could say that the miko and the human god are being skillfully utilized.

 ”I must take responsibility for this disturbance… hehe… Yes, I understand. It seems that using clones alone won’t stop the enemies aiming for this place… So, let’s release the divine soldiers.”

 Acting on the God’s wishes, despite her aversion, the Miko decides to release the sealed beings that was sealed by the country ruler, and she walks down the corridor.

 Not only Shinji and others from Soukai Country, but also the Miko and the human god’s intentions, will contribute to turning the battlefield into even greater chaos. Shinji, who was running, had no way of knowing.

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