Wizard 561

Chapter 561 After The Return, At The Training Ground

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 After “The Gate” closed, Shinji, who returned to the training ground of Soukai Country, distanced himself quietly from the joyous crowd and observed the overall situation.

 Amidst those reporting battle results, confirming those who fell on the battlefield, treating the wounded, and others taking various actions, what he was concerned about was Tsubaki and the reactions of those around her.

 Upon receiving the news of the great victory, Tsubaki seemed to release the tension she had during the operation, taking the hand of the lady-in-waiting always by her side and shedding tears. Although she trusted Shinji, there was no absolute certainty in matters. There was also the anxiety of enemy soldiers appearing from “The Gate” connected to Tenshou Country. Nevertheless, she stayed at the training ground all along, praying for victory.

 Suddenly, Tsubaki’s and Shinji’s eyes met. Even though their appearance was distinctive among the soldiers, finding each other in the bustling training ground was difficult. Finally, Tsubaki was able to spot him.

 Tsubaki holds back her feeling of wanting to run and tell him her joy, and smiles with all her emotions. Shinji bows politely to her. The maid who has been with her since she was young notices that Tsubaki’s eyes have love that goes beyond friendship.


 ”I know. Don’t worry.”


 It is impossible for the only princess and a wizard from another country to be together. The maid knows that Tsubaki is smart and understands that, so she doesn’t say anything more. She hopes that she can digest it as a good memory.

 In fact, they already have a physical relationship, and they have become each other’s support until today, but she doesn’t know that.

 Next, Shinji worries about Iwao, but the ruler of the country is busy with the reports that keep coming up. He thinks that there is no point in looking at him in the crowd, and Shinji looks for two other people who have a big impact on his plan.

 (Oh, there they are. They seem fine.)

 The first one to find him was Kuroumaru, who was Tsubaki’s helper and husband-to-be. He was surrounded by his friends and he had a lively smile on his face as he listened and talked to them.

 Even though they had a big advantage thanks to the weapons that Shinji sold them, it was not a fight where everyone could come back safely. Some of Kuroumaru’s friends had sad faces. But most of them were happy because they won the fight and they killed the king of the enemy country. That was a great achievement.

 They did not say it out loud, but they thought that this fight was one of the big factors to choose the next leader of Soukai Country. It was a fight for the survival of their country, so it was natural to think that way. And since Kuroumaru killed their hated enemy, everyone thought that he was the best husband for the princess.

 And the ones who fought with their lives did not want to accept that Garoumaru, who did not even join the fight, would become the leader of the country. They had a strong feeling about that.

 Moreover, the feeling swirling within was not exclusive to Kuroumaru’s faction but also among the neutral factions, excluding the Garoumaru faction. As a result, Garoumaru ended up losing the support of the majority of military officials.

 (Hmm, he looks pale. Well, it’s natural since he always thought the operation would fail.)

 Looking at the discovered Garoumaru, there were few people surrounding him. Although the military officials of the Garoumaru faction had achieved significant results, it was meaningless if they couldn’t compete with the rival, Kuroumaru.

 Garoumaru also considered the negative impact of not personally entering the battlefield. There were suggestions from subordinates for him to participate as a relatively safe commander. However, he chose not to join because he believed there was no way to enter Tenshou Country and return safely.

 Having been secretly in contact with Tenshou Country for treason, he understood the power gap within Soukai Country better than anyone else. He was confident that even with the strengthening of Kuroumaru’s forces through the weapons brought by Shinji or the assistance of foreign wizard and his followers, it would not be enough to overturn the overwhelming difference in national power.

 Therefore, he could not choose the option of going there, knowing that it would have a bad influence on the local area. Tenshou Country, which ruled over the slaves, had no mercy for those who resisted, and Garoumaru knew that he would be cut down like a worthless thing if he went to the battlefield.

 So now, Garoumaru’s face was pale, and Shinji, who understood why he was like that, continued to observe him with his arms crossed.

 (He seems to have understood what will happen next, after the operation was successful and Kuroumaru made a great achievement.)

 There is no way to reverse the situation with a fair method. Garoumaru had also reached that conclusion.

 Then, would he give up and watch Tsubaki and Kuroumaru get married and him become the lord of the country? If he thought about whether there was a future after being silent, the answer was no.

 From Kuroumaru’s faction’s point of view, Garoumaru’s faction was nothing but a thorn in their eye, and they would not think of giving Garoumaru, the leader of the faction, a high position. It was clear that they would try to weaken his power at every opportunity.

 He even thinks that he might be kicked out of the new system that Kuroumaru is making, because he did not join the war. Still, he has a lot of pride, because he was used by Iwao and he used many people. He cannot accept to be used by someone else now.

 (He must get rid of Kuroumaru, no matter what!)

 Shinji did not miss the dangerous color in Garoumaru’s eyes.

 ’Sylphy, can I ask you something?’

 ’Yes. …I hope you will pay me well?’

 Shinji asked Sylphy to protect Kuroumaru from the shadows, in case something happens. He thinks about what kind of move Garoumaru will make.

 ”…Maybe I should tell Kuroumaru to be careful of assassination”

 In the noisy training ground, no one noticed Shinji’s whisper.

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