Wizard 569

Chapter 569 Marie And Performance Investigation, Part Two

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 With his vision blocked by breasts, Shinji remained still, surrendering himself to Marie while enjoying the sensation of her breasts pressed against his palms. Her skin, being a water spirit, was slightly cooler in temperature, and combined with its smooth texture, it made him want to keep touching it forever.

 His erect p*nis was sandwiched between her breast flesh, and the pressure from both sides increased as his shaft buried itself in the cleavage. The slipperiness before Marie’s cleavage even enclosed it was due to using a part of the water that composed her clone to create a lotion, which was then applied to the cleavage in advance.

 However, Shinji felt a sense of discomfort that the p*nis was too buried in her breast flesh. Although Marie’s breasts were large, they didn’t completely cover the p*nis. But at this moment, he felt a sense of engulfment similar to when Miko Arian or Milis gave him a paizuri.

 ”Did you notice~? Since it’s a clone, I can freely change its body shape~. You react better when Miko does it compared to when I do it, so I made the breasts of the girl in charge of paizuri play bigger~♡”

 ”I see, I get it now. Since the original is water, it has the power of freedom…”

 While maintaining the pressure of the enlarged clone Marie’s breasts, they are lifted up and lowered down. If the p*nis cover is rubbed from the base to the tip with the same quality and mass as the real breasts, sighs escape from Shinji’s mouth.

 With a deep smile and an improved rhythm, Marie’s paizuri gradually increases in intensity. The close contact between the breasts and the p*nis, without any gaps, heightens Shinji’s sense of pleasure.

 Not only the paizuri that strikes up and down repeatedly, but also twisting the body and adding movements, and sliding up and down alternately from left to right, the paizuri is so skillful that it keeps the receiving side, even someone like Shinji who has had relationships with many women, from getting bored.

 ”You can c*m anytime, you know?”

 Marie, with her thighs and breasts, sandwiched Shinji’s face and slipped her hands into his clothes, touching his nipples. The newly added slump was enough to drive him further, and as he was gently played with by her fingertips, he sensed his limit and thrust his hips up on his own.

 With his hips pounding against her breasts, the p*nis cover peeks out from the deep cleavage and disappears inside. Shinji endures the pleasure of thrusting into Marie’s breasts with the p*nis, gritting his teeth.

 ”I’m going to come…!!”

 As Shinji sinks his fingers into her breasts that he is squeezing with both hands, he thrusts his hips forward one last time, increasing the pressure of Marie’s titjob. From the slight opening in her cleavage, his s*mens are scattered.

 The s*men, forcefully released, splatters not only on Marie’s breasts but also on her face, dripping into the depths of her cleavage. If he continues to move her breasts gently, even the remaining s*men in the urethra will be squeezed out.

 ”Hmm, it doesn’t seem to differ much in terms of quantity and concentration. Maybe the amount of dissolved magic power is a bit low?”

 ”Since it only has a quarter of the main body’s magic power, it’s natural that the magic power that dissolves into the s*men would also decrease.”

 ”If you release too much magic power, you won’t be able to maintain your body. I wonder how much loss would have an impact?”

 ”Hmm… Is this a performance investigation to confirm that? I’ll have to accompany Marie thoroughly.”

 While Shinji is talking to the main Marie, the clone Marie continues to tease him. She carefully licks and sucks on the freshly sensitive p*nis cover, swallowing the s*men that had adhered to the p*nis.

 It’s impossible for a succubus child to just stay silent and respond normally after being treated so carefully during foreplay. Shinji, who was trying to lift his body to embrace Marie to the limits of the Duplication (Copy) body, found himself unable to move because the clone Maries were still holding his hands and the p*nis.

 ”Ya~♡ Well then, let’s do it right away. Can I insert it, Shinji-san? It’s okay to breastfeed, right?”

 ”What do you mean by breastfeeding? Mmm!”

 Marie, who was lap-pillowing, instantly swapped places with her clone who was giving a paizuri. Shinji, who realized that it was an application of teleportation magic, was covered by her enlarged breasts, which were still pressing heavily against him, burying his face in their soft flesh.

 Next, straddling him, when the p*nis is inserted into her vagina, Marie lets out a voice of joy. The sensation of his eagerly awaited object tightening inside her stomach is very pleasant, and when her hips starting to move enthusiastically, Shinji, on the other hand, decides to just let himself go for now.

 Marie is also excited for the long-awaited intercourse. Once she experiences intercourse with Shinji, she can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

 To fully enjoy Shinji’s p*nis, Marie shamelessly spread her legs wide open and suddenly started moving up and down vigorously. Her incredibly lewd hip movements, which could rival those of a succubus, were unimaginable from her gentle smile-like way of speaking.

 ”Oh, amazing… Ahh… Kuh…”

 ”Mmm…♡ Fuu…♡ Fufu~♡ Ahh…♡ Today, I’ll give my all…♡ Ahh…♡ Yes, Shinji-san’s…♡ is so wonderful…♡”

 Because his vision was blocked by her breasts, Shinji couldn’t see Marie’s lewd dance, which further stimulated his imagination and aroused his excitement.

 Marie, who was single-mindedly shaking her hips, indulged in the pleasure of rubbing against Shinji’s sturdy object. The intensity increased even more when Shinji thrust his hips in response, and Marie continued to thrust while her hair was disheveled.

 ”Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ It feels…♡ feels so good…♡ Give me more…♡ Haah…♡ Ahn…♡”

 ”I’m willing to go as far as you want. Especially when I can see how much you’re enjoying it.”

 ”Well, you know…♡ Normally, Flair-chan is here…♡ And I have work too…♡ So, a chance like this…♡ Ahh… It’s rare, you know…♡ I want to enjoy it when I can…♡”

 Once it had been said to this extent, Shinji lost his desire to regain control. There was no other reason than the fact that he thought he couldn’t ignore the desires of the person who wanted to fulfill their lust as they pleased, being a succubus’s son.

 From the intense thrusts trying to take control, if Shinji changes his movement to match Marie’s hips, a synergistic effect is created and Marie’s mind is filled with pleasure.

 If that happens, words are no longer necessary. With repeated movements, the sound of water echoes with a “squelch” sound, and Marie, breathing heavily, heads straight towards climax.

 ”Ah…♡ Ahh…♡ I’m coming…♡ Coming…♡ Ahh…♡”

 In the end, they naturally connected deeply, with Marie sitting on top. With the force of the s*men flowing from the p*nis cover that presses against the uterus, Marie’s mind is filled with pleasure, causing her to convulse.

 While savoring the pleasant feeling inside Marie’s stomach, which yearns to absorb the s*men, Shinji finished reliving the experience with Marie. Afterwards, they continued to have intercourse until the sun rose, and in the end, he remembers being squeezed so much that his body couldn’t maintain its form.

 (It seems like it won’t be able to move properly if its remaining magic power drops below 20%. I have to take this into consideration when using the Copy body.)

 Shinji accesses the memories of his last shared experience with Sylphy while keeping the achieved results in mind.

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