Wizard 566

Chapter 566 Rewards For Helpers

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 The day after finishing the important tasks of the Tenshou Country attack and saving Shinji’s foster father, Shinji and his friends had a lot of freedom.

 Firstly, the three helpers—Shizuku, Eve, and Clara—who had temporarily joined the mission had already gone back to their own world overnight. Before they left, Shinji asked each of them what rewards they wanted.

 Shizuku wanted the right to regularly buy ingredients from the Soukai Country. Shinji casually asked if she planned to start a business, and she said no, it was just for her personal use.

 She explained that the rice, miso, and other ingredients from Soukai Country tasted just like the ones from her previous lives. Since she couldn’t get those familiar flavors in Shinji’s world, Shizuku thought it was a good opportunity to have them. So, Shinji agreed to her request.

 Since Shinji would be visiting his foster father regularly during his sealing period, he thought it was reasonable to do some shopping during those visits. By the way, because of Shizuku, both rice and miso started to be used in Hayate’s meals, so she also asked Shinji to get her ingredients from Soukai Country.

 Lila and Clara are succubi who want Shinji’s magic power. However, they can’t ask for it because Shizuku doesn’t know their true identities. So, he plans to give them a special staff made in Oeste as a reward. It was decided that Shinji’s pocket would be seriously hurt by the need to prepare. But first, the girls need to wait until things calm down in Soukai Country before getting the magic power they want from him.

 And since the threat of Tenshou Country is no longer present, Lila and the Green Travelers are also given permission to move freely.

 During the attack on Tenshou Country, Iris saw Shinji using time magic with the “Furnace of Lust” and got inspired. She’s now busy doing research in the mansion. Meanwhile, Lila and the others are exploring Soukai Country to find “beautiful scenery.”

 To help them, Shinji has assigned Freri to support them and teleport them back to the mansion before nightfall. They can sleep in warm beds instead of camping and continue their journey the next day from where they left off. They are grateful for the support, but they also worry that they might become too dependent on it.

 ”Emily, you’re heavy.”

 ”Aww~? I’m just using your lap as a pillow~. Then let’s use the other lap as a pillow~ ♡”

 ”That’s not the issue… well, whatever.”

 Emily, who is protecting Shinji, has been in his room all morning. She sits on the floor and rests her head on his lap, looking closely at his thoughtful face.

 Normally, Shinji would push her away right away, but because Emily has been working hard in Soukai Country, it’s hard to be rude to her. She has been keeping a close watch for any danger to his safety, and thanks to that, they were able to rescue Shinji’s foster father. So, Shinji couldn’t help but forgive her affectionate playfulness.

 (Haa, Shinji… you’re so kind, I love you… ♡)

 As Emily moves from one knee to the other and rubs her head against it, Shinji gently strokes her shiny blonde hair, as if he understands everything. Even these small playful moments bring her great joy. She seems so happy that if she had a tail, she would surely wag it.

 So, Shinji stopped complaining about things that couldn’t be ignored. He didn’t just sit around doing nothing either. What Shinji is holding is a doll made of vines, which will be used as the core for the magic spell “Duplication (Copy).”

 These three dolls were used last night during the performance evaluation of the “Copy” magic, where Flair, Marie, and Sylphy worked together. After the dolls were returned to him, Shinji accumulated the experiences he shared with it last night.

 Since the real Shinji is currently asleep, it’s not surprising that he only has memories of an unfamiliar night.

 To get rid of this discomfort, Shinji decides to create a magic spell that will allow him to relive the memories of the Copy bodies. Luckily, he quickly completes it by using dream manipulation magic.

 ”Emily, I’m going to take a short nap, so please wake me up if anything happens. Got it?”

 ”Sure~♡ I’ll be waiting and watching your sleeping face!”

 ”Well, do whatever you want.”

 Shinji sat down, bending his knees, and used the magic of “Sleep” on himself. Emily said goodbye, and as he entered the world of dreams, she supported him with her hands, making sure he stayed in the right position. She gazed at his sleeping face.

 (Now, let’s begin with Flair, okay?)

 Trusting Emily and leaving his body to her, Shinji chose Flair for his first experience. He had been with her the longest. However, there was another reason for choosing her.

 Copy bodies aren’t alive, so they can be moved between worlds using magic. Flair invited Shinji’s Copy body to her home in the world of spirits. If asked why she chose her home, she’d probably say it’s to make sure no one notices what they’re about to do.

 ”Was it a good idea to invite me?”

 ”As long as you’re in my house, it’s fine-noja. But you can’t go outside. It’s been a rule for a long time that only your territory (home) can invite humans-noja.”

 ”I’m curious about the outside, but… I guess rules are rules.”

 ”It’s really not allowed! This is not a joke-noja!”

 Shinji looks out the window and feels nervous when he sees Flair’s serious face, but then he smiles wryly. He looks around the room and sees simple furniture, but there are many tea tools on the shelf, which makes him understand why the goddess often makes tea.

 Flair clears her throat and turns to face Shinji again. Each person is responsible for evaluating the Copy body’s performance, but she knows that Marie and Sylphy plan to investigate any differences with the subject through close interactions throughout the night.

 ”However, there are things we can’t do inside. I want to know why you chose this place.”

 ”You know very well. You’re being mischievous, Shinji.”

 ”But you don’t mind, do you?”

 Normally, Flair would have a sharp response to Shinji’s teasing smile, but not this time. She chose her own room where there are no prying eyes and no chance of being secretly observed by other spirits, so she blushes deeply and nods slowly.

 ”It’s all Shinji’s fault. You made me start thinking these weird things, and you even spanked me… You needs to take responsibility for teaching me such strange stuff-noja!”

 Even though she’s aware that what she’s saying is super embarrassing, her tone is threatening. But, since it’s just about wanting some teasing, it doesn’t feel scary at all. Actually, Shinji can see that the arrogant attitude is inspired by her plump butt, and there’s excitement in her eyes.

 Shinji, determined to provoke her, comes closer, puts his hands around her, and playfully grabs her butt over her dress with a sly smile. While his fingers press into her firm buttocks, he also grabs her wrists with his other hand.

 ”If you want to be spanked, just ask me directly. Well, today, it’s also a way of saying thank you…”

 As Shinji uses magic, plant vines extend from the room’s ceiling and bind her wrists. It’s the same position she was in when Shinji captured her and marked her with a crest.

 ”I’ll indulge you completely, just as Flair desires.”

 Flair remembers the night when she couldn’t resist anymore, but strangely, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable in her chest. Instead, she shivers in anticipation of what will happen next.

 ”Copy” Checking magic.

 When you learn new magic, you need to do a check.

 Shinji ask for a help, and in return, he offers a reward to all the spirit.

 Flair, Marie, and Sylphy will take turns.

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