Wizard 572

Chapter 572 Emily’s State Of Mind

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 Shinji, looking lovingly at Emily smiling in his arms, realized that it was already inserted due to the pleasant feeling in his groin. Emily, just like Shinji, had no disorder in her clothing, and while Shinji was confirming his lewd dream, he had inadvertently become er*ct, and Emily must have noticed and straddled him out of some sort of understanding.

 ”Weren’t you supposed to be watching?”

 ”I’m fine because I’m properly on guard. I just couldn’t help it because Shinji got big.”

 ”Well, it was like I was having a lewd dream, so it’s natural to react.”

 Without paying any mind to Shinji sighing as he confirmed that it was indeed as he had imagined, Emily rubbed her head against his chest. On the other hand, Shinji gently touches her sweet-smelling blonde hair, which made her v*gina feel tight.

 Emily’s petite v*gina feels comfortable just by having his groin inside. Even though she’s not moving, it feels like her wriggling v*gina is trying to squeeze out his sp*rm.

 Now, Emily wears a happy expression as she feels connected to the man she loves, without any barriers. Even after he revealed his true nature and left her a crest, her devotion remains unwavering, without a shadow of doubt.

 ”Are you not going to move?”

 ”Well, I might actually want to move, Shinji~♡ And you must want to feel relieved soon, right?”

 ”Well, yes. But is it okay?”

 The reason Shinji got er*ct was because he was confirming his memories with Spirit (Flair) and the others, not Emily. But then, it is not normal for a girl to be excited and pleased by being penetrated by someone else’s arousal. However, when she was carved with lewd crest, it was a trivial matter for her to delight in becoming Shinji’s possession.

 ”It’s okay. I belong to Shinji. I’d rather have you thrust a lot~♡”

 ”If that’s the case, then I won’t hesitate.”


 While holding Emily, Shinji pushes her down onto the tatami mats. Overwhelming the petite girl, he lightly presses his weight down, causing Emily to let out a slightly strained breath from her mouth.

 In contrast to such a bodily response, she wears a careless smile, hugging him tightly and pressing her slight swell against him, but there is no response from Shinji.

 So, without hesitation, she increases the v*gina pressure, and the thick p*nis inside starts to react. Shinji then buries his face in Emily’s neck as she accepts his movements with her legs open.

 Now, while savoring the sweet scent unique to women, Shinji moves his hips. Having revisited s*xual acts with three spirit beings in his erotic dream, he feels that Emily’s prowess surpasses theirs. He realizes once again that she is not only a genius in combat, but also has a high sense of s*x.

 ”How? Does it feel good? Shinji’s exclusive p**sy~♡”

 ”Oh yeah, very much so. Did you ask Freri about practice methods again?”

 As Shinji felt the sensation fitting perfectly, he pictured the face of Emily, who was close to Freri. It reminded him of the time she asked about the technique for giving a blowjob.

 ”Yeah~♡ ah~♡ Shinji, you’re busy, so I can’t have much s*x~♡ ah~♡ In the meantime, I’ve been training with Freri~♡ ah~♡ during that time~♡ ha, ah~♡”

 ”Training… what did you do?”

 ”Well, in my dreams, I practiced with Shinji, you know~♡ ha, mm~♡ hehe, I’ve already learned about Shinji’s p**is with my body~♡”

 With Emily’s talent and Freri, who always has the latest information about Shinji’s p*nis, it seems possible to turn her into a succubus-like masterpiece. However, even if it’s in a dream, the practice to train up to this level of mastery is not easy.

 In the dream, while the body rests, the spirit/mental becomes exhausted. Shinji, who often uses lewd dreams for mischief, knows that the strong spirit fatigue affects the body and lowers its condition. It has a significant impact on Emily, who wields weapons in front of enemies.

 As he moves his hips in sync with the strokes, her devoted dedication to get his sp*rm makes him involuntarily smile wryly.

 ”You don’t have to go this far.”

 ”I’m doing it because I want to~♡ I’m doing it for you~♡”

 Shinji has no guilt in corrupting her into his casual partner at this point. However, he can’t help but feel puzzled by the fact that she has been unchanged by her heavy love and that it has only deepened, considering the sense of using her until now.

 (Shinji’s bewildered face, so cute~♡)

 Emily is very fond of the current environment. If she hadn’t been corrupted by Shinji, she would have lived as an adventurer. She can expect high combat abilities alone and spend her days fighting powerful monsters in various places, enjoying gourmet meals with the resources she gains.

 But reflecting on the unchanging, harmonious life of an adventurer, she must have grown tired of it in about a year. In reality, she had become weary of the adventurer life in the desert town with the purpose of ambushing Shinji.

 But it’s different since reuniting with Shinji. She has encountered unforeseen situations, like taking Alvin as her disciple, serving in the home of a noble disciple, assisting the apostle of the goddess, and even traveling to another world.

 Emily prefers a tumultuous life to tranquility. Surely, there are unpredictable events awaiting in the future. Thinking this way, she couldn’t imagine leaving Shinji’s side.

 (He does take good care of me after all~♡)

 If Shinji were a heartless tyrant who showed no consideration for others and used his subordinates, things would be different. But he doesn’t forget to show consideration not only to his collaborators but also to his subordinates. There’s fulfillment in serving him.

 For this reason, Emily’s fondness for Shinji has not diminished, and within her, it’s almost certain that she’s determined to bear Shinji’s child someday.

 ”I’m about to c*m…”

 ”Yeah~♡ Yeah, come~♡ Give it to me~♡ Shinji~♡”


 As if it were a rehearsal for the day she would conceive, her stomach tightened strongly to extract his sp*rm as Shinji mercilessly spurt out inside her. Emily was overwhelmed by Shinji’s continuous sp*rm eja***ion, reaching a deep climax.

 Recreating the experience, he spits out a lot of sp*rm into her v*gina without leaving any behind, and a satisfied sigh escaped from Shinji’s lips. Despite being treated like a s*x toy, Emily wrapped her legs around his waist and didn’t let go until the act was over. The overflow of sp*rm that didn’t fit inside her v*gina dirtied the tatami mats.

 ”…Mmm, that was amazing…♡ So much from Shinji…♡”

 ”It felt good. Thank you, Emily.”

 ”Hehe~♡ If you feel like it again, just tell me, Shinji~♡ We can even do it right now if you want~♡”

 Emily, with an unusually alluring smile, looks wistful. Shinji wants to say “Let’s do it again,” but the sun is already high in the sky. He feels a twinge of regret, but he has a promise with Tsubaki.

 ”I’m going to meet Tsubaki now, so let’s do it again next time. Emily, I’ll ask for your protection too.”

 ”Mm, got it. Let’s do it again, Shinji~♡”

 With a light kiss, Emily separates herself from Shinji’s embrace.

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