Wizard 570

Chapter 570 Sylphy’s Desire – Part One

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 Sylphy summoned Shinji’s Duplication (Copy) body to her home, where the same seed spirits as Flair reside. Similar to their previous conversation with Flair, where Shinji’s curiosity about the outside world was evident, he fast-forwards to the point where Sylphy expresses her wish.

 ”I want it in my butt.”

 ”Yes… um, if using your finger feels that good, wouldn’t it feel even better with Shinji-san’s… penis? Are you okay with that?”

 ”Yeah, I think it would be fine with it.”

 Listening to her request, a mix of embarrassment and anticipation on her face, Shinji nods. However, while he has some experience with anal intercourse, it is not very frequent.

 When it comes to anal play, for the most part, it can be uncomfortable if the person doesn’t have the aptitude for it. Even if someone takes the time and effort to stimulate the area and make the body succumb, there is still a sense of resistance.

 While it’s possible for Shinji to train someone to enjoy anal play with patience, he wouldn’t want to risk evoking unpleasant feelings until the training is complete, and he’s not fixated on anal play.

 From start to finish, if he constantly make the body feel good and only think about intercourse, a friends-with-benefits relationship can work. There are few women who would want to forcefully develop anal play and men who prefer intercourse.

 On that note, Sylphy’s enthusiasm for anal play makes it possible for him to explore without hesitation. Shinji was also enthusiastic about this rare opportunity.

 ”…You seem happy, Shinji-san.”

 ”Well, anal intercourse isn’t something that happens often. It’s not easy to bring it up unless it’s with someone like Sylphy who is honest about her desires.”

 ”Um, it’s still a bit unusual, isn’t it…?”

 ”It’s just part of individuality. Besides, what others think doesn’t matter; it’s between me and Sylphy. If it feels good, then that’s all that matters. Right?”

 Shinji gently caresses Sylphy’s plump buttocks over her light green dress. His words, devoid of astonishment or mockery, come straight from his heart. If he doesn’t prioritize his desires, he cannot live up to being the son of an incubus.

 ”It’s your responsibility, Shinji-san. You exposed my erogenous zones…”

 ”Certainly. I will take responsibility and be your partner.”

 ”Well, since you’re in the mood…”

 While expressing a voice of dismay, Sylphy eagerly climbs onto the bed and lies face down. Shinji can clearly see that her reaction is nothing more than a pose.

 With a pillow under her chin and her buttocks elevated, she lifts her dress skirt, revealing white panties. Shinji sits behind her, caressing her buttocks and enjoying the smoothness of her skin.

 (Ah ♡ Finally, Shinji-san is touching me… ♡)

 Blushing with anticipation, Sylphy eagerly awaits the intimate encounter with Shinji, reminiscent of their times together in Hateyama. Ever since he discovered her anal erogenous zone, she has started pleasuring herself by focusing on anal stimulation.

 Sylphy pleasures herself not only with her confident fingers, but also with anal toys. By exploring her anus and stimulating her private parts and clitoris, she certainly feels pleasure. However, Sylphy, who knows the pleasure of being penetrated deep inside while her anus is being fingered, finds it unsatisfying. Compared to intercourse with Shinji, it feels like child’s play and is far from being truly satisfying.

 Her panties are already slightly wet, a sign of her anticipation, and Shinji notices as he removes them, smiling faintly.

 ”It seems like you’ve been looking forward to this. Have you been touching yourself since then?”

 Shinji asks as he traces her anus with his index finger.

 ”Mmm♡ why are you asking such a thing?”

 ”If you haven’t been touching yourself much, I’ll have to loosen you up properly. So, are you going to tell me?”

 Last time, he used magic to produce a slippery liquid, but this time, he spreads the love juices dripping from her private parts onto his index finger and guides them to her anus. As she feels his intense gaze on her anus, more love juices flow from her stomach, and blushing with embarrassment, Sylphy lowers her face.

 ”With a toy, a little…”

 ”Oh, a toy… I wonder where it is. I’ll make good use of it since it’s here.”

 Stepping away from Sylphy’s gesture toward the bedside drawer, Shinji opened it, revealing a collection of small spherical toys—anal beads.

 Returning behind Sylphy, Shinji generously coated the anal beads with a slippery liquid prepared by magic and attempted to insert them into her anus. She raised her buttocks and waited obediently, accepting the insertion quietly.

 Sylphy had only inserted them shallowly in her timid self-pleasure, but Shinji boldly inserted the beads all the way to their base. The sensation of intruding into her deep anal cavity like never before made Sylphy’s hips bounce.

 ”Mm, ah…♡ Ha, ah…♡ Ahh…♡”

 ”This liquid also has a cleansing effect on the anus. Let’s take our time getting used to the toy like this for a while.”

 ”Y-yes…♡ Once… once it’s… inside…♡”

 Shinji pulled out the tip of the toy that was inserted all the way to the base, just one ball before. Instead of a monotonous insertion, he changed the angle and speed, moving as if exploring Sylphy’s preferred points, causing her to sway her raised buttocks from side to side, writhing in pleasure.

 The sight was so erotic that Shinji’s excitement grew and his pants became tight. He quickly discarded his pants and underwear. Being the only one who could bring out the lewdness of Sylphy, a powerful wind spirit with great magical power, only heightened his arousal, making him more passionate with the thrusts of the toy.

 However, upon seeing Sylphy’s attempt to climax easily through anal stimulation, Shinji stopped the thrusting of the toy.

 ”Now, it seemed like you were about to come. Is that enough?”

 ”Hau…♡ Shinji-san, please don’t stop…♡”

 Her pleading with her shaking buttocks didn’t seem like the behavior of a powerful high-level spirit. When in Shinji’s hands, Sylphy was just another woman dominated by her desires.

 ”Now it’s showtime, right? Come on, put it in…”

 ”Ah, ah…♡ ka, ha…!”

 As the anal beads are pulled out, a rock-hard p*nis is pressed against Sylphy’s anus. As he thrusts his hips forward, the tip enters the anus and slowly advances.

 Compared to a toy, the p*nis is much thicker. And thanks to thorough relaxation, it was possible to insert it all the way to the base.

 Sylphy in charge of anal.

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