Wizard 573

Chapter 573 The Sole Princess Who Fell Into Evil

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 Shinji, who had tidied up his clothes, went to the castle with Emily. The gazes directed at them as they walked down the corridor had changed greatly overnight, becoming warm and favorable.

 The story of Shinji and his companions being guests of Tsubaki, and their significant contributions in saving the country from crisis castle, had spread throughout the castle, reaching not only the military officers but also the soldiers and bureaucrats. With the title of the country’s benefactor, Shinji felt a sense of unease in the kind gazes directed at him, but he continued walking without changing his expression.

 When they were led with a smile by the guard standing in front of the guest room, Tsubaki and her usual maid were waiting for Shinji inside. Although he had arrived slightly earlier than the promised time and apologized for making them wait, Tsubaki welcomed him with a smile.

 ”I just happened to come early. Please sit down without worry, Shinji.”

 ”Thank you very much, Princess.”

 Shinji sat across from Tsubaki, while his escort Emily stood in the corner of the room. As the maid started preparing tea, Tsubaki began to speak.

 ”First and foremost, let me express my gratitude. Thanks to Shinji’s assistance, we were able to achieve victory in Tenshou Country. Thank you very much. Ideally, I should express my gratitude on behalf of the lord, but…”

 ”It is sufficient to hear the princess’ words. I understand that the lord is busy.”

 ”I’m glad you say that. My father has been reviewing the battle results all night and rested in the morning. I cannot disclose the details until they are made public, but…”

 ”Of course. As a person from another country, I appreciate princess’ consideration alone.”

 The maid breathed a sigh of relief, observing their pleasant conversation. She had suspected that Tsubaki secretly had feelings for Shinji. She had worried that Tsubaki’s infatuation might cause her to speak indiscreetly. In fact, she had been prepared to interject, even if it meant being disrespectful, but she didn’t sense any such inclination from Tsubaki.

 And even though she held a position of serving, she had heard that Tsubaki’s engagement with Kuroumaru was almost confirmed. While she felt sorry for Tsubaki’s unrequited love, she also took pride in serving someone who understood the position of being a daughter of one of the remaining lords in this country, where freedom was limited.

 Normally, it was not allowed for a princess who had a confirmed engagement to meet someone she had a crush on. The reason she was still allowed to meet with him was because Shinji, who played a crucial role in saving the country, was considered an important person from another country and a well-mannered individual. Only the maid understood the princess’s feelings and had not reported it to the lord.

 (All I can do is watch over her and listen to Shinji-dono as I have limited time left.)

 The kind-hearted maid, who had served Tsubaki since childhood, served them tea and stood by the wall. They moved from casual conversation to their usual practice of magic, and the maid had a gentle smile as she saw Tsubaki’s joyful expression.

 She doesn’t know that she’s completely fooled by watching the superficial interaction between Shinji and Tsubaki.

 Tsubaki, who decided to mix her desires into the righteousness, started sharing information with Shinji more than ever before in order to scheme with him. Naturally, she uses telepathy to convey the contents of the battle report that she couldn’t say out loud to Shinji behind the scenes.

 ’Ah, I see. As expected, Kuroumaru is the top contributor, and the position of the country lord is almost confirmed. Is Tsubaki’s husband-to-be confirmed to be him?’

 ’It seems that taking down the lord of Tenshou Country as expected was a big deal. There was no significant achievement under Garoumaru, and his reputation among the military officials has greatly declined.’

 ’If people’s hearts drift away, there’s nothing he can do. If the attack had failed and caused great chaos, it would have been different, but now it seems like the impression of a coward who avoided danger.’

 ’Oh, you’re well informed.’

 ’I’m also gathering rumors inside the castle.’

 ’As expected of Shinji. You don’t miss anything…♡’

 Tsubaki, who has become accustomed to exchanging thoughts, easily conducts secretive conversations while practicing magic. She practices with a serious expression, but in her thoughts, there is a sweetness that can be seen as a faint smile to Shinji, with whom she exchanges thoughts.

 Unaware that the person she had s*x previously with is a Duplicate (Copy), Tsubaki has decided to give birth to Shinji’s child during last night’s affair. She has chosen to bear the secret of deceiving her father, husband, and retainers, and to give birth to the beloved boy, even to the grave.

 Determined and without hesitation, Tsubaki’s strength of heart, polished as a princess, will only be used to do everything it takes to achieve her goal.

 ’We have obtained results beyond the assumption of overthrowing the royal family and have decided to have another battle to recapture the fortress and regain our homeland. Kuroumaru will be the supreme commander of that battle, and the achievement of reclaiming our territory will also secure the position of the future ruler.’

 ’It is certain that Tenshou Country will fall into chaos. The chain of command will become a mess, and if a civil war breaks out, they will lose soldiers and fortresses. If we are up against a weakened Tenshou Country, we will most likely not lose.’

 ’I share the same opinion. After the war, we have been told to hold a wedding ceremony immediately and exchange vows as a married couple. As the only one who carries the blood of the ruler, I have been expected to have an heir.’

 ’Please rest assured that you will bear sons who resemble both of you. If you desire, I can bear as many as you want.’

 ’…I’m so happy♡ I have also been wanting a girl, not just a boy…♡’

 In order to check on his foster father’s condition and to procure the items that Shizuku desires, it is too easy for Shinji, who often comes to Soukai Country, to sneak into Tsubaki’s bedroom. And for Tsubaki, who desires multiple children to ensure the continuation of the bloodline, the assurance of surrogacy for the second child and beyond was nothing but a joy.

 From the perspective of a third party, Tsubaki has fallen into the role of a pure villainess. If Kuroumaru, who is to become her husband, were to know everything, he would surely commit suicide. However, in this country, there is no one more knowledgeable in magic than Shinji and Tsubaki, and as long as they keep it thoroughly concealed, it is unlikely to be exposed.

 Tsubaki intends to play the role of a devoted wife to her husband. This is to prevent turmoil in the country and to eventually pass on the seat of the ruler to her child. As long as Kuroumaru remains unaware of the truth, he will likely believe that he is living a happy and successful life.

 ”Indeed, the princess has good instincts. Let’s try a slightly more challenging practice.”

 ”I’m glad. Please, by all means, go ahead, Shinji.”

 While having a fun and light conversation, they secretly coordinated their future plans.

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