Wizard 64

Chapter 64 Corrupting Lilu

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 ”Now it’s Lilu’s turn”

 ”Nn~ ♡ Stop~ ♡ Please stop it~ ♡ I’m… ♡ Minato-sama’s property… ♡”

 (Lilu… Even Lilu… Stop it already…)

 Shinji manipulated the tentacle ivy and brought Lilu right in front of Minato.

 Lilu is out of breath from the constant torture of the tentacle ivy, but her consciousness is still intact.

 When Minato saw Lilu, he looked at Shinji as if he was clinging to him. Naturally, Shinji ignored the look.

 Shinji stood behind Lilu, who had been brought in front of Minato.

 He made Ivy open her legs and show Minato her crotch, which was dripping with love juice.

 He placed his p*nis, stained with Lili’s love juice and semen, at the entrance to Lilu’s secret region.

 The stain gave Minato a sense of reality and despair that Lili was now Shinji’s property.

 ”It’s still at the entrance, but it’s still sucking on me”

 ”Kuh… ♡ Hah… ♡ Minato-sama… ♡ Don’t look at me… ♡ My body is acting on its own… ♡ Even though I don’t want to… ♡”

 ”Your body is so honest. You must be so desperate for it, right?”

 His glans entered her vagina from behind in a reverse ekiben position, making her wet and ready to receive him. (*Note: Ekiben -> Sexual position where the man remains standing while supporting the woman who faces him with her legs wrapped around his waist)

 As soon as he did, Lilu’s vagina tightened around the glans and wriggled, begging her to come deeper.

 (My Entrance… ♡ It spreads… ♡ Even though it’s Minato-sama’s place… ♡)

 Lilu’s attitude is really calm as she tries to keep her cool with shallow breathing.

 However, when Shinji’s p*nis slowly, slowly penetrates her vagina, Lilu’s back slumps and she screams in delight.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ahhhh~ ♡ Don’t~ ♡ No~ ♡ Don’t come in~ ♡ This is… ♡ This is so tighttt~ ♡”

 ”Lilu’s pussy wants me to come deep inside her”


 Minato shakes his head repeatedly as he looks up at Lilu’s face, which is quickly becoming the face of a woman.

 Despite she said that she was Minato’s property, the sight of Lilu losing herself in pleasure in no time at all filled Minato’s heart with despair.

 (Does she really want a cock that big?)

 In spite of his despair, Minato’s p*nis became erect.

 However, even though it was erect, there was only a small mountain that pushed up his pants. It was as if he was being shown the difference in rank as a male.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah… ♡ Lili… ♡ Want to apologize… ♡ This is… ♡ Very hard… ♡ I’ll lose too…♡”

 ”Isn’t it too early to give up? I haven’t even moved yet”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Please~ ♡ Don’t rub my pussy… ♡ My pussy won’t be Minato-sama’s anymore… ♡”

 Lilu’s vagina, with Shinji’s p*nis inside her, tightens up when he thrusts deep into her.

 Lilu’s face looks satisfied as she basks in the afterglow of her light climax. This is the first time Minato has ever seen such a female face.

 Sex with Lili and Lilu is a very pleasurable experience for Minato. When they looked at each other while having s*x, they would look back at each other with a loving gaze.

 Minato was always the one who could not be relaxed. Because elves’s vaginas greedily seek out pleasure and squeeze the semen out of the people they love.

 Minato, who has the power of charm didn’t have the same level of energy as them, and he will be finished after two ejaculations. When Minato’s p*nis is no longer erect, he enjoys the aftermath in bed, touching themselves as he pleases.

 He thought he was satisfying Lili and Lilu desire.

 Because they didn’t complain… but they couldn’t do it due to his charm magic, so he thought he was satisfying them as women without any problems.

 Until now he thought he was fulfilling his womanhood without any problem till he saw Lili and Lil’s lasciviousness.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Oh~ ♡ Ohh~ ♡ It’s rubbed… ♡ My inside is all rubbed~ ♡ My pussy is cumming~ ♡ I’m cumming all the time~ ♡♡”

 ”That’s also what happened to Lili. It feels so good to be inside an elf. It’s just that your pussy is so soft that it gives up quickly”

 ”No~ ♡ It’s different~ ♡ My pussy isn’t soft~ ♡ But, it’s yours~ ♡ Your thing is strong~ ♡ Minato-sama can do it ♡”

 ”Then I’ll make sure you unsatisfied with Minato”

 ”Stop~ ♡ Stop it~ ♡ Minato-sama will make me unable to cum~ ♡♡”

 Lilu shouted while shaking her hair tied up on the side of her head.

 Shinji’s big cock pushes up into the back of Lilu’s vagina, and when he pulls back just far enough, the folds of her vagina swell. When he thrusts again with great force, he hears the sound of love juices and s*xual juices being stirred up.

 It was the first time Minato had ever been exposed to bubbling s*xual juices.

 The conversation between Shinji and Lilu drove him even further.

 Despite the fact that she was charmed, Minato could see that Lilu was completely lost in pleasure.

 Lilu says that Shinji’s is better when compared to his own with charm included. Before the overwhelming pleasure, the heart of love is nothing but powerless.

 (This is too much…. Even though I’m transfer from another world… Why would someone like this be here… Strange… Strange…)

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Shinji’s hands tightened around Lilu’s waist.

 The pace of his thrusts quickened, and Lilu felt his p*nis trembling inside her vagina, and knew that Shinji was about to cum inside her.

 She can tell it by instinct. She knew instinctively that this Creampie would make her give in.

 Her womb descended, and her entire vagina pumped and clenched around the p*nis, seeking semen in order to impregnated by the strong male.

 She can’t control herself, and the excitement of being forcibly impregnated is stronger than the disgust of being dragged along by an overactive body.

 ”Minato-sama~ ♡ I’m sorry~ ♡ I lost~ ♡ I’m going to be impregnated~ ♡ But I love Minato-sama~ ♡ Oh~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ I will cum again~ ♡ Ah… Cummmming~ ♡♡♡

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡

 Shinji ejaculated while the glans was in full contact with her cervix.

 Lilu’s uterus is perfectly ready to be fertilized, and she sucks up the semen and fills her womb with it.

 The vagina was also squeezing and squeezing even after the semen was squeezed out, and the vaginal pressure was so high that it seemed to be preventing the semen from flowing out of the vagina.

 ”I think Lilu is more determined to get pregnant than Lili”

 ”Hahi… ♡ Bechause… ♡ I’ve never had an ejaculation like this before…♡ I’m definitely going to be impregnated…♡ I’m getting ejaculated on the most comfortable spot. …♡♡♡”

 Shinji pulls his p*nis out and shows Minato Lilu’s twitching private parts.

 Lilu seemed to like the pleasure of being penetrated deep inside her vagina the most, and she was looking at Shinji with a sloppy, enraptured face.

 Even though Minato, the man she loves, was right in front of her, she seemed to have forgotten all about making up for it and lost her mind to the most pleasurable inside cumming.

 (Lilu… Lilu… is it really that good to have s*x with that man? No semen came out of her cunt…. But when I had s*x with you, it just dripped out…)

 Minato’s heart was broken.

 He instinctively understood that he had completely cuckolded.

 At the same time, Minato was ejaculating in his underwear.

 He felt the desperation of having his precious woman cum right in front of him, but at the same time, the part of a man that is excited by his woman’s lasciviousness was mixed up.

 ”If it felt so good, I’ll do it again for you”

 ”More… ♡ I want more… ♡ Please… ♡ Cum inside me… ♡ My pussy… it can’t be satisfied without you… ♡ But I still love you, Minato-sama… ♡ But I also like his cock ♡ I’ve grown to love his dick ♡”

 Lilu’s words become the final blow to Minato’s Charm Eyes.

 There is no way Minato can continue to love a girl who loves other people’s dicks. So, the effect of the charm was slipping away from Lilu….

 Like Lili, Lilu remembered what had happened during captivity and when she had been captivated.

 (He approached us on the street… and kept doing whatever he wanted to us. But this guy messed with his girl and he messed with him… so we got punished… but It felt better than that… ♡ My body was dyed… ♡ I’m definitely pregnant… ♡)

 Lilu stroked the top of her vagina, which was filled with semen, and looked at Shinji.

 Like Lili, Shinji guessed that if he ejaculated into Lilu’s vagina, the charm effect would wear off, but when Lilu stared at him, he could see in her eyes that herself had returned.

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