Wizard 63

Chapter 63 Corrupting One of the Twin Elves

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 ”I’ll shut Minato first”

 ”Damn it…! …! …!”

 The ivies twisted around Minato’s mouth as if to cover his fearful mouth. He has been completely unable to move.

 As the ivy stretches, it lifts Minato up and carries him in front of Lili and Lilu. Shinji walks behind them and follows.

 The two of them were standing in front of the restrained Minato, with Lili and Lilu standing between them.

 ”Minato-sama! You! You’re coward to attack us like this!!”

 ”Minato-sama! If I’m going to be assaulted by a man other than Minato-sama…, I would rather…!”

 ”Don’t be hasty”

 Shinji hits the ground with his staff. A lot of ivies that are different from the one that are restraining the two of them extend from the feet of the two of them who are making a noise. The surface of the ivy is slippery with sticky mucus, and there is a hole in the tip. It was like a tentacle ivy.

 The tentacle ivy crawled all over Lili and Lilu, and one of them shoved it into their mouths to prevent them from committing suicide. The twins’ bites had no effect on the tentacle ivy, which had no sense of pain.

 In addition, the tentacle ivy hooked the clothes and tore them off. In no time at all, the clothes were ripped off until they were naked.

 Lili and Lilu stared at Shinji, shivering at the unpleasant feeling of the tentacle ivy crawling around them.

 Not caring at all about the stares, Shinji put his hands on Lili and Lilu’s stomachs. The two of them were getting more and more violent, but the restraints were too tight to make any sense.

 ”I’m not a fan of torture, so let’s get started. Affinity magic, <Forced Engraving>”

 ”Fuguuuuuuunnn~ ♡♡♡”

 ”Muuuu~ ♡♡♡ Nn~ ♡ Nnnn~ ♡♡♡”

 When Shinji cast the magic, Lili and Lilu turned their heads at the same time.

 It was a very sudden moment.

 Just the rubbing of their skin against the slimy tentacle ivy crawling all over their bodies was enough to send tingles of pleasure down their spines.

 Not only that, but their womb began to tingle unbelievably. Their love juices would be dripping out of their secret parts without their permission.

 ”Nbu~ ♡ Nbu~ ♡ Nugu~ ♡ Nnnn~ ♡”

 They couldn’t even moan because of the tentacle ivy that was shoved in their mouth.

 The tip of the tentacle ivy opened up in front of Lili’s eyes. The nipple, which was becoming hard, was sucked into the hole where the fluid flowed.

 (What is this~ ♡ My body is so hot~ ♡ My nipples~ ♡ My nipples~ ♡ Cummmingg~ ♡ I’m cummmmming~ ♡♡♡”

 The tentacle ivy that sucked both nipples into its mouth wriggled and started caressing them as if people were sucking on them. In addition to sucking, the thin tentacles wriggling inside the tentacle ivy kneaded the nipples.

 Lili, whose sensitivity was increased by the carved lewd crests, climaxed easily and fell on her back again.

 The same thing was happening to Lilu.

 Her nipples were sucked, pinched, and squeezed by the tentacle ivy. That was all it took for Lil to climax with such ease.

 ”Nnnnnn~ ♡♡♡”

 As if on purpose, a new tentacle ivy opened its mouth and sucked in her clitoris, which had become sensitive from repeated climaxes. The tentacles wriggling inside the tentacle ivy crawl around like a human tongue, peeling and licking the clitoris.

 (My clit~ ♡♡ Aah~ ♡♡ My clit is too good~ ♡♡ I’m going crazy~ ♡ Please~ ♡ Please~ ♡ Stop it~ ♡♡)

 Lilu begs in agony. But it never comes true. The merciless torture just keeps on going.

 The rape in the name of caressing by the tentacle ivy continued incessantly.

 For about an hour… until the bell rang once and then again, the tentacle ivy continued to make Lili and Lilu climax.

 ”…Nn…♡ …Ah …♡ Nggh…♡ …Ah… ♡”

 Lili’s and Lilu’s heads were completely blank from the surging pleasure.

 They were dripping white liquid from their mouths that had been released from the tentacle holes, and their shamelessly debauched faces were exposed.

 They squirted and even peed, but the tentacle ivy ate it up so well that it wasn’t that look terrible for their legs.

 In spite of being humiliated for such a long time, the tentacle ivy never touched the inside of the secret part that dripped love juice.

 Their vagina continues to tingle that make Lili’s and Lilu’s head full of frustration because they can’t get it stimulated, and they want it inserted.

 Minato was dumbfounded as he watched the tentacle ivy mercilessly torture his beloved girls right in front of his eyes.

 While looking at Lili and Lilu, who continue to squirm and writhe madly, he muttered, “Why…why…why?”

 ”It’s not so bad compared to the spirits. Flair took all night”

 The tentacle ivy stops its caresses with a snap.

 Then, the tentacle ivy was pulled out of from their mouth and a string of saliva was drawn.

 The lewd crests on Lili’s and Lilu’s vaginas, which had been subjected to so much abuse, had been dyed peach-colored and were shining brightly.

 It seemed that Lili and Lilu’s magical resistance was limited to one hour.

 ”Lili, Lilu. It’s forbidden to harm yourself. Let’s start with Lili”

 ”Goho… ♡ A… an… ♡ Au… ♡ No… ♡ Too much… ♡ I’m going to die… ♡”

 Shinji takes off his pants and underwear. He exposing his big p*nis, which was already fully erect and ready.

 Minato was astonished to see how big Shinji’s p*nis was compared to his own. It was as if he was being shown the difference in rank as a man.

 Then, he made the tentacle ivy open Lili’s legs. The tentacle ivy lifted Lili up in the air and turned her over on her back.

 Placing her at the height of Shinji’s waist for easy insertion.

 Shinji places his p*nis on Lili’s private parts, which are now sticky with fluid and her vision is hazy. Then he slowly inserts his big cock into her vagina.

 ”Fuahhh~ ♡ It’s coming~ ♡ My pussy~ ♡ It’s coming~ ♡ Nn~ Cummmmming~ ♡♡♡”

 There was no power left in her debauched head to think. Lili climaxed as she threw back her head, screaming in delight at the penetration she had been waiting for.

 The thick, strong p*nis was the best thing that had ever happened to her vagina. The vaginal wall, which was perfectly sized for Minato, was pushed open.

 ”This is so great… ♡ Different from Minato’s-sama… ♡ It’s so great… ♡♡”

 The p*nis is inserted deep into the vagina, and the genitals are tightly pressed together.

 Shinji could see that the womb mouth was sucking on the glans and the whole vagina was wriggling healthily to remember the size of the p*nis.

 Minato looked aghast at Lili’s line.

 ”Lili’s pussy. It’s been overwritten, hasn’t it?”

 ”…Huh!? …Lili…!? What are you talking about… ♡ That can’t be… ♡♡♡ Stop it~ ♡♡ Don’t suck me again~ ♡♡♡”

 Lili’s charming voice made Lilu regain her composure, but when the tentacle ivy started to move again, she was tossed around, shaking her head. She couldn’t afford to pay attention to Lili in an instant.

 ”It’s great~ ♡ It’s so great~ ♡ This is amazing~ ♡ The rubbing~ ♡ It feels so good~ ♡♡”

 ”I’m glad you like it. It feels better than Minato’s. Is it good? Even if I compare it with someone you like”

 ”Because~ ♡ Because~ ♡ It’s so different from Minato-sama’s~ ♡ My~ ♡ My pussy~ ♡ My pussy is being made happy~ ♡♡♡”

 The first thrust of the p*nis caused Lili to jerk back and climax.

 As it continued over and over again, her pussy kept cumming. She continued to express her feelings while exposing her pleasure-soaked face to Shinji.

 Minato looks at her with a stunned expression as she tries to move her hips in a flirtatious manner, even though he is tied up in ivy and cannot move.

 (Lili… My… Lili… My Lili is not that kind of girl…)

 Lili loves only himself, and smiles happily when she makes love to himself.

 But now she’s being tortured by the man she hates, and she’s completely lost. The nightmarish reality made Minato feel nauseous and he vomited.

 Minato’s vomit drips onto the ground through the ivy that covers her mouth.

 No one was worried about Minato’s miserable appearance.

 Lila closes her eyes and looks down. Lili and Lilu were out of their minds, and Flair was just looking at Minato without worrying about him.

 ”I’m going to come inside you soon”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ It’s cumming~ ♡ He’s going to cum inside of me~ ♡ Minato-sama~ ♡ I’m~ ♡ I’m sorry~ ♡ I’m going to be impregnated by him♡ Because it feels so good~ ♡ I’m going to be impregnated~ ♡”

 ”Mggghhh!” (Stop it!! Please stop it!!)

 While Minato is desperately scratching the ivy and moaning. Shinji ejaculates inside Lili’s vagina without hesitation.

 ”Fuahhhh~ ♡♡♡ It’s swo hwottttt~ ♡♡♡ It’s so much~ ♡ I’m getting so much~ ♡♡♡”

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopy… ♡ Dopy… ♡ Dopyu ♡

 Shinji’s ejaculation while pushing the glans against the cervix was the best feeling he could have ever had.

 A lot more semen than usual came out, filling Lili’s womb and causing what could not be contained in her vagina to fall to the ground from the joint.

 ”Lili is now my woman, Minato”

 He slowly pulled out his p*nis and showed Minato her secret area, which was dripping with semen. Minato hung his head and cried quietly…

 (Ahhhh… Oh no… Lili…)

 (Sex with this guy…amazing… ♡ It’s completely different from Minato’s short cock… ♡ Robust s*x… ♡ It was amazing… ♡ Minato… I’m being taken away as his woman…)

 Lili was shivering and shaking, soaking in the afterglow of her climax.

 When Minato saw that Lili had been ejaculated into, he unconsciously released his Charm from her. The woman who had impregnated another boy was not to Minato’s liking.

 When Lili was released from her fascination, she remembered what she had done so far.

 Of course, she remembered how Minato had taken advantage of her body.

 She hated him for it, but the fact that the s*x with Shinji had completely overwritten her body made her think Minato was an asshole more than she hated him.

 Shinji’s eyes met Lili’s.

 He knew that Lili had been freed from Minato’s magic when he saw a hint of rationality in her eyes.

 (After all, a girl who might be impregnated by someone else is not his target, right? It’s nice and easy)

 Shinji laughed as he looked down at the crouching Minato.

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