Wizard 583

Chapter 583 Renka And Baby-Making Adventures, Part Two

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 Lips locked together, the slow thrusting began. Renka’s stomach, full of intentions to conceive, tightened as Shinji’s gentle and skillful movements filled her with a sense of bliss and happiness, transforming her eyes into a dreamy state.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Mwah, Ah~♡ Fa~♡”

 As they intertwined their tongues, Renka noticed the difference in his movements. The gentle thrusting deep inside her stomach felt softer than usual. It seemed like Shinji was cherishing the womb that would nurture their child, making her feel his “kindness.”

 (He could be a bit more forceful. I wonder if Shinji is thinking about how to make a baby easier…)

 Remembering jinxed about conception, like not being too rough during intercourse or that climaxing together increases the chances of conception, Renka smiled to herself.

 Seeing Shinji, who never missed out on researching magic or backing up their adventures, dabbling in such unconfirmed jinxed made her unable to contain her gentle smile.

 ”What’s so funny all of a sudden?”

 ”Hehe, oh, nothing? It’s just surprising to see you believe in jinxed.”

 ”I don’t believe in them, but why not give it a try? Besides, you told me about it, Renka.”

 ”Well, if you believe it, why not just say so?”

 ”Even if I say that, it wouldn’t be convincing, and you wouldn’t believe me, right?”

 ”Well… that’s true.”

 Renka, looking up at Shinji as they continued their movements without interrupting their conversation, nodded in agreement with a sense of understanding. Although Shinji was conscious of his words, he felt like teasing her back and changed the angle of his thrusts to target her weak spots.

 ”Ah~♡ Hey, Shinji, you said it yourself, ah~♡”

 ”I just changed my mind, but what you said doesn’t matter, Renka.”

 ”You’re such a stubborn one, ah~♡”

 Renka laughed as she plays around with Shinji, who told obvious lies. To anyone watching, they were just a silly couple fooling around, and their passion from before marriage remained unchanged.

 Shinji, who appeared reliable but showed his vulnerable side to those he trusted, never forgot to show care even after marriage. He remained diligent, remembering the little things Renka shared. Apart from the lack of time at night due to his duties as an apostle of the goddess, Shinji had no major complaints. His desire for a child with Renka only grew stronger.

 Moreover, deciding to lead a life that combined the best of humans and succubus, Shinji also wanted a child with her. Having been abandoned by his biological parents and raised by a demon couple, he was unfamiliar with the concept of a normal married life.

 So, first and foremost, he wanted to fulfill Renka’s wishes. To realize their life plan of raising a child together with Milis, they engaged in the baby-making sex.

 ”Ha, ha~♡ Ah, ha~♡ Shinji, just like that…♡”

 ”I’m about to finish too.”

 ”Ah~♡ Please, release it inside me, give me a lot… Ah~♡ Especially deep inside… Please, ah~♡”

 Renka’s hips bounced as Shinji pressed down from above. The quiet but deep climax sent waves of bliss through her body, and the sensation of his warm sperm inside her stomach filled her with unparalleled happiness.

 (Oh, amazing~♡ It’s filling me up so much…♡)

 Spurt! Spurtt! Spurttt! A large amount of sperm is poured into her womb. Embracing Shinji’s back, Renka immersed in the ultimate climax sensation that will definitely impregnate a woman. They shared body heat until the warmth settled.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah, mwah, Ah~♡ Mwah~♡”

 Not only did they share body heat, but they also exchanged saliva, sealing their intimacy with a deep kiss. They remained still until the movements of Renka’s stomach, trying to extract every last drop of her beloved husband’s sperm, subsided.

 Conception through erotic magic was certain. Finally, Renka was carrying Shinji’s child. In the midst of her climax, she couldn’t sense the erotic magic, nor did she know how to do so. However, her woman’s intuition whispered to her that she had conceived his child.

 ”Ah…♡ Maybe this time, it worked…♡”

 ”I hope so.”

 ”Yeah~♡ Ah…♡”

 When Shinji pull out his penis, the overflowing seed drips onto the sheets. Normally, Renka would feel that it’s enough to pour out the excess, but Renka, who strokes my uterus, seems to be filled to the depths of her heart, so the sexual impulse subsides, and she felt like she wanted to surrender to a pleasant sense of lethargy.

 ”Shinji, give me a hug.”

 ”Hmm, are you going to sleep already?”

 ”Yes. It’s warm… mmm…”

 Sensing her feelings, Shinji lies down next to her without seeking more. Both of them lie under the blanket naked, and as Renka snuggles closer, Shinji wraps an arm around her back and she nuzzles her head against him.

 ”I hope Mil gets pregnant too…”

 Renka, who is already starting to doze off, murmurs softly. To keep the sleepiness at bay, Shinji strokes her hair gently and listens quietly.

 ”We should have children around the same time. And then… Al and Shinji… raising the baby together. Al and Shinji, I know you both have busy jobs, but… we can all discuss it together…”

 Shinji had heard Renka talk about this before. It’s a vision of happiness not only for her but also for Milis and Alvin. Now that Alvin has become a noble, it seems unlikely that everything will come true.

 The child to be born will need a proper education to become a worthy heir to the Wolf family. Noblewomen often hire wet nurses and teachers, and may not be deeply involved in childcare.

 Above all, Alvin and Milis are nobles now, but Shinji and Renka are commoners. They haven’t changed their attitudes because they have their consent, but it’s clear that it won’t be good in the future if they don’t pay attention to the class difference between the children.

 Shinji doesn’t know how much of this vision will come true, but he is determined to make every effort to fulfill it. The first step for that is undoubtedly to impregnate Milis.

 For the happiness of both humans and the offspring of succubus, Shinji has been determined to navigate since he was advised by Freri a long time ago.

 ”I’m sure we can raise the child together…”

 ”Yeah… zzz…”

 Feeling relieved by Shinji’s gentle voice, Renka falls asleep.

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