Wizard 556

Chapter 556 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Four

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 While Shinji and the others continued to progress without any issues, the soldiers of Soukai Country were thrown into disarray by the appearance of the Flesh Golem. The clones and the golem emerged at the castle tower, which served as the command center for the military. They had come to reclaim an important stronghold that had been occupied by Soukai Country, following the orders of the Miko.

 ”A-a monster…!?”

 The soldiers cried out at the bizarre appearance of the Flesh Golem that had been teleported to the entrance of the castle tower by the Miko. However, they were swiftly struck with tremendous force, rendering them unable to open their mouths indefinitely. The soldiers who had occupied the tower and defended it could only describe their situation as unfortunate.

 ”Our weapons are ineffective! Aaah!?”

 ”W-what is this thing!?”

 Brave soldiers thrust their spears, but it has no effect as their lives are taken by the counterattack of the enemy’s fists. The blades are stopped by the muscles at shallow depths, resulting in more than ten spears and several arrows piercing through, resembling a hedgehog, but causing no substantial damage.

 The attacks of the soldiers are completely ineffective, while a single blow from the Flesh Golem claims lives. The area outside the keep has transformed into a hellscape.

 Inside is no different, as clones launch special attacks against the shaken soldiers. The clones are superior in their individual strength, and upon the instructions of the Miko, they attack without sparing their lives. The momentum is tremendous.

 While it is possible to surround and defeat a single clone with multiple people, the sight of soldiers fighting until they are unable to move due to fatal injuries, in an attempt to take down as many enemies as possible, is something that ordinary soldiers cannot comprehend.

 As a result, both inside and outside the keep once again fall under the control of Tenshou Country. However, the Miko has not sent any reinforcements to the other royal families or their servants. Those who launched a surprise attack on the residences of Tenshou Country, including Kuroumaru, have achieved great feats.

 As for Flair and Sylphy, they couldn’t make it to the castle for different reasons. Flair was busy fighting against more Flesh Golems, while Sylphy was silently watching over Kuroumaru from the shadows.

 Connecting to the ongoing events, Sophira, anticipating the impending threat, swiftly deployed “the gate.” Clones and Flesh Golems started moving towards the building where Lila and others were stationed from all directions.

 Fortunately, due to the presence of “the gate” deployed by Sophira, the enemies cannot directly teleport into the building or its vicinity. Just like how Shinji and others were unable to use the magic of “teleportation” in the past, the interference caused by “the gate” is the reason for this.

 ”They keep coming one after another, it’s never-ending-noja. And they keep appearing from all over the place. Ahh! It’s so annoying-noja!”

 Both the Flesh Golems and the clones are not Flair’s enemies. With a wave of her hand, Flair can summon flames that quickly turn the enemies into ashes.

 However, the number of enemies is abundant. No matter how many she defeats, more enemies keep coming from different locations, causing Flair to run around everywhere.

 Flesh Golems are tall, so they can’t be missed if they jump up. However, the clones, like Sophira, are small and they couldn’t catch all of them. So, some of them have reached Lila and her group.

 Although they have reached their destination, they are not enemies of Lila and her group. They will be defeated one by one when Shinji and the others return. The defense of the “Gate” remains unwavering.

 ”We should be able to hold on until Shinji-san and the others return.”

 ”Don’t let your guard down… here we go!”

 The clones that jumped out from the shadows of the building were shot down by Lili and Lilu’s arrows. Their rapid shots went unnoticed by the soldiers, and as the dust settled, the next wave of enemies appeared.

 Meanwhile, Lila, using her sharp awareness, tried to understand how the battle was going by observing with her keen eyes. As she looked down at the royal capital of Tenshou Country, she noticed that the allies at the castle tower were facing overwhelming odds. Despite informing Shinji about this, he didn’t attempt to send Flair and the others for support.

 ’The castle tower has been captured. …Is that a good thing?’

 ’We have different priorities, so we need to let it go. Lila doesn’t need to feel responsible. I was the one who decided to leave them behind.’

 Shinji sent Flair to assist Lila and the others because losing them would be a significant setback. Similarly, he assigned Sylphy to watch over Kuroumaru because losing him would disrupt future plans.

 Worried about both possibilities, Shinji took extra precautions by assigning Flair and Sylphy, the two pillars of his strength, to the task.

 ’Our safety is the top priority. If Lila and the others find it too difficult, I want you all to retreat. I’ll leave the decision to Lila.’

 ’I understand. If you think it’s too much, Shinji-san, please run away.’

 ’Yeah, got it. Thanks, Lila.’

 ’If it comes to it, I’ll make sure to help you escape, so don’t worry-noja!’

 ’I’m counting on you, Flair. I’ll ask Sylphy too.’

 ’Yes. I will show you that I can protect you when the time comes.’

 Sylphy, who silently monitors Kuroumaru’s battle from the shadows, ready to lend a hand at any moment. As a high-ranking wind spirit, her invisibility allows her to erase her presence and scent, making it impossible for anyone with ordinary perception to detect her surveillance. Kuroumaru and the others are unaware that they are being watched. Meanwhile, despite the overwhelming advantage of Kuroumaru’s ongoing battle, Sylphy remains vigilant without letting her guard down.

 Their advantage is due to the difference in weaponry provided by Shinji. Kuroumaru’s naginata blade easily pierces through the enemy’s armor and can even cut through their weapons.

 Kuroumaru, who has undergone rigorous training, was able to achieve this phenomenon by mastering the technique of imbuing magic power into his weapon and further enhancing its performance. It can be said that this is the result of his continuous efforts, without becoming complacent despite obtaining good equipment.

 ”Protect! Protect! Do not let them advance beyond this point!”

 ”The king is inside! We must find a way to defeat them!”

 Kuroumaru is infiltrating the grandest mansion in the capital. Despite the early morning hour, there are many vigilant soldiers, all highly skilled, who are determined to buy time and confront Kuroumaru. As Kuroumaru advances, slaying numerous soldiers along the way, they can only accept the fact that this is the residence where the king resides. With a fierce determination, they raise their voice, vowing not to let the enemy escape at any cost.

 (For the sake of the princess! I…)

 There is no greater achievement than slaying the king. For the promise made to Tsubaki, Kuroumaru aims for the depths of the mansion, cutting down enemy soldiers along the way.

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