Wizard 563

Chapter 563 Evidence Of Downfall

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 While the shrine maiden’s knowledge, which was bestowed upon her by the Hitogami (Human God), being extracted, Shinji decides to have a conversation with the transformed demon, Take, who could potentially hinder his plans if he becomes aware of them, despite being helpful to Tsubaki.

 However, Freri, who has taken precautions, has already taken care of that.

 Take is treated as Sophira’s familiar and is under her complete control. If his magical power runs out, he will become unable to move properly and can only receive magical power from Sophira. There are abundant safety measures in place, such as the occurrence of forced teleportation back to Sophira if he strays too far without permission, so the likelihood of him becoming an obstacle is low.

 Even though he is restrained to this extent, he chose to transform into a demon mostly out of concern for his father and Tsubaki. Despite Shinji’s expectation of Take wanting to interfere no matter what, he nods in agreement when Shinji tells him it is better for him to not be too involved in the Soukai Country.

 It was an unexpected response for Shinji, who thought Take would always want to interfere.

 ”I am a dead man. I understand that I am only fortunate enough to remain in this world. I must not hinder Tsubaki’s nation-building. Therefore, I have made a contract for 25 years… until Shinji-dono’s father is liberated.”

 His words, with arms crossed, hold no deceit. If the country stabilized, he had considered leaving this world midway through the contract. Yet, what made him slightly devilish was the revelation of Garoumaru’s deeds, whispered by Freri.

 ”But I cannot forgive Garoumaru. His attempts to manipulate Tsubaki and even sell the country. Perhaps my death became the turning point for him to give up, but some things are still unforgivable.”

 Though small in stature, his anger is significant. Knowing about the intimate relationship between Tsubaki and him could be troublesome, but Shinji nods solemnly.

 ”After toppling him, I intend to work behind the scenes. Shinji-dono, I hope you will cooperate as well.”

 ”Yes, I plan to do that. Since I am going to entrust my foster father to the princess. I wish Soukai Country to enjoy long-lasting peace.”

 ”I am grateful, thank you!”

 Take bows his head deeply. Shinji reached the conclusion that as long as Take can hide his relationship with Tsubaki, there will be no harm. Then, it becomes a discussion of specific strategies to take.

 Take’s ideal is to only punish Garoumaru and continue to employ his subordinates. According to him, his subordinates are quite capable, and if Garoumaru is punished along with them, it would significantly weaken the military strength.

 If possible, Take wants Tsubaki to be the one he relies on instead of Garoumaru.

 ”From what I’ve heard, the act of treason was his own decision. If his subordinates learn about this, there is a high possibility that they will abandon him. Even if he is their lord, there should be no warriors who would tolerate an act of betraying the country.”

 ”In that case, what we need is evidence that everyone can accept. If there are letters exchanged with Tenshou Country, it would be good.”

 ”Yes, it’s unlikely that he left anything in the mansion. If there is a possibility, it would be on the side of Tenshou Country, I think…”

 It is easy to imagine that the capital of Tenshou Country is in great chaos. The royal family has been destroyed, and those who held important positions have also been significantly reduced.

 Flair easily confirmed the situation by going to the royal capital through the “Gate.” Transferring to a place once visited is simple for spirits, and they can also fly through the air. Shinji sends his thoughts, and Flair, with free hands, responds.

 ’Flair, can you tell me what’s happening in the capital of Tenshou Country?’

 ’Well, wait a bit, noja.’

 Her thoughts pause for a moment. While waiting, thoughts from her reach Shinji again.

 ’In a word, it’s chaos!’

 Looking down from high above the Tenshou Country’s royal capital, Flair sees fires rising from various parts of the town. The situation is particularly severe in the central part of the capital, where slaves who lived in the outer parts have risen up, armed with weapons, unleashing their long-standing resentment.

 Few capable commanders survive, and they are busy protecting themselves and those around them, with no spare capacity to defend the town. As a result, most residents can only flee from the slaves, and a hellish scene of chaos unfolds beneath Flair’s gaze.

 ’I want to know about the residential areas of important figures. Can you search around the area where Soukai Country invaded?’

 ’Hmm. It’s still relatively calm there, noja. There are some looters searching for bodies and stealing belongings, but it seems there’s no need to worry about fires. Perhaps they don’t want to burn valuable items?’

 ’Probably. …Then it’s doable, right?’

 Even if residents of other countries suffer, Shinji feels no pain. Knowing that a surprise attack could succeed, he manipulates strategies. For him, the well-being of those within reach, including collaborators, is far more important and should be prioritized over unfamiliar foreign residents.

 ”The capital of Tenshou Country is in chaos, and there seems to be no sign of control. If you go searching, I can send you through teleportation, but do you have a lead?”

 Searching blindly is too vast. The longer it takes, the higher the possibility that Garoumaru will cause trouble. Before Kuroumaru is formally requested as a son-in-law, it must be resolved, as it affects the number of people who may defect from the Garoumaru faction.

 The more capable and loyal military officials remain loyal to the end. To eliminate future concerns, once Kuroumaru becomes a son-in-law, the Kuroumaru faction will weaken the Garoumaru faction. If conflict arises, there won’t be any desired talents coming to Tsubaki’s side.

 Before the conflict begins, frame Garoumaru as a criminal, causing him to fall from grace. This is Take’s desire and, ultimately, the necessary condition to gain advantages for Tsubaki.

 ”If Garoumaru had a confidential agreement, there should be a plan based on that. Whether it’s the government office or the military office… searching around there should likely yield results.”

 ”That’s it… then, can I leave the search for evidence to you?”

 ”Of course. I heard from Freri-dono that this body can function without sleep for a day or two and even has night vision. I plan to continue searching until we find something, what do you think?”

 ”Yes, that sounds like the best option for now.”

 The affirmation includes the idea that it’s better if Take were not in Soukai Country, he would be able to deal with Tsubaki without hesitation, but he would never notice that.

 ”Leave it to me as if you’re on a big ship!”

 And so, awakened Sophira and Take begin their investigation in the capital of Tenshou Country. When simulating in his mind whether evidence is found or not, Shinji, to ensure that things go smoothly regardless of the outcome, decides to call Tsubaki at night.

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