Wizard 560

Chapter 560 Attack on Tenshou Country, Part Eight

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 The sound of applause echoed in the room where the laughter of the Human God (Hitogami) who had finished the battle resounded. While Emily remained cautious, Shinji and Freri, with wry smiles, released the “Furnace of Lust,” supporting Shinji’s swaying body under the burden.

 Knowing the nature of the demons better than anyone else, the two understood that the play was over when the toy broke.

 ”Amazing, amazing! To handle it so easily~. I thought even high-level flower spirits would struggle since it would regenerate if a single speck remained. Maybe I overestimated the ability to play for a long time and put too much emphasis on regenerative power. There weren’t enough resources to give it the ability to escape from that situation.”

 ”But you can’t create anything and everything, right?”

 ”Well, that’s true. Unlike gods, all I can do is rearrange what already exists. …Well, I’ve seen something interesting, so I’ll be heading home. See ya!”

 They said what they wanted to say and the black crystal ball lost its glow. Emily and the others were stunned by the demon’s free-spirited actions, but Shinji and Freri quickly moved.

 ”…Let’s go back to Soukai Country before that guy changes their mind and comes back. Freri, Flair and I will go deeper and collect what we need. Emily, you and the others retreat through the ‘Gate.’ Sylphy, I want you to take the miko to the mansion. We’ll follow you later with teleportation magic. Now, let’s go.”

 Shinji clapped his hands and told them what to do. They were not sure what was going on, but they started to move. As he heard the sound of their footsteps leaving, Shinji walked to the back room with his heart beating faster.

 The place he arrived was the same room he saw in Sophira’s dream. There were horrible things that were suitable for calling forbidden research, such as materials for clones and flesh golems, and things that smelled bad. And further inside, there were people sealed in transparent boxes.

 Shinji walked around the boxes, checking each one. Inside the boxes were not only demons, but also beastmen, humans, and others. He could tell from the magic power they contained that they were all powerful fighters who could not be captured by the clones. This made him believe more in the words of the miko, who said that the one who pretended to be Hitogami had given her the device.

 The people in the boxes had their eyes closed and no reaction. They seemed to be losing weight from having their magic power drained. Among them, Shinji finally found the box that sealed his target.

 ”Haah, I didn’t expect to meet you again like this…”

 He was not a look-alike, he was his foster father, the Incubus Yanarity, who raised him. He could tell from the familiar magic power when he stood in front of him.

 He looked almost the same as he remembered, and he was not thin. He had the twisted horns, the pair of wings, and the spade-shaped tail that were the features of demons. He also had the old scar that ran from his right shoulder to his left waist, just like in his memory.

 Shinji smiled bitterly with a mix of nostalgia and annoyance. Freri stood next to him and touched the transparent box with her hand.

 ’Uncle, wake up, don’t sleep’

 ’…I hear a familiar voice. Is that you, Freri-chan? What are you doing here?’

 Shinji’s foster father responds to the thoughts as if it’s natural, but his eyelids don’t move at all. He should have been sealed and unable to keep his consciousness, but he has such overwhelming magic power that he can not only stay awake, but also communicate with the outside world. He doesn’t notice Shinji’s presence, and just exchanges thoughts with Freri.

 ’So. You can’t open your eyes?’

 ’Uh-huh, your thoughts are full of seeds. Or rather, don’t you think it’s amazing that we can exchange thoughts at all? Oh, I don’t need any help. This is the rightful punishment I deserve!’

 ’Uncle, what did you do?’

 ’Well, I thought the hero’s woman was hot, so I thought the Demon Lord would be too. And I did make her fall for me until I got caught! It’s just that I had a bad compatibility with the Demon Lord and got captured.’

 The two of them listened to the story that was just like what the Hitogami said. They had no choice but to hold their heads at how he said it so easily. They understood the way the demons enjoyed life, so they knew he was telling the truth even if his reason was stupid.

 ’What about auntie?’

 ’She’s with the Demon Lord. We both made the princess fall for them, so I got locked up for 30 years and Lecha got to serve him for 30 years. It seems like she’s planning on cuckolding me back before my sentence is over. It’s been a while since I’ve played cuckolding with her.’

 ’…I see. I’m glad auntie is doing well.’

 Freri nodded, thinking that she was probably playing with the Demon Lord. Shinji admired how they were just like before. They were a couple of succubi, so they could do this kind of thing. But if someone who didn’t know the situation heard this, they would think they were crazy. Shinji grew up as a son of succubi since he was little, so this kind of cuckolding talk was normal for him.

 ’Well, let’s meet her again in 25 years, when we’re together.’

 ’Oh, Shinji! I thought Freri-chan was here, but it’s impressive that our son can already move to other worlds!”

 Shinji touched the box, and his foster father’s reaction was dramatic once his thoughts mingled. Unlike discussing hobbies and preferences a moment ago, his thoughts transformed into a bright sense of joy akin to a proud parent celebrating their child’s growth.

 ’Thank you. I would have been happier if it weren’t for this situation.’

 ’Hahaha, my apologies. I thought it would take another 40 years to acquire the magic power from when we broke up and the magic skills of that world, but… I guess I should have refrained from having fun if you can learn it so quickly.’

 ’Even though you can leave if you want.’

 ’I’m playing earnestly. I mean, if you try to erase risks and make things unclear just because you failed, it wouldn’t be fun anymore, would it?’

 Shinji’s foster father (Yanarity) didn’t refute Shinji’s words. Handling thoughts implies the ability to use magic or magical powers. While it’s possible to forcibly break the seal if one set their mind to it, Shinji understood that his foster father wouldn’t imitate breaking his own rules at any cost.

 If Shinji’s father (Yanarity) and mother (Lechary) don’t need help, there’s no reason for Shinji to intervene. However, leaving them alone in this situation was not an option he considered.

 It’s impossible to move them from this world because it will definitely be exposed. In that case, Soukai Country was the only option that came to mind, and inevitably, Tsubaki’s cooperation became necessary. Concluding that it was right to cooperate so that she could wield authority, he found himself unable to break the connection in the future. With a wry smile, he realized that he had to revise the plan to ensure an unbroken connection.

 (First, let’s temporarily place them in the mansion. Negotiations can come later.)

 There are countless things to discuss, and if he wanted to, he could talk forever. After asking Freri and Flair to take them to the mansion, Shinji let go of them.

 ’We’ll talk later. Let’s move.’

 ’Got it. I’d be happy if you could come to talk when you have time.’

 ’Yeah, I have things I want to ask, but later.’

 With a cut of his thoughts, Freri and the others disappeared with the magic-sealing box. Shinji stayed in the room to finish the last cleanup, destroying the device that was used to suck out the remaining magic in the room, and digging a hole in the floor to bury the ‘material’. Then he burned the shelves filled with documents that would be related to the taboo.

 (At least it would be too much for the people who live in this time)

 Hoping that the second miko would not appear, Shinji returned to Emily and the others who were waiting at the “Gate.” The soldiers of Soukai Country had already started to withdraw, and the “Gate” would close once all the living ones passed through the gate.

 What was left behind was the royal capital, where the royal family was wiped out and all the influential people disappeared. In Tenshou Country, a civil war would start among the remaining people over the rights.

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