Wizard 582

Chapter 582 Renka And Baby-Making Adventures, Part One

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 After completing a big job in Soukai Country and finding his foster father, Shinji achieved his goal. While there are still tasks to do like maintaining his relationship with Tsubaki, delivering weapons, and giving rewards to Shizuku and others, he no longer needs to commute back and forth like before, so he can now stay home at night.

 ”Good job on your duties as an apostle. I’m glad Shinji didn’t get hurt.”

 ”Thank you. I can’t talk about what I was doing, but the issue is resolved, so I should be fine for a while… unless there’s an emergency.”

 ”Stop it… if you say that, something might really happen.”

 ”Haha, you’re right.”

 After finishing his work at the Wolf family, Shinji relaxes in his room and apologizes with a smile to Renka, who pouts. While Renka is proud of her husband to be relied upon by the goddess, she finds it complicated to have their precious time as a couple taken away at night.

 The journey to find his foster parents is not the work of a goddess’s apostle. It was just an excuse until they were found, but since his foster father he found was sealed and couldn’t be met, Shinji decided to keep the truth to himself.

 Everyone involved in the journey had been sworn to secrecy, with no other parties involved, so there was no way it would be exposed due to the importance of crossing the world.

 ”So, today about Mil…”

 ”Yeah, and then?”

 ”——Well, you see, I thought Al had changed completely.”

 ”Haha, well, let’s rely on Christina-san’s support.”

 The two slowly conversed over drinks. Renka talked about what happened during work, and Shinji listened while expanding the conversation. After a while of peaceful time passing, when they reached a natural break in the conversation, the two moved to the bed and slept together.

 Renka, dressed casually in a camisole and shorts, leans against Shinji, resting her head on his shoulder. She receives his hand, which gently strokes her fragrant hair, with a sense of comfort and says,

 ”Do it more.”

 ”Oh… Is something wrong?”

 ”Mmm… I really want Shinji’s baby soon. It didn’t work out last month either. I know that having a child is a gift, but…”

 Since Renka and Milis lifted the ban on baby-making, they have started trying to conceive. In addition to maintaining a regular lifestyle – eating three meals a day, avoiding picky eating, doing moderate exercise, ensuring an adequate amount of sleep at night, and more, they have been actively trying to conceive during what they believe to be the most fertile times.

 Although Shinji feels guilty about it, since he decided to go looking for his foster father, the two of them had been contracepted by Shinji, so they hadn’t become pregnant until today. However, now that Milis had made a reservation to conceive, and Shinji had obtained the magic necessary to give birth to a child, there was no reason to stop anymore.

 ”Let’s take it slow. …Today too, okay?”

 ”Mmm…♡ Pour lots of your sperm on me today too…♡”

 ”With Renka, I can do it as many times as I want.”

 ”I know. Mmm~♡”

 While exchanging kisses, Shinji moves and covers Renka. The breasts he touches through her camisole are soft, without a bra. Knowing she wanted to conceive from the start, he enjoys them with both hands without reservation.

 ”Mmm, ahh~♡ Oh, mmm~♡ You keep touching my breasts… I’ll return the favor~♡”

 The nipples harden visibly through the thin camisole, and as Shinji kisses her neck, he fondles her sensitive areas. Renka also touches his hard penis through his pants and begins to stroke it with both hands.

 From the tip of the manly and sturdy penis, pre-cum overflows and is teased with fingertips before being extended to the rod. At the same time, she caresses the sensitive glans. Having been physically intimate since they started their relationship, her handjob is pleasurable and precise, quickly making him fully erect. Shinji’s excitement is clearly felt by Renka.

 Moreover, the situation of finally impregnating Renka heightens his excitement, causing his testicles to swell. While he could impregnate her as soon as she start trying to conceive, he has to endure the situation to fulfill Renka and Milis wish of ‘raising a child together’. It’s a situation he brought upon himself by planning for surrogacy in the first place.

 To Renka, who is unaware of this, it seems like he desperately wants to impregnate her. Thinking that her beloved husband desires a child so much, her uterus heats up, and she unknowingly starts preparing to conceive.

 ”Mwah, haa~♡ I want it… Please, Shinji…♡”

 Even without any fingering, Renka realized she was getting wet. Blushing with embarrassment, she slowly lowered her shorts and panties together. Shinji, who had discarded his pants and underwear, spread her legs and slowly inserted his penis.

 ”Ohh, haah…♡ It’s bigger than usual…♡ Ahh…♡”

 Knowing only Shinji, Renka felt Shinji’s penis being inserted deeply. The inside of her vagina, which melted with just chest caresses, felt comfortable, and Shinji felt a sense of relief more than anyone else, exhaling as if unable to endure.

 And Renka was enveloped in a greater sense of happiness than him, wrapping her arms and legs around Shinji, pulling him close. Breasts pressed against his body, they locked eyes at close range and kissed. Even his weight felt comfortable, and she wanted to be closer, so she put more strength into her legs, intensifying the pleasure with the pressure from his hips and his penis.

 (I understand…♡ Shinji’s… reaching the baby’s room…♡ Ahh, happiness…♡)

 She doesn’t feel any discomfort from being inserted, all she feels is a sense of security. It feels like being connected is just a natural thing, like their genitals fitting perfectly together.

 Despite the fact that he is in a position that seems to be holding her down, Renka feels like he is determined to impregnate her. In fact, Renka feels a gentle embrace, leaning back deeply on the bed, closing her eyelids, and completely devoting herself to the kiss.

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