Wizard 558

Chapter 558 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Six

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 The pleasant voice resonating from the black crystal ball was pitched so high that it was hard to tell whether it was male or female, making it the first time the miko had ever heard the voice of the Human God (Hitogami) through anything other than telepathy.

 However, the miko had no time to ponder over such matters. If she were to accept the fact that the being she had revered as a god was not actually a god, everything she had believed in would be shattered, and her mind refused to comprehend that reality. Shinji, on the other hand, wore a calm smile as he left the dumbfounded miko alone.

 ”Since the contracted spirit is a hybrid of a flower spirit and a succubus…”

 ’It’s not just the two outside? That’s amazing! And it’s not just an ordinary flower spirit either. To have three under your command… Still, you really have no chance of winning against Tenshou Country.’

 When Shinji called out Freri, who had not been summoned since infiltrating the royal capital, and the demon saw the succubus tail extending from her, which possessed magic power comparable to that of a high-ranking flower spirit, Hitogami also understood.

 Although there was no sign of resentment towards Shinji and the others, who should have crushed their plot, Shinji remained cautious and observed their reactions. He knew well that revealing information carelessly to intelligent demons would put him at a disadvantage. Ignoring Shizuku’s gaze, who is the only one unaware that Freri is a half-succubus, he carefully chose his words to avoid conflict.

 ”Our only enemy is Tenshou Country. I have no intention of opposing you, a demon with the ability to traverse worlds.”

 ’Oh? But if you’ve analyzed my magic, you should know. It’s clearly different and far more powerful. Did you come here knowing that I’m behind it?’

 ”No, I never imagined anything other than the work of a sudden genius.”

 A joyful voice can be heard from the other side of the crystal ball, as if someone is grinning. The attitude of having the leisure to play even after understanding Shinji’s strength reflects the confidence of the Hitogami. Shinji continues to smile while speaking, thinking that if possible, they should avoid fighting.

 ”This is proof that I have gathered such a force. I was cautious because I thought you were the ones who manipulate the forbidden act of playing with lives.”

 ’Yeah, it’s interesting to try various things. I don’t understand why this girl only do what she’s told. Despite providing her with this much knowledge and equipment, she only create clones as instructed. I didn’t intend to interfere too much, but it was so terrible that I had her make an Flesh Golem.’

 ”Just repeating the same thing, huh? That seems quite boring, doesn’t it?”

 ’Yeah, that’s right! Wouldn’t you do a lot more if you knew about the innovative magic in this world? And yet, all she does is worship Hitogami-sama without making any real progress. I’m getting bored with this whole god game. I mean, it was just a random idea to begin with.’

 The word “boredom” seemed to strike a chord Hitogami, and the person on the other side of the crystal ball suddenly became talkative.

 What they spoke about was completely unexpected and incredibly silly and headache-inducing for Shinji, who struggled to maintain a poker face.

 It all started five years ago. A certain male succubus seduced the beloved princess of the demon tribe that the person served, and as punishment, he was sealed inside a magic sealing box. By the way, at this point, Shinji already had a bad feeling about it.

 The king of the demon ordered to dispose of the magic sealing box in another world. However, he thought it wouldn’t be interesting to just throw it away like that. That’s when he came across a miko who offers prayers to an intangible god called Hitogami in the world where he was supposed to dispose of it.

 ’So, I came up with an idea. I’ll introduce myself as Hitogami and give her technological advancements in the name of divine revelation.’

 In addition to the male succubus, there were many who angered the king of the demon. As a consequence of their actions, they were sealed in magic sealing boxes and sent to the miko, along with a device to extract their magic power.

 To compensate for the lack of invading soldiers in other countries, he bestowed her with the magic of creating clones.

 This laid the foundation for Tenshou Country to engulf all nations.

 ’I will reveal my true identity when a country that worships only humans unifies the continent and enslaves other races. The god you worshiped was just a demon! Even at this timing, you can see that they are in despair, right? It would have been even more perfect if everything had ended… sigh.”

 ”But the miko couldn’t use the powers as expected.”

 ’Yeah. It’s something that only moves as instructed. Giving too many instructions would be wrong, you know? If I were to instruct everything, it would be no different from doing it myself, right? That wouldn’t be fun. It’s amusing to see the person I deceived desperately thinking, making efforts, and reaching the pinnacle of happiness, only to be overturned.’

 While Shinji, who understood the pleasure-seeking nature of the demon race, including succubi, thought it was in bad taste, he understood what the person meant. There is his stepfather who almost took hero’s lover and killed by a hero for the sake of enjoyment. So, it wouldn’t be strange to manipulate a country for the same reason.

 (Or rather, it’s probably for the same reason he laid his hands on the demon king’s favorite princess… Now… What should I do? It has become even more difficult to reveal my true purpose here.)

 The miko, who was completely stunned, seemed to have heard the voice and became completely disturbed, muttering in a small voice, which was incredibly eerie.

 Anyway, Shinji understood the inconsistency of Tenshou Country. He couldn’t believe the reason why his stepfather, who seemed oddly weak despite having innovative magic that violated taboos, was sealed by such an opponent.

 (There is not enough information. However, I shouldn’t oppose the king of the demon (mazoku) who has the power to play in another world. I will continue to push forward in order to defeat Tenshou Country without revealing my purpose.)

 Shinji decides that he must not let it be known that he is the stepson of a male succubus, with a remorseful expression on his face.

 ”I apologize for getting in the way in the end. But I can’t just stand by and watch my friends being trampled on.”

 ’It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s all the fault of the incompetent miko. Since I’m lending a hand as well, I can’t say it’s wrong for you to lend a hand. It seems that all the royal family members of this country, except for the miko, have been wiped out, so I will withdraw.’

 ”I appreciate your words. What will happen to the facilities you provided? Originally, I planned to confiscate them, but knowing the circumstances, I guess that wouldn’t be possible.”

 ’Ah, the magic-sealed box cannot be retrieved by command… It’s fine. Take it with you. Since it won’t open for another 25 years anyway, why not just draw out as much magic power as you like? If I could return…’

 At the same time, Sylphy sent her thoughts to Shinji, confirming that Kuroumaru had caught up with the escaping enemy and defeated the king. His first achievement becomes unshakable, and except for the matter of his stepfather, things were progressing roughly as planned.

 As the voice of that person changes to a cheerful tone, the pressure of the released immense magic power increases. Shinji and the others understand that something unfavorable is going to happen, but they don’t know what will be done to them, so they have no choice but to prepare themselves mentally.

 ’Still, it wouldn’t be fun to just go back like this. Let’s play with my toy one last time!’

 In front of the altar, a “gate” opens, and one by one, chunks of flesh fall to the floor and merge into one mass. They are the corpses of the Flesh Golems that Shinji and others have defeated on the surface, collected by the magic of that person. Not only that, but the Flesh Golems and clones that Flair and Lila are facing also disappear and are absorbed into the mass.

 The act of manipulating the flesh that has played with the dignity of human life is truly wicked. With that person’s magic, a large amount of flesh is transformed into a new monster.

 At the core of the compressed mass of flesh, surrounded by layers of minced meat and attached with numerous flesh tentacles, is a form that Shinji and the experienced adventurers have never seen before, filled with a physiological disgust. If they were to call it, it would be an artificial flesh mass (Flesh Ball).

 Facing a monster that should never be allowed to exist, Shinji and the others prepare their weapons.

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