Wizard 56

Chapter 56 Interval

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 After fucking Flair until dawn, Shinji decided to repatriate her and take a nap. It happened to be the day after the adventure, and it was also his day off. So, he returned to his home, which he used far more often than before, and fell asleep alone…

 After sleeping for a while, he woke up to the presence of someone at the door of his house. The door was unlocked and Renka appeared, carrying a shopping bag.

 ”Have you stayed up all night again?”

 ”I had something to do until dawn”

 Renka smiled as she looked at Shinji, who was yawning sleepily, as if she had no choice.

 ”I’ll make lunch, but I wonder if you are hungry”

 ”I’m hungry, so I want to eat…”

 ”Then I’ll make it right away, just wait a minute”

 After taking out the contents of the bag, Renka put on her apron and began to cook.

 It had become a regular part of their home dates that Renka would cook a meal at Shinji’s house on their days off. Renka liked to cook, and Shinji enjoyed it so much that it made Renka’s cooking even more rewarding.

 Shinji watched Renka’s back as she cooked in a good mood.

 (It’s so exciting to see her in her apron with all the gaps…)

 The swaying skirt and apron seemed to be inviting Shinji. However, he can’t play any naughty pranks on her while she’s cooking.

 Once, Shinji had hugged Renka from behind and touched her breasts.

 She was very angry.

 Renka was very particular about her cooking and would not allow him to touch her while she was cooking.

 (Although it was okay when she was washing the dishes after dinner)

 Shinji dragged a shy but unresisting Renka into bed, and that day the dishes had to be washed after dinner.

 After making Renka his girlfriend, Shinji spent a lot more time with Renka on his days off. Even when they were not having s*x, he felt comfortable spending time with Renka. Renka is a caring person, and Shinji doesn’t mind being taken care of, so they are a good match.

 From Renka’s point of view, her maternal instincts were tickled by the fact that Shinji, who was reliable during their adventures and pampered her during s*x, was surprisingly carefree and caring in his private life.

 As Shinji watched Renka’s back, he remembered that he hadn’t told her about Emily.

 ”Renka, about Emily…”

 ”What’s going on?”

 ”Did you call me?”

 The moment Shinji mentioned Emily’s name, the unlocked door opened to reveal Emily in Shinji’s house. It was Freri who unlocked the door and a pair of Shinji’s servants entered the house.

 ”What are you doing together with Freri…?”

 ”… ♪”

 Freri’s thoughts flowed to Shinji, as she seemed to be enjoying herself. It seems that she had seen Renka enter the house and was waiting for the right moment to enter.

 ”Emily, this is, um…”

 ”I know, I know. You’re Shinji’s girlfriend now, right?”

 Emily replied blandly to Renka, who couldn’t think of a quick way to cover it up.

 ”Aren’t you angry?”

 ”I think it’s a shame that we didn’t become lovers. Well, I’m not going to give up, I’m going to kidnap him if you don’t keep him properly ♡”

 ”I won’t let you have him!”

 Emily smiled as she flipped up her jacket to show Renka her lewd crest. Renka, who understood that Emily could not be his lover, but she could be his s*x friend, glared at Emily with cold eyes.

 ”Emily, don’t provoke Renka…”

 ”Okay-y ♡”

 Emily, who is now Shinji’s property, no longer wants to be in the position of a lover. She had learned the joys of being dominated, and she liked her current position.

 The reason why she provoked Renka was to give her a sense of danger and to spice up her love for Shinji.

 ”Well, we’re in your way, so we’ll be going. Freri! Let’s go!”


 There’s nothing Emily can do now that she’s been banned from stirring things up. “I’m the senior!” Emily said, while dragging Freri.

 ”Huh… what are they doing here…?”

 ”Shinji, Emily’s too become his…”

 Renka resumed cooking, but when she found out that Emily, who had always said that she liked Shinji, was also a s*x friend, she was very anxious.

 He walked up behind Renka and hugged her after making sure she wasn’t handling a knife. Renka did not resist.

 ”The only one I like is Renka”

 ”N… ♡ I know, I like you too… ♡”

 Renka turned and kissed Shinji’s cheek.

 ”Let’s have s*x after dinner… ♡”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 The relationship between Shinji and Renka began as a physical one.

 Until nightfall, the two spent time together like lovers, laying on top of each other and chatting over a leisurely cup of tea.

* * *

 A room in the inn.

 Alvin and Milis are lying on the bed side by side, both naked, soaking up the afterglow of the night under the covers.

 Milis looked at Alvin’s dozing face and thought back to the s*x she had just had with the man she loved.

 (After all, Al-kun is kind… ♡)

 The slow, sweet s*x while caring for Milis was an act that made her feel very happy. Alvin seemed to have gotten used to the s*x, and Milis was able to climax lightly.

 (But he might need to work a little harder…)

 After two ejaculations, Alvin had reached his limit, and Milis was unable to force him who had been lying there like this.

 She can’t help but compare the s*x between Shinji and Alvin…

 A p*nis that doesn’t wilt no matter how many times it ejaculates. The feeling of a long, thick p*nis rubbing all of Milis’s good spots and squeezing the back of her vagina. The feeling of a contraceptive p*nis making her climax again and again.

 She knew that Shinji was special, but her body had become so accustomed to it and developed by it that she could no longer be satisfied with just having s*x with Alvin.

 (I’m sorry, Al-kun… I can’t go against Shinji-san…)

 Milis, who has been carved with a lewd crest, has no right of refusal. If Shinji asks for her, she has to offer her body to him.

 But lately, Shinji has been asking for it less and less. In spite of this, the frequency of Milis’ visits to Shinji’s house remains unchanged. The only excuse she has using is her lewd crest, but actually Milis is addicted to s*x with Shinji.

 (I have to go again… ♡)

 Next to the man she loves, she thinks of another man.

 Milis was steadily falling…

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