Wizard 62

Chapter 62 Going to Kill Minato

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 It is the last day of the <Running Wolves> holiday, which was decided after the adventure.

 After repatriating Flair, Shinji slept until noon to regain his energy. With Flair corrupted, the planned countermeasure against Minato was all but over.

 (Maybe I’ll get it done today…)

 Shinji woke up in the early afternoon and called Emily and Freri. Shinji smiled at the two of them as they gathered.

 ”Thanks to you two, we’re all set. Let’s get this over with”

 ”Freri and I have also set up everything in the rental warehouse as you asked”


 ”Everything’s ready!” Freri gave a thumbs up. Shinji nodded once when he saw the gesture.

 ”Contact Lila. Lead <Fire-Breathing Dragon> to the warehouse”

 ”Oka-y ♡”


 Shinji and the three of them headed for the rental warehouse.

* * *

 Minato had been leading a self-absorbed life in his room.

 Lila came running into the room where Minato was. Minato frowns at the noise, but Lila doesn’t care and speaks up.

 ”Emily-san acted alone. She’s heading towards a rental warehouse on the outskirts of town”

 ”Out of town… that’s convenient. The fewer people there are, the less likely we are to make a scene… Okay, let’s go. Lead the way, Lila. Lili, Lilu, let’s go”

 ””I understand~♡””

 All Minato could think of was the image of being able to charm Emily and bring her home. It never occurred to her that Shinji was waiting for her.

* * *

 ”Is it here?”

 Minato and the others stopped in front of the door of the rental warehouse. Lila nodded in response to Minato’s question.

 ”What does she want with this place?”

 ”I don’t know… But I can feel the presence of people inside”

 Minato wondered why, but no reason came to mind. He opened the door cautiously and looked inside the warehouse.

 When he opened the door, he felt a sweet scent. It was not a single scent, but a pleasant mixture of various scents.

 The inside of the warehouse was a field of flowers. The ground of a typical warehouse is well-trodden soil. Minato thought that they had sown the seeds there and turned it into a flower garden.

 The reason was obvious. Minato came to the conclusion that Shinji had created it for Freri, the flower spirit.

 As if to confirm this, Emily and Freri were sitting in the middle of the flower garden, facing each other.

 (How convenient…! I’m going to make you both mine!)

 The three elves followed behind Minato, who opened the door and stepped into the flower garden. The three elves followed behind Minato, stumbling closer and closer to Emily and Freri. When he thought he was close enough, Minato stopped.

 ”Emily-chan! Freri-chan!”

 Minato shouted. The two of them reacted to Minato’s voice and turned to look at him. He stared into their eyes.

 (Kukuku, I did it!)

 ”Be my woman. I will love you!

 He declared loudly.

 But Emily and Freri did not respond to Minato’s voice. In addition, Minato felt a strange sense of unease. He was staring into the eyes of Emily and Freri, but he couldn’t see anything from the other side…

 It was a sudden event.

 The flower garden Minato and the others had stepped into. A large amount of ivy grew from under their feet.

 The numerous ivies wrapped around Minato’s legs, arms, throat, face, torso, and many other parts of his body, restraining him and tightening his hold on movement.

 Minato was completely unable to react to the complete surprise attack from his feet. It wasn’t just Minato. The ivy attacked the three sisters at the same time, Lila, Lili, and Lilu. None of them were able to avoid it.

 All of the members of <Fire-Breathing Dragon> had been restrained.

 ”What… What is this…?”

 ”I can’t use my magic…!? Minato-sama!!”

 Lili and Lilu desperately scratched the ivy, but the thick ivy did not budge. It was the same for Minato, the wizard. He scratched and scratched, but the ivy was not torn apart, and the magic did not work. He was completely confused.

 ”Why…, save me…! Freri! Emily! Why aren’t you moving!”

 ”Because neither of them is under the charm. You know that.”

 Shinji spoke to the screaming Minato. Look in the direction of the voice of Minato’s bloodshot eyes, and he will see Shinji brushing away the dust with his hands.

 ”You…! Where have you been!?”

 ”In the dirt. Now, let me tell you something.”

 There was a lot of dirt scattered around Shinji when he crawled out. He continued to talk as he walked over to Freri and Emily.

 ”The terrifying thing about the Charm Eyes is that they are impossible to detect in advance, despite the fact that one second of eye contact is all it takes. However, it is easy to counteract. For example, I can use the <Blindness> magic to take away your vision”

 ”Nonsense…!? With a magic like that…!?”

 Minato shakes his body in anger as Shinji takes care of Emily and Freri with his decoy. He has a misplaced anger that the woman he’s supposed to get is so familiar to him.

 ”Well, you’ve had your way with me, haven’t you? I’m going to make you regret that you ever tried to touch my girl. You’re messing with someone else’s girl. You wouldn’t complain if the same thing happened to you, would you?”

 ”What the…!! Lili and Lilu are my women!”

 ”What does it matter? I’m just going to do the same thing. Only in a different way”

 Shinji shrugged off Minato’s anger. But Minato understood that Shinji was serious. Minato scrambled to break the situation by using magic. It was only at this point that Minato realized that Shinji had counterattacked, and he was terrified.

 ”<Red Lotus>! <Fireball>! <Flame Pillar>! Why…!! Why!!!” (*Note: Red Lotus -> Guren)

 Of course, Lili and Lilu could hear their conversation. They tried to use their magic and get their blades out, but it didn’t work at all. Lila didn’t move or resist at all, but Minato, Lili and Lilu were too occupied with themselves to even notice.

 There’s a reason why Minato and the other three can’t use magic.

 The sweet scent that Freri was spreading is called a sealing fragrance magic, and it temporarily blocks the activation of magic on the target who smells it. It has no effect unless a large amount of it is inhaled, but it did have an effect on Minato and others who entered the warehouse carelessly.

 It is not necessary to tell them, so Shinji did not say anything.

 However, it just to seal a new magic which will be activated. It can’t block magic that is always active. For example, communicating with spirits is possible through contract magic, which is always connected.

 ”Help me!! Flair!!”

 In response to Minato’s impatient voice, a crimson magic circle unfolded next to him. He was able to call Flair safely, and he smiled fearlessly.

 When the magic circle disappears, a beautiful brown-skinned woman in a crimson dress, Flair, the fire spirit, appears.

 ”Haha! The tables are turned!! Flair! Do it!! Kill that man!!”

 Minato’s face is very ugly as he shouts while spitting all over the place. Shinji was looking at Minato with an expression of disgust. Flair did not move even though he had finished shouting.

 ”What’s wrong!? Hurry…! Kill him quickly!!”

 ”I’m sorry, Minato. I can’t go against him~noja…”

 Flair is glared at Minato. He stunned when he saw the peach-colored glow on Flair’s vagina that could be seen even under her dress.

 (What… What the hell is going on…?)

 Minato can understand what is going on. He can understand, but he doesn’t understand why the lewd crest is engraved on Flair.

 ”Flair won’t help you. I trained her that way”


 Minato finally recognized the owner of the lewd crest on Flair when Shinji spoke. Shinji smiled at the stunned Minato.

 ”Are there no more countermeasures? Then it’s time for your punishment”


 The smile was an intimidating and vicious one.

 Finally, Minato understood how bad it was for him to have sold the fight. He understood that it was too late for him to do anything about it.

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