Wizard 567

Chapter 567 Secrets With Flair

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 ”First, let’s make some adjustments. It won’t be interesting if it’s the same as the time with Hateyama, right?”

 ”Wha?! In this kind of outfit… mmm”

 As Shinji’s index finger smoothly traces an arc in the air, the vines that bind Flair’s wrist extend further, winding along her arm and reaching towards her body.

 They entwine around the base of her breasts, emphasizing her chest, and progress from her torso to her waist and thighs, lightly cinching her body’s curves, accentuating them through her dress.

 If Flair so desires, she can instantly burn away the vines, but choosing not to implies that her protests are only superficial.

 ”If we’re going to bind you, it’s better not to remove the dress. There’s something more enticing about it than being naked.”

 ”There’s a pervert here-noja, ahh ♡”

 ”It’s a mutual agreement, right?”

 With a snap, Shinji spanks Flair’s plump buttocks, which are pressed against the dress that clings to her skin. Despite the sound being as loud as when he reprimanded Tsubaki, the way he strikes doesn’t cause much pain, and Flair, feeling pleasure within the pain, lets out a sweet voice.

 As Flair looked away from Shinji, feeling embarrassed by the sensation of his hand gently stroking her slightly painful buttocks, a sigh escaped her lips.

 ”Mmm…♡ ah, mmm…♡ ah…♡”

 Standing next to Flair, mixing the act of occasionally spanking and caressing her buttocks, Shinji leaned in close to her ear. Flair’s masochistic nature tickled Shinji’s sadistic desires as she felt a mix of pain and pleasure, causing her ears to turn bright red.

 ”Your nipples are already erect.”

 ”Don’t say it so deliberately, ah…♡”

 When Shinji pinched Flair’s nipples, which were clearly visible even through her dress, she arched her back and her chest swayed. Despite the firm grip, Flair felt both pain and pleasure from her nipples, but this time Shinji gently began to play with them using the pads of his fingers, causing her to once again turn her face away and endure the sensation.


 ”Mmmh… in the ear, ah, ah…♡”

 Suddenly, Flair felt a tingling sensation run down her spine as Shinji’s tongue slid across her ear. Not feeling any sense of rejection from her reaction, Shinji continued to caress her ear with his tongue.

 While gently touching her ears, buttocks, and nipples, Shinji never touches her secret parts. Even though he senses that she wants him to touch her there, as evidenced by the way she twists her body and rubs her inner thighs together, and even though their eyes occasionally meet with a lustful gaze, Shinji has no intention of touching until Flair asks for it.

 (Despite knowing… Shinji can be really mean…♡)

 Shinji is the only man Flair, who has a prideful and condescending attitude towards humans, can’t go against. She was corrupted by a lewd crest and Shinji became an apostle, and now he cooperates under the orders of Goddess Arian, becoming someone who is not only respected but also treated specially. He is a remarkable man recognized by Goddess Arian, and long ago, Flair lost any reason to resist.

 However, Flair continues to maintain her attitude because she finds pleasure in his sadistic side he often shows to those who oppose him, and she does it to get attention.

 Moreover, to avoid conflicts, Shinji pays close attention and generally interacts with everyone in a gentle manner. He only shows a different side to those close to him, but still remains considerate.

 Hayate and Shizuku used to be strict, but now they have calmed down. Folt, who was once an enemy, became obedient after being defeated and has since lost interest. Christina too, who completely fell, has noticeably become quieter since it was revealed that Shinji is Jin.

 Flair is the only one who continues to counterattack (regardless of success) while staying close to Shinji. She understands very well the reasons why Shinji likes her. That’s why Flair tries her best to endure even when she feels an immediate desire for him.

 Due to Shinji’s teasing, her nipples become erect, and she writhes in pleasure from just a light touch. Even if her buttocks under the dress are stinging from being slapped. Even if there are multiple marks left on her neck and it becomes sticky from saliva running from her ear to her neck. Even if her thighs are dripping with love juice. Even if she continues to be pushed to the limit, where it’s almost unacceptable.

 Flair endured while saliva dripped from her mouth and tears welled up in her eyes. But as she approached her limit, Shinji, who was excited, pressed his strong and erect pen*s against her thigh, and finally, her desire to be “taken in” overflowed.

 ”Shinji… I want you to put it in, noja♡”

 ”Got it. Should I start with my fingers?”

 When Flair turned to Shinji, who asked in an artificially cheerful voice, her eyes met his sadistic gaze. Realizing that she had to plead more clearly, a strong sense of shame and a thrilling pleasure surged through her.

 ”Uu, pen*s♡ I want Shinji’s pen*s thrust into me, noja♡ I want Shinji’s seed poured into me, noja♡”

 ”Of course, well said.”

 Shinji, with his pen*s exposed, moved in front of the blushing Flair and lifted her up, spreading her legs. He moved aside her soaking wet black shorts, drenched in his love juices, and inserted his fully erect pen*s into her without any foreplay.

 ”Ah, ahh ♡ I’m coming all at once-noja ♡”

 Inside Flair, connected in the station bento position, the continuous teasing made it all gooey and warm, with the unique warmth of the fire spirit, making it pleasurable with just the insertion. While firmly gripping her buttocks with both hands and tightening his grip, Shinji suddenly started vigorously thrusting his hips.

 ”Ah ♡ Oh ♡ Amazing ♡ Deep ♡ -noja ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ahh ♡”

 More than feeling the pain in her suspended wrists, a sense of slump was driven into Flair’s head, and she was left to be done as she pleased. With skillful hip movements, pulling back just before withdrawing, and then thrusting deeply into her stomach, the unwavering strength that does not waver even when Flair arches, and the robustness that firmly occupies her stomach.

 All of these make Shinji recognize Flair as the ultimate female, heating up his body and increasing his love fluids even more. Amidst this, when Shinji’s hand suddenly left her buttocks, Flair raised an eyebrow in surprise, and his hand slapped her buttocks.

 ”Haaan♡ Ah, He♡ Again, my buttocks♡”

 ”This is what you want, right? No need to hold back.”

 ”Aah♡ Aah♡ Haa♡ Nn♡ Nn♡”

 With a light patting sound, Her face lit up as the tightness in her stomach improved. The modesty that was initially present disappeared after a few thrusts, and all Flair can do is place her free legs around his hips, which was the only thing free to move around the slump.

 ”Nhi♡ Ah, Haa♡ Ah♡ It’s coming♡ I’m coming-noja♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

 Even though the thrusting had just begun, she was already making noise. Due to enduring the foreplay for too long, her delicate voice had become higher and her stomach tightened intermittently.

 Knowing that this wouldn’t be a one-time thing, Shinji buried his face in her breasts, which were sticking to her dress due to the sweat. As he inhaled the sweet scent unique to women, he increased the thrusting speed to match her climax. Sensing his intention, Flair furrowed her eyebrows and desperately endured the climax.

 ”I’m coming ♡ I’m coming, coming ♡ I’m already… ♡ Ah, I’m coming ♡ I’m coming-noja, ahh ♡ Ah ♡ Ah, ah… ♡”

 Turning her back, pulling Flair’s stomach closer with both legs, Shinji’s seed is poured into her. A rich seed, no different from the original, pours into Flair, dyeing her mind completely white, and she experiences ecstasy while tensing her body. While Flair’s breathing returns to normal, Shinji remains still with his face buried in her breasts.

 ”This… this… ♡ This might become addictive-noja… ♡”

 ”Haha, really?”

 ”Not just… only for you?”

 Flair’s smile as she looks up at Shinji is the epitome of a woman being fulfilled. Considering her high pride and the fact that she still looks down on people, Shinji feels an unparalleled sense of superiority having elicited such words from her.

 ”Mm ♡ It’s bouncing inside me again… ♡ It’s time for me to hear Shinji’s desires. If there’s something, say it… What? The embarrassing maid outfit from that time…!? Well, are you still planning to humiliate me… ♡ Very well-noja. I’ll go all the way with you today. …It’s our secret, you and I, isn’t it?”

 The night with Flair, who listens to his desires with a face that doesn’t show any signs of being uninterested, continues, but he temporarily interrupts the flashback.

 After experiencing the flashback up to this point, he finally catches up with the unfamiliar memories and no longer feels any discomfort. While he regrets not being able to continue the maid play with her, he tries to resolve the discomfort that remains with Marie and Sylphy, who remain ahead, by replaying the next memory.

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