Wizard 568

Chapter 568 Marie And Performance Investigation, Part One

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 The next memory Shinji replayed was with Marie. Marie, who had returned to the original world with Shizuku and others, called out Shinji’s Replication (Clone) body in an unfamiliar place to Shinji.

 In the deep forest, there was a clear spring with a small waterfall that looked fantastical under the moonlight. The area around the spring looked like it had a hole in it due to the lack of trees, making it a beautiful place under the night sky.

 When Shinji asked where this place was, he was told that it was a spring deep in Hateyama. It seemed that Marie had coincidentally found this place during the commotion, and it was a very comfortable place for water spirits due to the abundant magic and clear spring.

 As he looked at the spring, he could see faintly glowing lights floating on the water’s surface, which he realized were small clusters of magic power belonging to the lower-ranking water spirits. He could sense that he was being observed from a distance, which he attributed to his usual interaction with spirits.

 ”If it were Shinji-san himself, he wouldn’t want to come to a dangerous place, right~? This might be a good opportunity~”

 ”You understand well. It’s a nice view. I’d like to show it to Lila and the others too.”

 ”Oh, you’re so tactless~”

 ”You’re the type who doesn’t care about that, right?”

 ”Hehe, you understand~?”

 When Shinji smiles at Marie, who is standing next to him, she smiles back at him. Unlike the proud Flair and serious Sylphy, Marie has a laid-back and free-spirited personality.

 As a person who does things without thinking, she has had physical relationships with former contractors long before Shizuku, and has also exchanged with male spirit.

 Now that Shinji is her favorite, Marie eagerly seeks opportunities to get intimate with him without getting involved with anyone else. Being proactive in the intercourse with her, who is a high-ranking spirit that is not easily accessible, it can be said that the best-suited relationship is calling each other “friends with benefits.”

 ”Well, then, what’s the reason for coming all the way here? It’s not just to see this view, right?”

 ”Of course! When I saw Shinji-san’s clone, I couldn’t help but want to compete too~”

 Marie, who was next to Shinji, floated lightly in the air, and in the next moment, she jumped into the spring. Shinji, who was taken aback by the sudden plunge, was still just the beginning.

 The water in the spring swelled up, creating four water pillars. From among them, four Maries appeared. By using a large amount of clear water infused with abundant magic power as a medium, she succeeded in creating extremely skillful clones. However, only the real Marie has a will, and the three clones are simply beings that move according to Marie’s thoughts.

 ”Ta-da~♡! How about that? Can’t tell them apart, right? The touch is exactly the same too. With this water here, I can make as many as I want… although I need to control them.”

 Floating in air, Marie and the others surround Shinji from all sides.

 The real Marie, who is speaking, embraces Shinji from behind and presses her ample breasts against him through her dress as she speaks. The clones on his left and right pull his arms towards them and embrace him, sandwiching him with their soft breasts.

 As she said, Shinji feels not only the slightly cool body temperature but also the sensation of her skin, which doesn’t feel like water, against his arms. The clone standing in front does the same, starting with a pose that shows off her cleavage as she bends forward, and then proceeds to various seductive poses in a manner that showcases her expressive richness, exuding a sensuality that doesn’t seem to lack intention.

 ”Oh, it’s amazing. As expected of a high-ranking spirit.”

 ”Hehe, that’s right~. Normally, people don’t use advanced magic like this~. But Shinji-san is special~! Ei♪”

 ”Oh, careful… it’s sudden again.”

 Shinji, who is gently pulled down by the real Marie, falls backwards against the ground. As he feels the softness of her arms, he rests his head on her laps. Marie smiles and looks down at him. Their eyes meet.

 It’s a physical alter ego magic that can only be described as extremely difficult to use due to the amount of effort and magic power consumption in the preparation. It’s not just a sense of rivalry that drove Marie, a high-ranking spirit, to use it, but also the fact that Shinji, who uses the “copy” ability without hesitation, thought it would enable pseudo harem play.

 Now, Marie wanted to thoroughly enjoy the intercourse, so she considered scenarios that would ignite Shinji’s passion. Taking into account his s*xual prowess in a harem intercourse involving multiple women, his preference for large breasts, and his curiosity for the unknown, she concluded that the best approach would be to create a physical alter ego and engage in pseudo harem breast play.

 During intercourse with multiple people, all the women must be satisfied. In a harem setting, Shinji would have to move in a constrained manner, ensuring equal attention and consideration for the women to keep their passion alive. However, in a pseudo harem, such concerns are unnecessary. It’s sufficient to satisfy only Marie without having to worry about the physical alter ego.

 Furthermore, the partner is Marie, a casual saffle who is very open-minded when it comes to s*x. Even requests that Renka and the others wouldn’t dare to say out loud, she would gladly fulfill with a smile.

 ”What a waste of time~. Let’s enjoy tonight together, Shinji~ ♡”

 Smoothly, Marie unties the shoulder strap and lowers the upper part of her dress, revealing her breasts with a smirk. As Shinji, who is resting his head on her lap, looks up at her breasts, he notices that her n**ples are already slightly swollen, perhaps due to her growing excitement.

 As Shinji boldly squeezes the soft breasts pressed against his palms, sweet voices escape from the divided Maries’ mouths, pleasing his ears.

 When the main Marie bends her upper body and tries to press her breasts against Shinji’s face, his field of vision slowly becomes obscured. Just before his vision is completely blocked, what he sees is the front view of the divided Marie, who has exposed her breasts, removing Shinji’s pants and preparing to welcome his hard thing into her cleavage.

 ”My breasts… Please enjoy them~♡”

 With his face, hands, and son being teased by her breast, Shinji let out a big breath as if he were savoring a dreamy state.

 Marie’s Time.

 Among the high-ranking spirit, I like the most pleasant feeling. She keeps on teasing in hopes of a fierce counterattack later, to match the joy she brings to Shinji.

 To be continued.

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