Wizard 555

Chapter 555 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Three

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 Shinji and the others rush towards their destination, completely ignoring the houses where people take shelter along the way. They must reach their objective before reinforcements arrive in the capital. It is important to achieve their goal and be ready to retreat at any time.

 As they progress, clones appear to block their path. These clones are a directly subordinate unit of the miko, composed of individuals wielding kodachis (short swords) to block the way and others with bows aiming to shoot arrows.

 ”Shinji, arrows! I’ll charge through!”

 ”Leave it to me. [Arrow Avoidance]!”

 In front of the clones, who draw their bows and arrows, Shinji chants a spell. The [Arrow Avoidance] spell deflects the trajectory of arrows, protecting not only Emily charging forward, but also Shinji, Shizuku, Eve, and Clara.

 A number of arrows were fired, cutting through the wind as they approached them, but once they got close enough, their trajectories curved in an impossible direction.

 As a result, not one of them hit them, or even got in the way of their running.


 With momentum, Emily jumps into the vanguard of the clones and lashes out with a spiked-club that is bigger than her own body.

 The blow, which is strengthened by magic, is not powerful enough to be blocked even if the other side tries to block it with a kodachi.

 So, the clone’s kodachi is crushed and parts of its body are scraped off, and the clone is blown away, engulfing others.

 With another flash of light, another individual that was about to pounce upon seeing the gap is blown away further. In the face of Emily’s overwhelming individual power, the cooperation of the clones seems to have no meaning.

 ”Return the arrows with an arrow.”

 ”Yes, Shizuku-senpai!”

 ”We’ll match it. Here we go♪”

 Following Shizuku’s instructions, Eve and Clara raised their staffs. They simultaneously chanted a magic spell that generated and released arrows.

 Shizuku, borrowed Marie’s power, a high-level water spirit, specialized in water magic. Then, Eve and Clara, reborn as succubi, specialized in darkness magic. By casting their respective magic spells in their areas of expertise, a multiple of sky-blue and black arrows were created above their heads.

 The three of them were magicians who could generate more arrows in an instant than a formation of clone archers. Comparing their individual specs with the clones would be futile, as they were vastly different.

 Now, the two-colored arrows rained down like rain, rendering many of the clones immobilized. Those who were struck in vital areas died instantly without suffering, but those who were not faced the agony of being unable to move due to the poison infused in the magic arrows.

 ”This is really effective. Keep it up!”

 ”I don’t need to be told, I already know. It’s amazing that something like this actually works, right?”

 ”Well, magic in this world is still underdeveloped, you know.”

 The idea of using poison on arrows came from Shinji, and Shizuku and the others customized it during the preparation period. The monsters that lived in the original world tended to grow larger as they became stronger, and they needed a lot of poison to be injected, so it was rarely used unless there was a reason to capture them. Even if the enemy was not a magic-using monster, but a bandit group, if there was a wizard among them, they could deal with it with the magic, so it was even more so.

 On the other hand, there was no proper countermeasure against poison in this world. There were few wizards or witches, and the nature of magic was mainly focused on attack magic that could be used in war, and because they mostly treated direct injuries, the countermeasures against poison were very poor.

 Shinji learned that and decided to use paralyzing poison, and as a result, many clones became unable to move and fell to the ground. There was no need to bother to stop their breath, as long as they were incapacitated. It was enough if they did not interfere until they achieved their goal.

 Now, the clones that fell down every time Shizuku and the others chanted magic had to stop their magic to turn the situation around. However, the arrows were stopped by Shinji, so they had no choice but to approach them.

 ”I can’t let you go when I’m here!”

 Emily, who was rampaging uncontrollably, couldn’t pass by. Despite being alone, she supported the front line without a single scratch. The back of the person fighting, with golden hair and a red cloak fluttering in the wind, is reliable, and Shinji has complete trust in her.

 The battle continued with Shinji and the others in the lead, and in no time, all the clones fell to the ground. Despite depleting their stamina and magic power, Shinji and the others overcame the struggling clones and tried to move forward. However…

 ”A new move… they even prepared something like this?”

 An enemy’s appearance that they never imagined appeared, causing Shinji to let out a voice of astonishment. The one who appeared was something that shouldn’t exist in this world.

 The towering figure of the flesh golem, a human-made giant pieced together from several bodies, is covered in mismatched patches. Its face is featureless, devoid of expression, and its towering three-meter-tall muscular body exudes an intimidating presence. In Shinji’s world, this creature is classified as a monster, but they never imagined encountering such a being in a world where monsters do not exist.

 Unbeknownst to Shinji and the others, the flesh golem is referred to as a divine soldier by the miko. The miko herself is unaware that this creature is a monster, as she simply recreated it based on the instructions she was given.

 ’Flair, Sylphy. It might be too much for regular soldiers. If they come this way, I’d ask you to take care of it.’


 ’Got it.’

 Not only is the flesh golem’s patchwork body composed of bulging muscles, but it is also surprisingly tough due to the magic energy used to connect the different body parts. The common weapons of the soldiers from Soukai Country would be utterly ineffective against it. However, despite that…

 ”I find it easier to fight against monster.”

 For the Goddess’s apostle and high-ranking adventurers, this monster not much of a challenge. With a burst of magic from Shizuku, she aimed her staff and unleashed an incredibly thin blade of water at an astonishing speed. The razor-sharp water blade effortlessly passed through as if there were no muscular armor, causing the upper body to slide off from the severed part.

 ”Let’s clean this up quickly!”

 ”Seriously, you’re too reliable. I have nothing to do.”

 ”…Shinji-san, your duty is to think, okay?”

 Facing the appearance of one flesh golem after another, Shinji and the others continued to move forward without panicking.

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