Wizard 559

Chapter 559 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Seven

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 ”Flair! Sylphy!”

 Despite the ominous aura emitted by the wriggling flesh balls in front of them, Shinji shouts, his spine tingling. His voice sharply awakens his companions, who were momentarily stunned by the grotesque appearance, and each of them channels energy into their weapons once again.

 ”Reinforcements are here!!”

 Flair and Sylphy, along with the four Green Travelers, appear behind Shinji’s group. Simultaneously, the tentacles of the monsters contract and gather strength, then extend almost simultaneously.

 ”Haahhh! !”

 In the front line, Emily imbues her club with magic and swings it in a sweeping motion. Numerous blue blades, solidified with magic, are released in a single stroke, cutting through the approaching tentacles. However, due to their sheer number and wide range, Emily’s attacks alone are not enough to intercept, and the tentacles advance toward Shinji and the others.

 Starting with Shinji, all of them are experienced adventurers. Without anyone’s instructions, each of them intercepts the approaching tentacles with magic they excel in. Fortunately, the strength of the tentacles is low, and they could easily block them with released magic.

 However, tentacles continue to extend, and the attacks are relentless. This is due to the tremendous regenerative ability of the Flesh Ball, which allows the tentacles to instantly revive to their original state the moment they are damaged.

 Even if Flair’s flames pierce the tentacles and burn the main body thoroughly, the main body regenerates in the blink of an eye. Sylphy’s wind too, even though it divides the main body, but it immediately rejoins and returns to its original state. Marie’s water also rains down like bullets, creating countless holes, but they are instantly regenerated.

 ”If it comes to this, I’ll burn down the entire building with it—noja! We can do it without harm thanks to Marie and Sylphy—noja!”

 ”Hmm, it’s probably better to stop. If the mansion is destroyed, they might seek other prey. If new materials are incorporated, they’ll become stronger again.”

 ”In that case, what do we do—noja? At this rate, leaving even a piece of meat could restore it to its original state. Burning it is the most certain way—noja.”

 ”Well, freezing seems useless, and the mansion is in the way to grind them with the wind.”

 As tentacles were released towards Shinji and the others, the miko, who had been slumping, also had tentacles released towards her. Freri used vines to pull her in, securing her in a net.

 The reason was to use her later for Sophira’s “corruption” after the battle. However, judging from the persistent tentacles reaching not only Shinji and the others but also the miko, it was speculated that the monsters didn’t recognize Shinji and the others as enemies. Instead, they seemed to perceive them as materials to incorporate due to the way the tentacles relentlessly reached even the miko, who was closest.

 That perception was correct. If the cage called the mansion were to break, and the tentacles sensed the numerous people outside, they would likely extend their reach in that direction. Dealing with tentacles extending in all directions was difficult, and the people in this town had no power to escape on their own.

 Furthermore, if the tentacles of the monster continued to grow, the barrage of tentacles that could currently be prevented might eventually be breached. Although the situation remained dangerous, if their magic power ran out, the only option left would be to escape with Flair’s teleportation. If that happened, the town would be nothing but trampled by the monsters.

 Even though there is no reason for Shinji to protect this town. However, he’s displeased with the whimsical behavior of the monsters created to ‘play’ with him, freely causing chaos until the Human God (Hitogami) is satisfied and leaves. Despite it being his stepfather’s just desserts, Shinji finds amusement in causing a stir among the subordinates of the one sealed within the magic sealing box, amidst the flurry of colorful magic.

 ”I have hands, so I want you all to protect me. Everyone, got it?”

 Despite the crisis where preventing is all they can do, their voices responded with firm approval, radiating the same unwavering confidence as always.

 ”Freri, I’ll do it. Flair, I’ll leave the final blow to you. Oh, furnace burning on impurity as fuel.”

 ’Yeah, got it.’

 ”Oh? Leave it to me-noja!”

 As Freri anticipated his intentions and began chanting the magic of the “Furnace of Lust,” harnessing transformed magic by absorbing others’ magical power, she moved behind him. Flair, unable to comprehend, was in a state of simply replying, but Shinji continued regardless, advancing his plans without hesitation.

 Now, a menacing black sphere formed on his hand. His companions knew that it would take at least ten minutes to fully activate, gradually infusing with magic power.

 Understanding that he would use the immense magical power, capable of activating the “World Gate” to annihilate the monster, the girls prepared for a challenging ten minutes. However, Shinji surpassed their expectations.

 ”Immediately awaken, Furnace of Lust.”

 The added phrase in the original incantation revealed the magic of “Time.” By accelerating only the time of the sphere on his hand, the effect shortened ten minutes to one second, leading the furnace to immediately go into full operation.

 The price of cutting out the process of gradually acclimating the body was borne entirely by Shinji and Freri. However, they joined forces and endured it.

 The magic power far exceeding Shinji’s capacity would have internally destroyed his body if not for Freri, the contracted flower spirit, taking it in his place. Nevertheless, the burden was tremendous, and their bodies screamed in pain.

 As Shinji, spitting out blood from his throat, looks back, his gaze meets the suffering Freri covered in oily sweat. Without speaking, the meaning is conveyed through their eyes – “It’s okay.” Shinji, facing forward again, directs his staff towards the monster.

 Manipulating a tremendously chaotic and powerful magic force that makes the mansion creak, he chants a spell that produces a gravitational force capable of crushing monsters. By elevating the magic of “Gravity” learned in Oeste to the limit with vast magic power, Shinji, together with Freri, has developed a magic surpassing the original “Gravity” magic.

 ”Crush everything. Gravity Sphere.”

 A superb black sphere released rapidly from the staff hits the center of the flesh ball. In that moment, an immense gravitational field occurs around the black sphere, pulling and crushing only the monsters.

 The main body of the monsters, tentacles extending from their entire bodies, are pulled towards the sphere without leaving any room, flattened into a size no larger than a thumbnail.

 However, despite collapsing in a manner that would instantly kill any human, the Flesh Ball continued its vital activities without cessation. Fueled by Hitogami’s magic power, this magic creatures that thrived on it surpassed Flair’s expectations, possessing an extraordinary regenerative ability. Even within the supergravity field, they could endure, with the potential to return to their original state as long as a single cell remained.

 Yet, Shinji had no intention of defeating the enemy with this magic. This was a spell designed to capture the enemy without leaving a single cell behind. Therefore, he entrusted the final moments to Flair, and she—observing the outcome achieved by Shinji—smiled ferociously.

 ”I’ll burn them to ashes-nojaaa!!”

 As she swung her arm, a tremendous flame erupted, enveloping the immobile magical creatures. To thoroughly burn without leaving a single cell, the flames, staking the pride of the high-ranking fire spirit, concentrated entirely on the Flesh Ball with no loss.

 The soundless screams seemed to echo chaotically, trying to rampage wildly, but the monster trapped in supergravity couldn’t separate even a fragment from the black sphere. The writhing mass within the flames gradually diminished before Shinji and the others.

 Until the final fragment burned away, the flames vanished, and silence fell. No one let down their guard, all fixated on the black crystal ball at the altar, when suddenly, a genuinely cheerful laughter reverberated through the room.

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