Wizard 574

Chapter 574 A Step Towards Destruction

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 ”You bastard! You bastarddd!!”

 In a room of the Garoumaru Mansion, Garoumaru was greatly agitated. He had been displaying a vase he received as tribute from a merchant, but now it lay shattered. He flipped over his desk, but his frustration only grew, and he stomped his feet in anger.

 (This…this can’t be happening!)

 He was the leading candidate to become the next lord, with connections in various places. Garoumaru, who had ties to Iwao’s close aides, had obtained information that “Kuroumaru is almost confirmed to be the next lord,” information that should not have been known until it was officially announced. This was the cause of his agitation.

 Of course, he understood the drawbacks of not participating in the strategy. However, he stubbornly rejected his subordinates’ advice because he knew about the existence of Human God (Hitogami), which not only involved the difference in national power but also secrets.

 Tenshou Country, supported by a supernatural being called a god, has no chance of losing to Soukai Country, even if a few foreigners support them.

 Normally. If Shinji wasn’t a apostle of the goddess, if he wasn’t a wizard with the ability to traverse the world, then Garoumaru’s plot might have succeeded, and he could have seized the throne.

 (Those foreign people are so annoying!)

 Although Kuroumaru’s defeat of the leader of Tenshou Country is highly praised, Garoumaru was convinced that Shinji and the others were the key to the successful attack. Even if he hasn’t been to the actual place, he wouldn’t be able to resist Hitogami with just a few good weapons.

 However, Iwao has already decided to make Kuroumaru the next lord, and Garoumaru has no proper way to overturn that.

 (I have to eliminate him directly now! Even if people get suspicious, it won’t matter as long as I don’t leave any evidence!)

 Right now, only Garoumaru benefits from Kuroumaru’s death. He will definitely be suspected, but if he doesn’t take any action against Kuroumaru, his future will be bleak. Proud Garoumaru cannot accept being demoted now.

 Even if he succeed in eliminating him, the position of lord will not go to Garoumaru. He knows that the military officials have a very bad impression of him. However, if a trusted person becomes the lord, he can maintain his position. He thought he could serve as a high official rather than the head of the military.

 (If I can’t get it through legitimate means, I’ll have to force it…)

 Tsubaki’s presence is just as valuable as the position of lord. She has glossy long black hair, and Garoumaru doesn’t know any woman with a more perfect face than hers. She looks beautiful in her kimono, even with her less curvy figure, and is worthy of being called a princess. In reality, she hides her big chest with padding, but he doesn’t know that and thinks Tsubaki has the ideal figure.

 So, he’s not going to give up on her. If he can make her smell the medicine and force a relationship, he’ll be able to threaten her. Thinking that Tsubaki, who symbolizes the ideal image of a modest and obedient woman in this country, would become unable to resist him.

 …However, Garoumaru doesn’t understand Tsubaki’s true nature, that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for the country, and that she made the decision to be involved with Shinji even before falling in love.

 Even if Garoumaru’s plan succeeds, Tsubaki would choose to condemn Garoumaru, even at the cost of herself, rather than keep quiet about her own cuteness and leave the stage.

 Therefore, his fantasy of being a “high-ranking official who manipulates the country and the princess from behind the scenes” is nothing more than an unreal illusion. Garoumaru, unaware of this, will continue to walk towards further destruction.

 ”Hey, it’s work.”

 When he says this in a room that is supposed to be empty except for Garomaru, the ceiling boards shift and someone silently appears. The person wearing a black ninja outfit is a ninja who takes care of shady jobs.

 Ninjas take on jobs that can never be publicly spoken of in exchange for large amounts of money. They are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission, which is why they are entrusted with tasks that honorable and proud warriors cannot handle. But at the same time, those who follow the righteous path like Iwao and Kuroumaru won’t associate with those who use dirty tactics so easily.

 If it were to be discovered that Garoumaru had asked ninjas for a job, it would not end well for him. Being dismissed from his position would be the least of his worries. It wouldn’t be surprising if he were to be demanded to die. However, Garoumaru had always relied heavily on ninjas. He had succeeded in his secret dealings with Tenshou Country by hiring ninjas, so they had become indispensable to him.

 ”No matter the means. Kill Kuroumaru.”

 Garomaru threw a small package, and it fell onto the tatami floor, making a heavy metallic sound. Without even checking its contents, the ninja swiftly picked it up and disappeared into the ceiling with agile movements.

 Garoumaru, with a dark smile, is sure that the death of Kuroumaru who moved a ninja, is inevitable. If there’s a chance, the assassination will succeed because Kuroumaru is not familiar with the dark side of being a ninja. It’s obvious that even if an amateur is somewhat cautious, it’s unlikely to escape from the ninja’s evil hands.

 ”I would have liked to take him down with my own hands… but there’s no other way.”

 If Kuroumaru isn’t here, there shouldn’t be any rivals. If Kuroumaru isn’t here, the foreigner (Shinji) won’t help. If Kuroumaru isn’t here, the royal family of Tenshou Country cannot be defeated. If Kuroumaru isn’t here, Garoumaru delusionally believes that Tsubaki would have been his.

 Blaming Kuroumaru for everything, the oblivious Garoumaru doesn’t realize that he’s being watched. The little eyes peeking through the window and the beautiful flowers in the room convey everything to their respective owners, but he can’t notice.

 Inexperienced and unaware, Garoumaru laughed at the idea of danger lurking in the shadows. Shinji and Tsubaki, upon learning about the existence of ninjas, immediately start planning countermeasures. Unaware of this, Garoumaru confidently goes out, while preparing for Kuroumaru’s assassination.

 Unbeknownst to the foolish ones who didn’t realize that everything was under Shinji’s control, they were steadily heading towards their own downfall.

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