Wizard 562

Chapter 562 ‘Corruption’ Magic

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 Since the reward ceremony was postponed, and as the ones who finished reporting left the training ground, Shinji stayed until the end because Kuroumaru stayed until the end.

 After they were celebrating for each other’s safety, Kuroumaru praised the weapons that Shinji bought for him. But Shinji told him to be careful of assassination.

 ”Assassination… Shinji-dono, do you think he will fall that far?”

 ”Yes, he has no way back. He has no chance to recover by fair means, so he doesn’t have many options.”

 ”Hmm… We have different positions, but we are both warriors. He used to be a brave general who fought at the front. I don’t want to think that he would do something that would disgrace himself…”

 ”Power changes people. But it is also true that we don’t have any proof to show. We should not let our guard down, right?”

 ”…Let’s do that. Thank you for your advice.”

 Shinji saw that Kuroumaru’s reaction was not very hopeful for his self-defense, but he didn’t change his expression and bowed lightly before leaving the training ground.

 Kuroumaru has been fighting on the battlefield, and only focused on getting good results. He is not good at secret work. The faction fight with Garoumaru is not by him, but by his friends who admire him. Kuroumaru’s role is to be the leader of the faction and show a brave look. He gets people’s hearts and decides the direction. But the political work is done by his trusted friends.

 He demonstrates that he listens to the opinions of many people. He is more suitable to be the country’s leader than Garoumaru, who is dictatorial. He is also a good match for Tsubaki. However, he should be more cautious because he will be targeted in the future.

 (Well, it’s not my place to say this… He has to maintain the relationship with Tsubaki, and perhaps Tsubaki should correct Kuroumaru’s mindset later.)

 Now, Shinji had to regularly visit Soukai Country. This was due to the magic box that sealed his foster father, Yanarity. Shinji desired to transport his foster father, who was unable to leave this world, to Tsubaki.

 For that, it is necessary for Tsubaki and Kuroumaru to continue ruling the country, and to avoid Garoumaru becoming the lord. Therefore, while considering his next move, Shinji walks towards the separate building that serves as his temporary base.

 (Now, where should I start? Besides paying the reward, first I should start by sending Shizuku and the others back…)

 While thinking, Shinji checks his surroundings, then uses teleportation magic to instantly return to the separate building where he appeared in the garden. There, he hears the joyful voices of his comrades who returned earlier. Since the voices come from the direction of the bathhouse window, Shinji deduces that they are healing their fatigue from the battle. He returns to his room, which he treats as his own.

 As expected, the scene he envisioned unfolds before him.

 In the center of the room, there is a complex and mysterious magic circle that shines brightly. On top of it, the miko from Tenshou Country is bound and unconscious, while Sophira sits politely.

 With one hand resting on the sealed magic box of his foster father, Yanarity, Freri reveals her demonic wings and long tail, unleashing her demonic power.

 It was evident that a suspicious ritual was taking place. Shinji, wearing a serious expression on his face, which was unusual for her, looked at her with curiosity and anticipation in his eyes. He had anticipated her attempt to use magic on Sophira at the first opportunity, now that she had successfully captured the miko. Despite witnessing the expected scene, Shinji was not surprised and could only smile wryly.

 ”You’re quick, aren’t you? I understand that you’re excited to use the ‘Corruption’ magic for the first time, and I think it’s better to finish it while no one else is around.”

 ’Oh, Shinji, welcome back… Uncle said the same thing.’

 ”I’m back. Is the magic going smoothly?”

 ’Yeah, no problem. Uncle helped me too, so it’s perfect.’

 Although the preparations were already in order, with the help of Shinji’s foster father’s knowledge, they were able to make further improvements, and Freri nodded happily.

 According to the original plan, it was arranged to transform the miko into a succubus and inherit knowledge. It was later revealed that Take’s soul, the former heir of Soukai Country had disappeared, but he had cooperated in the battle with Tenshou Country.

 His feelings remain unchanged even after the battle has ended. In fact, he feels that he can disappear with a clear conscience, having avenged the miko who captured and toyed with his life, and having played a part in saving his homeland, seeing the hopeful faces of everyone through Sophira.

 Besides, it would be human nature to erase it before any regrets arise. However, Freri is not human but a succubus. It’s a piece of cake for her to manipulate others and sway their will. Seeing Freri’s pleasant smile, Shinji panics, but it’s already too late.

 ’I will make it a result that satisfies Shinji. Just watch.’

 ”Hey, are you planning to do something different again!?”

 By obtaining the cooperation of his foster father (Yanarity), a new choice was presented to Take, and he ended up consenting. What is this new choice?

 ’Be reborn’


 A blinding light burst forth from the magic circle, causing Shinji to instinctively shield his eyes with his arm. Sophira and the miko of Tenshou Country disappeared into the light, leaving only Sophira behind once it subsided.

 The miko, who had tampered with numerous lives in her madness, had been consumed as material, her actions rebounding directly onto herself. Even though her physical body vanished, her soul was captured by her foster father, Yanarity, becoming his captive for the remaining 25 years of his life, serving as his entertainment.

 Sophira’s basic appearance remained unchanged. The rapid cellular aging and deterioration that had occurred due to her being a clone had been improved by her transformation into a succubus, resulting in a youthful appearance that matched her outward beauty.

 The small horns visible through her white hair, the tiny bat-like wings protruding from her tattered robe, and the spade-shaped tail piercing through her hakama were all signs of her transformation into a succubus. With an expressionless face, she opened and closed her hands, confirming the sensations in her body, freed from the chronic fatigue caused by aging, and savoring the sense of rebirth she had experienced.

 If it had ended here, everything would have gone according to plan. However, standing on Sophira’s right shoulder is a small devil with black hair, about the size of a palm. He has horns, wings, and a tail. He is wearing clothing similar to Tsubaki’s kimono. In addition to his attire, his distinctive topknot indicates that he is the reincarnated form of the disappeared Take, which Shinji realizes.

 ”To be able to continue serving my homeland even in death… Freri-sama… I am grateful!”

 Freri extends her thumb to the little devil, Take, who widens his eyes in surprise. Shinji observes this interaction, pressing his head and wearing a solemn expression as if enduring a headache.

 It is true that there are many tasks that Take can assist with, such as being Tsubaki’s advisor, monitoring the magic-sealing box, and performing covert operations that Tsubaki and Kuroumaru cannot handle. However, Shinji strongly feels the burden of dealing with such a difficult pawn.

 ”What’s done is done, I suppose. Sigh…”

 ’Hm, well, I want to see your knowledge as a miko, so go to sleep right away.’

 ”!? *yawn*”

 ”What the-!?”

 Freri cast a spell on Sophira without hesitation, causing her to fall asleep. Take clung to her crumbling shoulder and tumbled onto the tatami mat, struggling to break free. Shinji watched with a wry smile as Freri, who was always free-spirited, enjoyed herself without a care in the world.

 Sophira’s transformation into a succubus and the separation between her and Take were significant turning points in the story. Take, who had been chosen as the guardian and the hidden support for Shinji’s foster father’s magical seal box, now faced the challenge of fulfilling his duties without Sophira by his side. Meanwhile, as the designated heir, Take’s transformation into an SD character brought unexpected consequences and added a unique twist to the plot.

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