Wizard 575

Chapter 575 Stopping The Assassination And The Final Push

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 After interrupting his magic practice with Tsubaki, Shinji returned to a separate room. Seeing her face turn pale upon learning about the existence of ninjas, he told her to come up with a strategy using telepathy. He immediately sent a message to Sylphy to increase her vigilance and secretly guard Kuroumaru.

 Shinji didn’t know much about ninjas. However, while observing their appearance and agile movements, he suspected that they might be similar to assassins from his previous world.

 But soon, he realized that his understanding was naive. As Tsubaki used telepathy to explain the ruthlessness of the ninjas, one particular story shocked Shinji.

 It involved a ninja who had no hesitation in involving innocent people, including family members and servants, in their assassination mission. Over twenty people lost their lives when the ninja poisoned the well, which was the source of water for their house.

 Shinji realized that even an act like assassination shows the differences in the value of life. He warned Sylphy to be cautious not only of Kuroumaru himself but also of those around him.

 As a result, it worked.

 Sylphy, being a powerful spirit of the wind, could sense people’s presence very keenly. Following Shinji’s instructions, the surveillance around Kuroumaru’s mansion was expanded, and they succeeded in capturing a ninja disguised as a fishmonger.

 ’You said their means don’t matter.’

 ’Yes, but I never thought they would choose such a method.’

 The ninja, pretending to offer fish cleaning services, smoothly entered the water area and then, after finishing, asked to use the restroom as an excuse to leave and approached the only well in the mansion.

 Just before the ninja could drop the poison into the well, Sylphy used the wind to restrain them. Without any chance to resist, the ninja’s consciousness was instantly taken away by magic and they were left lying on the ground. Later, when the suspicious servant found them collapsed with the poison, the ninja became a captive.

 ’Choosing poison over fighting seems less risky, I guess. From Garoumaru’s point of view, anyone close to Kuroumaru is a nuisance, so maybe it also means getting rid of them all.’

 ’I think it would have been dangerous without Shinji-san’s warning. That man’s movements were just like a fishmonger. He moved quickly from the water source to the well, and if we hadn’t been careful, there was a good chance poison could have been thrown into the well without us knowing… I’m sorry.’

 ’Honestly, I also had a different understanding, so it’s mutual. I may have let my guard down a little after finding my foster father… I might have been complacent without realizing it.’

 While comforting the disheartened Sylphy, Shinji expresses gratitude to Tsubaki. Losing Kuroumaru now would not make it easy to adjust the plan. Unlike Garoumaru’s side, there is no one else on Kuroumaru’s side who could become a potential son-in-law besides him.

 Since he gathers support from lower-ranking individuals, there is inevitably a difference in talent. However, once he takes the position of the ruler, this problem can be resolved by the neutral faction that follows Tsubaki.

 ’Shinji-san. As expected, he committed suicide in the prison cell. …Is that a good thing?’

 ’This time, there was no other choice. We couldn’t abduct him because he was recognized as a fishmonger by the servants.’

 Sylphy watched as Kuroumaru’s mansion became chaotic after the prison guard discovered that the captive had died. She could have stopped the awakened ninja from biting his tongue and committing suicide, but ultimately, if Kuroumaru’s subordinates were to interrogate him, the outcome would be the same. Since she couldn’t intervene when they were watching, Sylphy didn’t have a way to stop the suicide.

 ’If the first one failed, the next one should come. I heard from Tsubaki that there is a hidden village for ninjas. If we capture them without Kuroumaru’s notice, we can find out their location and negotiate. Sylphy, please remain vigilant until the request is withdrawn.’

 ’Yes, understood.’

 ’I will pay the reward once the ninja matter is settled.’

 ’Hehe, I look forward to it ♡’

 The ninjas, who unknowingly became enemies of the Goddess’s apostles and high-ranking spirits, lost their only chance to win. There was no way for them to slip past Sylphy’s watchful eyes, and the ninja who appeared in the middle of the night to set the mansion on fire was easily captured by her.

 Even ninjas who were stronger than ordinary people couldn’t resist the succubus’s seductive magic. Not only were they forced to reveal all their information through Freri’s erotic dreams, but they also fell under the control of her unforgiving hypnotic magic.

 From that point on, it became a completely one-sided game.

 During the late hours, Shinji, Freri, and Sylphy visited the ninja village. While Sylphy remained cautious, Freri trapped all the villagers in erotic dreams, leaving only the village leader. Shinji engaged in conversation with the village leader.

 The village, which had never allowed intruders before, was quickly overwhelmed. The village leader, unable to put up any resistance, could only look up at the man (Shinji) standing in front of him and show his submission, realizing the difference in power.

 He had a feeling of wanting to overcome a certain situation, but Shinji’s hypnotic magic completely suppresses any resistance. Shinji also doesn’t show any mercy to the ninjas, who are complete strangers to him. Despite their personal relationships and reasons, the ninjas were ordered to withdraw their involvement with Garoumaru and never have any contact with him again. Shinji and the others leave the village, leaving the ninjas behind.

 In just one day, Shinji prevented Garoumaru’s plan from succeeding. Tsubaki becomes even more impressed with his skills, while Garoumaru, unaware of the ninjas’ defeat, grows more hateful as Kuroumaru remains unharmed.

 However, Garoumaru doesn’t have any hidden cards beyond being a ninja, and now that he can’t communicate with them, there’s nothing he can do.

 As time passes, an incident occurs at the fortress of Tenshou Country, just as Soukai Country had been waiting for.

 Iwao watched as soldiers poured out of the fortress, carefully monitoring their movements. He seized the opportunity and gave Kuroumaru the order to reclaim the stronghold. Leaving behind the soldiers loyal to Garoumaru, he led his fellow comrades and the neutral faction who recognized him. They set off, determined to recapture the fortress without delay, despite the weakened state of Tenshou Country. And they succeeded, effortlessly reclaiming the stronghold.

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