Wizard 57

Chapter 57 Fire Spirit, Flair・Part Three

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 Same time as last night, same rental warehouse.

 Shinji had visited the rental warehouse to summon Flair again. The only difference from last night was that a double bed was set up in the center of the magic circle.

 ”Come, Flair”

 Flair is summoned by the <Summoning Spirit> Magic. The location is on the bed. Flair appeared, sitting on the soft bed.

 ”… Fu~, what do you want~noja?”

 ”I wanted to continue our conversation from yesterday”

 Shinji talks to the vigilant Flair in the same tone as before.

 ”I thought you aren’t going to listen. You held me in your arms… was my body that good?”

 Still harboring the memory of last night’s attack, Flair provoked Shinji by pulling the breast area of her dress with her hand, revealing her cleavage to him. She had recovered during the day, and although she couldn’t resist Shinji, she had regained her mental composure.

 ”I wonder if Flair’s body temperature was warm to be comfortable to hold”

 ”Ku…Fuh~. That’s good.”

 Flair turned his head to the side as if squashing a bitter bug when Shinji didn’t take the provocation seriously. Shinji continues to talk while staring at Flair.

 ”And you really don’t know why?”

 ”I don’t know”

 Flair is bound by a lewd crest and cannot tell a lie. Therefore, the least she could do was to keep her words to a minimum.

 ”Can you guess?”

 ”I have a guess. But I don’t have the right to tell you”

 Flair tried to resist speaking. The ability of a lewd crest to force a non-erotic act is not high. It’s even more difficult for an individual with a strong mental capacity like Flair’s to be effective. Shinji took off his pants and underwear, thinking that he would have to break more her hearts.

 ”Are you going to do what you did yesterday? I don’t mind. Because I won’t be able to talk if you hold me down”

 Flair looked frightened for a moment as Shinji began to undress, but she did her best to restrain him. It’s not going to work, of course.

 ”Lick it and make it bigger”

 ”Guh~… Umu… ♡”

 Forced eroticism is a specialty of the lewd crest. Flair wants to resist, but she can’t resist as she puts her face between Shinji’s legs.

 (This presence… ♡ It’s too big even if it’s not erected~noja… ♡)

 Shinji’s p*nis made her climax so hard that she couldn’t understand what was happening. Flair’s body remembered his presence. Her vagina tingled just by looking at it, even though the estrus magic from the lewd crest had not been activated.

 ”…Chu~ ♡ Rero… ♡ Rero… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Jyuu…♡ Jyupo…♡”

 Just by licking it with her tongue, Shinji’s p*nis became erect and hard. Flair’s mouth tightened and sucked on Shinji’s p*nis, which quickly became hard in the blink of an eye.

 ”You seem to be quite used to it. Have you been doing this to someone else?”

 ”Puha… ♡ Well, there was a guy who broke up with me at the time of the contract, but we used to have s*x a lot. And he liked blowjob~ ♡”

 Long-lived spirits do not have the concept of boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband and wife. They are a race of people who make love with whomever they like, and have children and raise them on a whim. They break up with each other during the decades-long contract and then get back after the contract is over. Even though they have broken up, it is only temporarily, and it is almost like having a boyfriend.

 Shinji was suddenly motivated by the unexpected information.

 ”I see. Then I need you to train harder”

 ”Fool… ♡ Your cock is too big for me to practice… ♡”

 Jupyo ♡ Jupyo ♡ Jupyo ♡ Jupyo ♡

 After saying that, Flair starts sucking Shinji’s p*nis again. Shinji feels aroused as she closes her eyes and sucks his cock with all her might. She touched his testicles with her hands, and caressed them with her tongue as well as her mouth.

 Shinji’s p*nis reached its limit as she sucked him so hard that he wanted to give her his semen as soon as possible.

 ”Drink it all…”

 ”Nbu… ♡ Nnm~ ♡ Nn… ♡ Gulp… Gulp… ♡” (That’s a lot of cum~noja… ♡)

 Shinji ejaculated while holding Flair’s head to keep it in place. Flair’s eyes were black and white from the vigorous ejaculation, but she couldn’t disobey Shinji’s orders. She will have to drink a lot of the thick semen that is poured into her.

 ”Fuh~…. It was good, Flair”

 ”Rero… ♡ Chu… ♡ Fuu… ♡ Fuu… ♡ It’s too much…you beast”

 When Flair sucked out even the remaining semen in his urethra, Shinji pulled his p*nis out of Flair’s mouth. As a matter of course, Flair averts her gaze and swearing from the p*nis that insists without wilting.

 Flair’s crotch was soaked and damp just from the blowjob. The rich male scent awakened the female instincts and appealed to Flair.

 Invite this male. It will make me feel as good as last night.

 ”So, what’s your guess?”

 ”Won’t say it…♡ I won’t say it… ♡”

 Flair continued to defy Shinji, who was urging her to talk.

 Shinji did not feel any anger at all when she was defied him. Her body had already fallen to Shinji. Just take it slow, he thought as he undid the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled down the top half of her dress, exposing her breasts.

 ”Then let’s do it until you want to say it”

 ”Kuuuu… ♡ From behind again… ♡”

 Shinji lifted Flair up and sat her backwards on top of the seated Shinji. He put his arms around her armpits and grabbed her breasts with both hands and began to rub them lightly. His erect p*nis touched her secret part. As Flair writhed, his p*nis rubbed against her vagina, and a frustrating feeling of pleasure overtook her.

 It’s not the forced excitement that drove her crazy like yesterday. Instead, slow and steady caresses gradually stained Flair’s body with pleasure.

 (This guy… ♡ He’s good at caressing normally too… ♡)

 When Shinji’s hands pinched her nipples, the strong pleasure caused Flair’s back to flinch. Flair’s hips moved unconsciously, rubbing her vagina against his p*nis.

 Flair looked back at him in frustration. Her eyes are moist, and she stares at Shinji with a lustful gaze.

 ”Do you want me to insert it?”

 ”Hah… ♡ Hah… ♡ There’s no reason for that~noja… ♡ If you want to rape me, then rape me… ♡”

 Despite her verbal disobedience, her body was honest. When Shinji put his hands on her soaking wet underwear, Flair lifted her hips to make it easier to take them off. After pulling her underwear down to her knees, Shinji placed his p*nis at the entrance to her secret region.

 He did not insert it, but continued to apply it. The love juices dripped down his glans, and their genitals warmed each other.

 ”I won’t insert it or let you do it unless you tell me”

 ”That’s no… ♡ Please… ♡ Isn’t you try to kill me… ♡♡”

 Flair tried to lower her hips, but her body didn’t move at all. Her vagina was tingling with desire for the strong p*nis. She is now in a position to receive Shinji’s caresses with her hips in a floating position. Shinji’s caresses have changed from touching her nipples to stroking her areola or touching her breasts with a soft touch.

 After a few minutes of caressing, Flair couldn’t wait to get her hands on Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”…Wait~ ♡ I’ll talk about it~ ♡ So… ♡ Nnnn~ ♡♡♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis is thrust into Flair’s vagina as she says she can’t hold back.

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