Wizard 565

Chapter 565 Two New Magic Spells

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 In a different room, Freri watches Shinji with an evil smile as he strokes Tsubaki’s back, through flowers. She is not only watching and listening secretly, but also observing Shinji, who should be hugging Tsubaki.

 ”Wow. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be if it were me. The magic of ‘Duplication (Copy)’… Freri, you really come up with interesting things.”

 ’Hmm, I got the idea when I saw the magic of ‘Replication (Clone).’ If I duplicate Shinji, everyone can enjoy it a lot.’

 ”The words ‘duplicate me’ sound scary…”

 Freri, leaning against Shinji’s back with a tired voice, opens her hand in front of his eyes, revealing a doll made of plant vines. This doll serves as the core of Freri’s advanced magic ‘Copy,’ based on the ‘Clone’ used by the miko.

 Unlike creating new life with ‘Clone,’ ‘Copy’ is a magic that temporarily creates a copy with magic power. It perfectly imitates even the thought patterns and can move automatically without specific instructions, allowing for completely independent actions.

 However, making a fake human body using magic uses a lot of magical power. Even for the skilled magician Shinji, he can only create up to four replicas in half a day.

 If a replica uses magic while operating, the time it can operate decreases as the magic power is used up. It will disappear if the magic power runs out or if it faces fatal injuries or attacks.

 So, the conclusion is that this magic isn’t suitable for rough activities because the experiences of the replica don’t transfer to Shinji. Shinji even thinks it might be better to use this magic for personal reasons.

 ’Hmm, with this, I can do multiple things at the same time, like using both hands, mouth, v**ina, and anus.’

 ”I don’t like it… If I use it with Freri, the replica will probably disappear quickly.”

 ’Too bad. It would feel absolutely amazing.’

 ”We don’t share sensations, so I guess I won’t feel any different. Besides, using magic power is not something to take lightly, even for entertainment purposes.”

 Even though Shinji already uses stamina and magic power during ‘activities’ with Freri, he finds himself using up magic power even before starting. Ignoring her pleas, with puffed cheeks and pressing her beautiful breasts against his back, Shinji watches the interaction between Tsubaki and his own replica.

 ’Special magic…?’

 ’Yes. There is a magic that can make a child who looks exactly like you, Princess. It can be a boy or a girl, and even resemble a groom.’

 ’That’s hard to believe. I trust Shinji, but it’s difficult to believe it’s true… umm.’

 Tsubaki’s body shakes as her backside is touched. The smile on the duplicate Shinji’s face, holding her tightly and blushing, is exactly like the original. Tsubaki looks back at him silently.

 ’I understand how you feel. But I won’t do anything that would harm Tsubaki, whether you’re a princess or not. I will continue to support your reign while entrusting my foster father.’

 ’…Yes, of course.’

 ’Then it depends on what Tsubaki wants. Like before, I will only fulfill Tsubaki’s wishes… If Tsubaki wants my child and wants it to be kept a secret from everyone, then I will that use magic. …Besides.’

 Firstly, if he truly cares for Tsubaki’s well-being, the act of using a surrogate egg would disturb the country, so it is right to advise against that wish. However, fertilizing a princess of a nation… especially when the other party wants it, it cannot be ignored.

 The princess, who wanted to help her country, is now very sad and wants to have a baby with someone else. The succubus’s son, Shinji, is happy about this.

 So, he says things to make Tsubaki more corrupted.

 ’If Tsubaki has a baby for me, I will be happy too.’


 The man she loves wants a baby. Just knowing he feels the same makes Tsubaki feel really good.

 People say love makes you not see things clearly, and the man’s words make Tsubaki forget what’s right. Even though she knows it’s wrong, she wants to have Shinji’s baby.

 Right now, Tsubaki feels guilty towards Kuroumaru, but she still hugs him, and the duplicate Shinji also hugs her. He makes her lie down, and Tsubaki closes her eyes as their lips touch.

 Seeing them (the duplicate and Tsubaki) kiss happily, Shinji stops watching and puts Freri on his lap.

 ”It used to be about looking like the mother in gender and appearance, but it has changed beyond that, hasn’t it?”

 ’Yeah, it has improved a lot.’

 According to Freri, who rubs her head against his lap like a cat, it is now possible to create children who are less likely to show their true parentage by getting information from the father’s seed.

 For example, if Shinji puts his seed into Tsubaki and she also receives seed from Kuroumaru through a sexual encounter, their child will resemble Tsubaki and Kuroumaru in appearance, even though it is actually Shinji and Tsubaki’s child.

 In the world where Shinji originally lives, they determine parent-child relationships by comparing magic wavelengths. However, with Freri’s new conception magic, it is now possible to match the magic wavelength of Shinji’s child with that of the father.

 In other words, with the current magic tools, it becomes difficult to detect the use of conception magic.

 ”Really, succubus magic can do anything related to the human body. It feels like it can interfere with anything.”

 ’Uncle is really amazing. Ordinary succubus wouldn’t go to such great lengths to master magic.’

 ”I guess he’s strange for picking me up and raising me. It seems like he has made a lot of mistakes in the past.”

 As Shinji remembered how Freri talked about his scar like a brave story, he gently petted her head. She stayed on his lap, looking happy, thinking it was a sign of approval.

 While his hands kept moving, Shinji thought about the egg-surrogacy magic’s potential misuse, which could exceed his expectations. This magic could deceive not only the magic wavelength but also the differences between species. It meant that, with the right intention, the magic could allow egg-surrogacy between couples of different races like beastfolk, dwarves, and even dragonkin.

 (But I shouldn’t use it without careful thought. I must wisely choose my partner.)

 The first person he thought of was undoubtedly Milis. She is the woman Alvin had no choice but to give up on after becoming a nobleman, and sparking his interest in the egg-surrogacy magic.

 Even though he couldn’t get a clear answer when he asked her before, now that their relationship had deepened, he wondered if things would be different.

 While he could secretly make her pregnant regardless of her answer, Shinji wouldn’t do that. As the son of a succubus, he had a rule for himself when using the egg-surrogacy magic – he wouldn’t impregnate a woman who didn’t desire it. That was his personal rule for using the magic.

 (Now, I wonder what answer Milis will give?)

 Thinking about Milis, who seemed to be troubled, Shinji smiled mysteriously like a shadow.

 Freri’s new magic.

 Shinji now has the ability to make copies of himself.

 Egg-surrogacy has also been improved.

 Tsubaki is filled with excitement. And Kuroumaru, well…


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