Wizard 571

Chapter 571 Sylphy’s Desire – Part Two

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 Although it was inserted all the way to the base, the anal area, which is not meant to be penetrated, tightens and constricts painfully. Even Sylphy, who desired the insertion, stiffens her body due to the intense feeling of something foreign and the sensation of pressure.

 Despite the fact that she expressed her own desires, the words spoken by him to her, who is in such a pitiful state that she can’t even speak properly, have a very gentle tone.

 ”Sylphy, take slow breaths. Repeat after me.”

 ”Yes, um… haa~… fu~… haa~…”

 Thanks to that, Sylphy regained some composure and follows his instruction to take deep breaths. As she continues doing so, the feeling of something foreign and the pressure gradually fade away, and the unnecessary tension is released from her rigid body.

 ”I’m sorry, I inserted it too quickly. When the glans went in, it felt like it was already loose, so I thought it would be fine for your first time, but it seems it was tough after all.”

 ”No, I’m already fine…”

 ”It seems so. You do have potential in this area after all.”


 Shinji gently stroked Sylphy’s buttocks, causing a sweet sigh to escape from her lips. As the intense pressure subsided, there was no longer a reason to hold back. “Let’s move,” he said, to which she nodded, and Shinji slowly withdrew his hips.


 The sensation of being rubbed by the thick and sturdy p*nis inside her gave Sylphy a pleasure greater than any she had experienced before. Arching her back like a shrimp, she seemed to savor the penetration of p*nis into her anus, as Shinji slowly thrust his hips forward and inserted his p*nis once again.

 ”Ha♡ Ah, ah, yes♡”

 Shinji pressed his hips against her buttocks, and his p*nis entered deeply. With just one motion, Sylphy was captivated by the pleasure of anal intercourse.

 Being a person whose sensitive area is the anus, she adapted quickly. Perhaps other women wouldn’t have felt such intense pleasure from anal intercourse as quickly.

 ”Ha♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

 Thanks to the slippery liquid, the thrusting went smoothly. By pulling back his hips until his p*nis was about to come out, and then inserting it back to the base, Sylphy’s anus tightened well, and Shinji was able to enjoy the pleasure. The tightness of the anus, which is not originally a place for sexual intercourse, is strong, and it gives a pleasure that cannot be obtained in the stomach, causing Shinji’s mouth to form an arc involuntarily.

 (Amazing♡ Amazing♡ Anal s*x, amazing♡)

 With the complete disappearance of discomfort, Sylphy’s pleasure reaches its climax. She is so intoxicated that she even loses the ability to speak, and unconsciously shakes her buttocks to try to feel even better.

 In response, Shinji places both hands on the sides of Sylphy’s face on the bed. In a position where he is almost on top of her, he puts his weight on both hands and thrusts harder into her buttocks.

 Sylphy’s well-rounded buttocks ripple as she eagerly welcomes the powerful and vigorous thrusts. She opens her eyes wide, with tears of joy streaming down her face. The weight pressing against her back, the enveloping body, and the intense movements of the hips make Sylphy feel like she is “being dominated”.

 She does not find it humiliating.

 Sylphy met Shinji after he became an apostle of Goddess Arian. As long as he was a devoted apostle of the goddess, Sylphy did not view him as inferior, even though he was human.

 Furthermore, Sylphy respects Shinji for his growth and achievements, to the point where he can intertwine his body with Goddess Arian. It is precisely because he is her partner that she feels nothing but pleasure in being dominated anally. She places her hand on top of his hand, which is near her face, and moves her hips.

 ”Oh, I’m coming, Shinji-san♡ I can’t hold it in anymore♡”

 ”That’s fine. I’m about to… “

 ”Yes♡ Ahh♡ Inside♡ Please release inside me♡ Mmm♡ Haa♡ Ahh♡”

 Sylphy’s hand, which entwined his fingers, Shinji squeezed back and thrust into her anus as she desired. As he heard her voice grow louder, Shinji thrust powerfully just before climax.


 ”Ah, ah, ah♡ Yes, yes♡♡”

 With the sensation of the milky fluid being forcefully released into her anus for the first time, Sylphy discovered a new level of pleasure. Overwhelmed by the forbidden pleasure that sent shivers down her spine, Sylphy’s brain was on fire. She kept her face buried in the pillow, her hips trembling uncontrollably.

 (My butt is hot…♡ If only I had known…♡)


 Shinji’s voice, trying to suppress the pleasure, leaked from his mouth as her anus tightened. C*mming against the softness of her buttocks, with its incredible tightness, lasted long and extracted a generous amount of pleasure.

 Noticing the sight of Sylphy’s neck through the gaps in her hair as she lay prostrate, Shinji remained on top of her, attaching himself to her intimate area. While one hand remained entwined with his fingers, he moved his other hand, sliding it between the bed and her breasts, as he massaged her ample fruit while catching his breath.

 Being treated as if she belonged to him, perhaps due to having conquered her anus, Sylphy readily accepted the caresses. Her sensitive body was manipulated and her anus tightened, while she blushed and turned around, her eyes filled with anticipation.

 ”I guess you still like my big chest and my stamina…♡ If I didn’t know beforehand that you’re a Duplication (Copy) body, no one would notice, ah ♡”

 When Shinji teasingly pinched her n*pples, Sylphy’s waist jumped and her anus tightened.

 ”Isn’t that right? The only flaw would be the consumption of mana.”

 ”I don’t mind, but please be considerate of the girls who like Shinji-san. They definitely won’t have a good time…”

 ”Oh, right. I understand, thank you Sylphy.”

 Even someone like Shinji, who was raised as the son of a succubus, can easily imagine how unpleasant it would be to discover that the person you’ve been intimate with is a fake. Although he also used it on Tsubaki this time, he agreed that it would be safer to refrain from doing so in the future.

 Sylphy reached behind his neck and pulled his head closer. Looking into his eyes, filled with tears, from such a close distance, she realized the desire that had taken hold of her.

 ”I don’t have a contract partner for a while. As long as it doesn’t go against the will of the goddess, I will listen to Shinji-san’s request in exchange for a Copy body…♡”

 ”…Do you like it that much? Anal s*x.”

 ”Yes…♡ I never thought there would be something so pleasurable. I can’t forget Shinji-san’s p*nis… What do you think?”

 Shinji was at a loss for words at Sylphy’s unexpected question. It was convenient to have her assistance, but he didn’t know if this personal arrangement would be approved by Goddess Arian.

 He was aware that he was being treated favorably among the apostles. However, he couldn’t afford to behave in a way that would attract punishment.

 ”I will ask the goddess and then request a response.”

 ”That would be good. Even in times like this, you’re cautious… As expected of you, Shinji-san… Kiss♡”

 Thinking that it would be okay with lending her strength if it was her who had moderation, she kissed him with affection and trust. Sylphy seemed to have already learned a way to tighten her anus of her own will, and she turned her gaze towards him, swaying her buttocks lightly, as if inviting him, before burying her face in the bed once again.

 Shinji, who took that as the end of the conversation, put more strength into his hips to fully enjoy her anus throughout the night–but then he stopped the re-experience. He already remembered that there was only the remaining exchange with Sylphy.

 (Once I go back there, I need to get permission from the goddess.)

 It’s always better to have reliable power when it comes to emergencies. Sylphy, who is the most serious among the three, proposing this was something he never expected, so it’s an unexpected gain.

 Shinji, who had resolved the discomfort in his mind after finishing all the re-experiences, woke up from his sleep and strangely realized that his lower body felt good.

 At this point, Shinji could imagine what might be happening in the real world, and after taking a deep breath, he could awaken his consciousness.

 ”Oh, you woke up… Good morning, Shinji~♡”

 Shinji was connected to Emily, who was supposed to be resting her head on his lap pillow, and they were hugging each other.

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