Wizard 557

Chapter 557 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Five

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 As the Flesh Golem began to rampage through the castle’s soldiers, Shinji and his comrades arrived at the mansion controlled by the miko. Without wasting any time, Emily smashed down the closed gate with a swing of her club, not allowing any interruption from the miko’s lackeys.

 At the same time, thunderous noise echoed as arrows flew out from behind the shattered gate, but naturally, they veered away from Emily in a completely different direction. After all, Shinji’s “Arrow Avoidance” magic was still intact.

 And in the next instant, they stepped into the garden, and the clone created by the miko sank in an instant by Emily. The overwhelming force had turned into mere tasks, and despite being allies, Shizuku couldn’t help but feel a chill behind Shinji seeing Emily’s power.

 ”Emily-san is too strong… I can’t even keep up with her movements…”

 ”If it’s just close combat, she can go toe-to-toe with high-level seed spirit (flair) easily. Rather, if Marie feels like it, she can do something similar, right?”

 ”Hmm~ I can do it, but I’m not really fond of it~. I’m better at magic than moving my body~”

 Marie, floating behind Shizuku, wore her usual gentle smile, making it hard to tell if she was being serious. However, her refusal to answer ‘no’ to the question of whether she could do it indicated that she had just as much confidence as Flair.

 Shizuku realized once again that she was fortunate to have a contract with Marie, a high-ranking spirit. Of course, it was also thanks to the guidance of Goddess Arian that she was able to form a contract with a high-ranking spirit in the first place.

 Starting her activities as an apostle seriously, Shizuku deeply felt the luck of being reincarnated under favorable conditions. Even though she used to be an atheist, she couldn’t help but unconsciously feel gratitude towards Goddess Arian.

 ”Shinji, it’s cleaned up!”

 ”Thank you, Emily… Well then, it’s about time for meet her, isn’t it?”

 Emily carries a red-stained club, and Shinji cleans the blood on her cheek with his finger. Her face changes, showing mixed feelings. “Shinji is kind…♡,” she says, regaining happiness and motivation. With her leading, Shinji and the rest enter the building.

 (Clones and the flesh golems, the only threats encountered so far, but aren’t there any bigger threats? After all, playing with the lives of others seems like child’s play for them.)

 As the culprit’s base for the taboo-like creation of clones, Shinji furrows his brow at the unexpectedly lax defense. He never imagined that the miko, seemingly a puppet devoid of curiosity under the command of the Human God (Hitogami), would be so easily bewildered by Emily and the others, instead of manipulating lives as casually as anticipated.

 Sooner than expected, without much of a struggle, Shinji and the others reach the grand hall where the miko resides.

 In the grand hall, alongside the mature white-haired woman as seen in Sophira’s memories, there are also enemies who are not much of a threat: the clone who revealed the mask and the Flesh Golem. However, the true menace lies behind them at the altar.

 The pressure emanating from the altar, where a large amount of offerings are placed, is formidable. Shinji and his companions sense the eerie feeling of being observed by something. The magical force causing this pressure is vast, seemingly surpassing even high-ranking Spirits.

 Through the passage behind the altar, a faint pale-blue light leaks. Realizing that beyond this lies the box containing his adoptive parents, Shinji feels a surge of determination. The only way forward is through this path.

 The miko, who confronts Shinji and his companions, pays no attention to them as she approaches the altar, kneels, and earnestly prays. Before her is a black, swirling crystal ball—the source of the pressure they feel.

 ”Ah…Hitogami-sama! Trespassers have come this far…! Please, bestow divine punishment upon them!”

 ”Hitogami…? A god, you say? Is that what you call it?”

 ”You…You disrespect the God!! You will face divine punishment immediately!!”

 Shinji muttered softly, but the miko, with her keen ears, turned sharply and glared at him. Her eyes widened with an intense, almost demonic gaze, and her bared teeth made her appear like a fanatic. Emily and the others were taken aback by her unsettling presence.

 However, Shinji remained fixated on the black crystal ball, paying no mind to the miko. He sensed only a modest amount of magic emanating from her, realizing that she was nothing more than a puppet for the entity known as the Hitogami as her words suggested.

 And Shinji, having encountered Goddess Arian multiple times and engaged in conversations with her, could see through the façade of the being worshipped by the miko as Hitogami. He understood that this supposed god didn’t have any qualities of being divine.

 It may become something sensory for Shinji, but ‘divinity’ refers to something that can only be perceived just like Goddess Arian. If he asks Goddess Arian, she will tell him that it is a supernatural power called ‘divine power’ wielded only by gods, but Shinji has no knowledge of that at the moment.

 Nevertheless, Shinji is able to declare that Hitogami is not a god because he can sense the eerie characteristics unique to the species he is well acquainted with, emitted by that being’s demonic power.

 ”It’s quite a hobby for demons to imitate gods, huh?”

 The succubus is one of the species within the larger demon race. Raised by adoptive parents since childhood and partnered with Freri, who is half succubus, Shinji, who has been exposed to the demon race’s magic power for many years, can easily see through the so-called divine power of the demons who claim to be gods.

 Hitogami observed Shinji’s confident face through the black crystal orb. Through “the Gate,” they had infiltrated the town, and upon seeing their appearance, Hitogami recognized that Shinji and the others were adventurers who should not exist in this world. With multiple high-ranking spirit in their company, they were formidable individuals who couldn’t even be stopped by clones or flesh golems.

 Therefore, up to the point where Shinji and the others entered the Grand Hall, everything went according to Hitogami’s plan. According to the plan, Hitogami intended to continue pretending to be a god and then withdraw after abandoning the miko. However, upon identifying Shinji as a demon, Hitogami became intrigued.

 ’Is that so? How did you know that I am a demon? I would love for you to tell me!’

 Without deception, Shinji spoke the truth through the crystal orb.

 Hitogami was a demon pretending to be a god.

 The Succubus is part of the Demon Tribe.

 The Demon that was released in the dungeon is a monster.

 In this story, the Demon Tribe has human rights, but monsters do not.

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