Wizard 584

Chapter 584 Impregnating Milis, Part I

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 The day after impregnating Renka. Shinji was working as a treasurer in the Wolf mansion’s vault room as usual. Since he had finished his double life of going back and forth between the Wolf mansion and Soukai Country, he had completely regained his spiritual composure. Thanks to that, work progressed smoothly from the morning, and by early afternoon, the end of today’s work was in sight.

 ”Hey, Shinji-san, how does this feel?”

 ”Oh… it’s amazing. It feels really good.”

 ”I’m glad… your favorite paizuri, Shinji-san. I’ll keep going~♡”

 So Shinji summoned Milis with a telepathy and had her serve him. Dressed in the familiar mansion’s day dress, she kneeled at his feet on the sofa, unfastened her shoulder straps, and exposed her proud, large breasts, sandwiching Shinji’s penis between them and shaking it up and down.

 While licking the pre-cum from the glans that peeked out from her cleavage, she rubbed the shaft, which had become smooth with saliva, with her breast meat, providing a more intense service than usual.

 When Milis engages in an affair with Shinji, it is mostly at her instigation. This is because, due to his relationship with many women and his enslavement to sex, many women who want to be with Shinji have to take the initiative themselves, or they may be put off.

 That’s why it had been a long time since Shinji had made an invitation. Milis, who had completely fallen for it, joyfully visited the vault room and devoted herself to paizuri service.

 ”Ah… You’re getting excited…♡ Shinji-san, should I let it out like this?”

 ”Let’s do it. I’ll release it inside your breasts…”

 ”Yes~♡ I’ll catch it with my breasts~♡ Ahh, ahh~♡ Haa~♡”

 The movement of rubbing the glans with soft breast meat is to make the man release his semen while catching it in her cleavage. Watching the breasts twist lewdly as they receive the semen, Shinji couldn’t help but let out a sigh of ecstasy from his mouth.

 Milis received the massive amount of semen-like fluid being released, as if it were marking her, in the valley between her breasts. She felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from Shinji’s reaction, and her expectations for what was to come grew, making her vagina wet.

 When the ejaculation stopped, and she released her hands from her breasts, a white, cloudy thread was pulled, forming a bridge in the valley. She was startled by the indecent sight, and her tongue darted out to lick the penis, which was still erect, taking in the remaining semen. This was a thorough cleanup, just like the ones Shinji had taught her before. Because of the thought of finally impregnating her without her even needing to say anything, his penis stands up more than usual.

 ”Slurp… it’s clean now.”

 ”Thanks. You were really good this time too.”

 ”We’ve done this many times, so… after becoming like this with Shinji-san, I’ve been taught to do paizuri… Ahn~♡”

 ”Milis’s chest is too charming. So, it’ll recover right away, no matter how many times.”

 ”Hn… fu~♡… is it just my chest…? Naa~♡”

 Just doing paizuri was exciting her, and her nipples were getting hard. When he lightly teased them with his fingertips, sweet sounds came from Milis’s mouth. There was no sign of dislike in her upward gaze, and Shinji could sense her expectations. He smiled deeper, using his toes to lightly rub her vagina through her dress.

 ”Milis, you know without me saying it, right?”

 ”Yeah… but… a little more is okay, right? ♡”

 ”Save those sweet words for Alvin, okay? And…”

 As her vagina became wet and made lewd sounds, Shinji continued to caress her with his toes. It wasn’t long before her shorts became useless, overwhelmed by the overflowing love juices.

 Milis wasn’t saying she wanted love, but she had been having intercourse with both Alvin and Shinji, unsure whose child she would conceive, ever since the ban on making children was lifted.

 Her completely fallen body was in a state where it couldn’t resist Alvin’s love, yet it also desired Shinji’s child. She was torn between reason and instinct, caught in the flow, her body swaying back and forth.

 In reality, Milis had been avoiding pregnancy until today, thanks to Shinji. But he wouldn’t point it out. As he gazed down at Milis, who was squirming her body, he asked a question while strengthening the gentle caress on her feet.

 ”Are you prepared to conceive not just physically, but also mentally, and become mine? Wouldn’t that be a burden for you, Milis?”

 ”Yeah… umm…♡ ahh…♡ ohh…♡ fuu…♡ but I want Shinji-san’s penis… umm…♡”

 ”No contraception magic today either, but is that okay?”

 When the topic of contraception magic came up, Milis hesitated for a moment, but as her secret parts were pressed and her body’s sensitivity was recognized, her thoughts were suddenly occupied by her instincts. Her face, gazing at the erect penis in front of her, changed into a very lewd and helpless smile.

 ”Yes…♡ so, please…♡ give me Shinji-san’s penis…♡ umm… please put it in my… pussy…♡”

 ”Then, as you wish…”

 Shinji, who had been crouching, grasped Milis’s both sides and lightly lifted her up, placing her on top of him as he sat on the sofa. In the facing position, Milis placed her arms on Shinji’s shoulders, and he opened the fabric of her shorts under her dress to the left and right. He had noticed that she was wearing erotic underwear that couldn’t be removed since the tip of his finger touched her. As soon as the penis’s tip touched her vagina, Shinji grasped Milis’s waist and thrust it in all the way.

 ”Ahh…♡ haa…♡ ahh…♡ ~~~~♡♡”

 As soon as he inserted it, a breath of pleasure escaped from Milis’s mouth. It was clear to Shinji that she had reached orgasm from the way her stomach undulated. If he just wanted to get her pregnant, he could just release it inside her stomach now.

 (Today, I won’t be satisfied unless I enjoy it thoroughly.)

 Once pregnancy is confirmed, sex would be impossible. And since Alvin wouldn’t return until evening today, there was still time.

 Shinji intended to fully enjoy Milis, polished to be even more beautiful as the wife of the Wolf lord, and took off her dress from her motionless body.

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