Wizard 564

Chapter 564 Shinji Entrusts Tsubaki

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 As the day gets darker, Tsubaki, leaving her maid outside the room, is taken to a faraway mansion by Shinji. After leaving the training area, she had been busy preparing for the victory celebration as instructed by Iwao, which made her somewhat tired. However, when Shinji invites her with his thoughts, she agrees without hesitation.

 As the magic circle on the floor disappears, Tsubaki is now able to move freely and energetically hugs Shinji, who is standing in front of her.


 ”Shinji, you did a great job staying safe! It was really an impressive accomplishment! I believed in you!”

 Trembling in Shinji’s arms, Tsubaki looks up at him in an instant. During the bright sunlight, the emotions she had held back as a princess are now evident, and tears even start to well up.

 ”I fulfilled my promise and foiled his plan. He can no longer take the throne in a proper way.”

 ”Yes. I also tried to gather information, but Garoumaru’s reputation has quickly deteriorated. I’m sorry, but… I searched Garoumaru’s mansion with young squirrels, but I couldn’t find any evidence of treason.”

 ”That can’t be helped. He seems to be cautious. Now, I have Tenshou Country looking for evidence. Let’s hope for results from there.”

 ”Yes… Once again, I find myself being helped by Shinji. I have an immeasurable debt that I can never repay.”

 Tsubaki looked worried and smiled as she expressed her true feelings.

 According to the military officials’ reports, Tenshou Country has suffered significant damage, and the royal family has been completely wiped out. This means there will likely be disputes over who will become the next ruler, leaving no time for other countries.

 Iwao told Tsubaki that she will marry Kuroumaru, who had taken the head of the lord of Tenshou Country. He entrusts Kuroumaru with the mission to recapture the captured fort, and if he succeeds, he will step down as the country’s ruler, having achieved two goals.

 Tsubaki bowed her head and accepted this solemnly. As the only princess, she has no choice but to follow the instructions, even if she has someone she cares about in her heart.

 (Everything is going according to the plan that Shinji and I aimed for. I only have a little time left to rely on Shinji’s power… From now on, I must rebuild the country with Kuroumaru… So, only during that time…)

 She thought she had resolved her feelings for the dependable mage (Shinji), but when she was alone with him, who returned with great results, it was completely useless.

 Shinji saved her from feeling very sad, so she loves him a lot. She feels very thankful, and she doesn’t want everything to end and for them to be apart. When she found out that Garoumaru’s betrayal, she realized she could act like a princess because of Shinji’s help.

 Even so, Tsubaki mustn’t pretend to throw everything away, summoning up the little bit of pride she had left as a princess, and put a lid on her thoughts. If she doesn’t, his efforts will be wasted. The remaining time is stored in the chest. Because she knows that the right thing to do is to let her feelings for Shinji fade away while fostering a family relationship with Kuroumaru.

 But Shinji asks her to do something, and it makes her unsure.

 ”If you feel like you owe me, can you do something for me? Please look at this.”

 ”Huh! This is… There are people inside…?”

 Shinji shows her a clear box with his foster father inside. He tells her a story about how he found his foster father. Of course, it’s a made up story.

 Due to certain circumstances, he was raised by his foster parent because of some reasons. He was looking for them after they were separated. And now, he found his foster father in the royal city of Tenshou Country, but he is locked up with a strong spell. It will take more than 20 years for the spell to go away.

 The story of another world, the apostle of the goddess… Tsubaki was fascinated by a tale that cleverly mixed truth with keeping important secrets hidden.

 ”In that case, can you take care of my foster father until the seal is removed? What do you think, Princess?”

 ”Yes, I understand. If Shinji says so, I will be responsible for looking after your dear father.”

 ”Thank you. As a trade-off, could you also take care of Sophira, who is looking for evidence in Tenshou Country? Please use her as your hands and feet.”

 ”Thank you. …Um, does that mean Shinji will keep coming to this country in the future…?”

 Noticing the chance of him disconnecting from Soukai Country from Tsubaki’s words, Shinji looked up at her with an expectant look and smiled.

 ”Of course. I plan to visit regularly.”

 ”Is that so…! I’m happy…♡”

 With a smile like blooming flowers, Tsubaki looked exactly like a lovesick girl, and in front of Shinji, the princess’s act was almost gone. Even though she shouldn’t be happy if it means suppressing her feelings, and even though it’s just an obstacle nurturing Kuroumaru’s emotions in her chest, the joy bubbling up from her chest overwhelmed everything.

 The idea of ‘entrusting family’ is very important in this world. Honoring family lines, making relationships stronger through marriage, and giving parents responsibilities for the next generation all show the highest level of trust, even if it’s a duty.

 (He wants to continue our relationship by entrusting me instead of taking his father back home… What should I do? I’m happy…♡ I’m happy, but it’s unacceptable… It’s impossible to continue only meeting and not cutting off physical relationships…)

 From Tsubaki’s point of view, not knowing why Shinji can’t take his foster father back, entrusting him seems like it’s just to keep their connection. If Shinji also wants to keep their relationship in his heart, Tsubaki feels more excited and her body wants his child.

 This feeling makes Tsubaki think of something she shouldn’t.

 ”If I can have Shinji’s child…”

 She says it very quietly. After saying it, she realizes what she said and covers her mouth, but the situation doesn’t change.

 For the rightful heir of the Soukai Country, what matters is Tsubaki’s blood, not whose blood the man has. If the child doesn’t look like both Tsubaki and Kuroumaru, it would only cause problems for her, and she couldn’t take that risk—it would be the only sensible choice.

 ”Do you want to have a baby if it’s possible?”

 ”No, I can’t take the risk if the baby doesn’t look like me.”

 ”But what if there’s a way to have a baby who looks like Tsubaki?”

 The offer is very tempting. Normally, Tsubaki would avoid answering such a question. But now, she can’t pretend anymore. As she looks at Shinji, she finds herself saying what she really wants.

 ”I want a baby with Shinji…”

 She answers with a silly smile, right next to her ear.

 ”I have a special magic… Are you interested?”

 A not-so-good magician whispers.

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