Wizard 65

Chapter 65 The End of Fire-Breathing Dragon and the Rebirth of the Three Sisters

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 ”Okay, let’s get rid of him”

 Convinced that Lili and Lilu had been freed from Minato’s Charm Eyes, Shinji moved Lilu to the side with his tentacle ivy and stood in front of Minato.

 Minato, who had quietly and shamelessly ejaculated and had fallen completely silent, looked up at Shinji standing in front of him sluggishly.

 “Shinji-san! Lili and Lilu…!”

 ”They’ve been released”

 Lila, who was pretending to be bound by ivy, removes the ivy and rushes over to Lili and Lilu.

 Their whole body is covered with sticky fluid from the tentacle ivy, and they have even been ejaculated into their vagina, so they are in a miserable state.

 However, when the two were released from the tentacle ivy, Lila ran up to them and hugged them tightly with both arms.

 Lili and Lilu were also exhausted from the overwhelming orgasm, but they hugged Lila back.

 ”Thank God…! Lili, Lilu…!”

 ”Onee-chan… I’m sorry… I gave you a lot of trouble…”

 ”Onee-chan… I’m sorry… for everything we’ve done…”

 ”It’s okay…! I’m just really glad things are back to normal…”

 Lila laughs, tears welling up in her eyes. Lili and Lilu also smiled tiredly.

 ”If there’s anything you want to say before you die, you can say it”

 “…~Ugh, Puha… Ogh… Ugh…”

 Shinji removes the ivy that was covering Minato’s mouth. Then, he twines the ivy around him to block his vision.

 Minato was finally able to breathe in some fresh air as Shinji moved away the vomit-soaked ivy. When his vision is blocked, however, the broken-hearted Minato shows no signs of rebelling.

 Lila came to Minato’s side, next to Shinji, lending her shoulder to Lili and Lilu, and glared at Minato, who was crouching pitifully.

 There were so many things Lila wanted to say to Minato. A lot of resentments and abuses come to her mind.

 If she throws them all at him, no matter how much time she has, it won’t be enough.

 That’s why Lila stopped her endless ranting and raving.

 She decided to put all her resentment into her last words.

 ”…Goodbye. Please die miserably”

 Lila’s cold words pierced Minato.

 ”You were the worst man I ever met”

 ”We’ll forget about you soon…”

 Minato shivered at the sound of Lili and Lilu’s voices.

 Really, after all this time.

 It was only after hearing Lili’s and Lilu’s bitter words that Minato realized that his act of charming was an act that others would resent.

 ”Are you really going to kill me?”

 ”…? It’s obvious”

 Minato shivered as Shinji spoke in a natural voice with no special emotion.

 ”I, I just tried to touch your woman!? Do you think that’s enough to make you a murderer!?”

 ”I don’t want the person with those eyes to resent me”

 ”For that reason alone!?”

 ”It’s a good enough reason,” Shinji muttered, and when Minato heard Shinji fumbling for something, he knew he was serious.

 He started to persuade him desperately, even though he was leaking a little water in fear.

 ”It, it was the goddess who called me! Do you really think you can kill me like that!? You’ll incur the wrath of the goddess!?”


 ”Mghh!! Mghh!!”

 Flair, who had been watching quietly as Minato said the word <Goddess-sama>, shouted and covered his mouth with his hand.

 Minato was unable to speak any further, but still tried desperately to escape from Flair’s hand to speak.

 ”Goddess’s Apostle…?”

 ”Such a man…?”

 Lila and the others were confused by the unexpected words.

 In the meantime, Shinji, without any particular surprise, took out a dagger in its sheath from his pocket.

 Shinji had heard from Flair that she couldn’t tell him because she couldn’t say it, and he thought it was possible that there was something even higher than a spirit… perhaps even a god.

 On top of that, he was going to kill Minato. Minato’s words were no reason for Shinji to hesitate.

 ”You don’t seem surprised, do you?”

 ”Thanks to Flair. I was prepared for this”

 ”…Fuh~. If Minato had been as thoughtful and bold as you, he would be a great villain. He is truly a fool”

 Shinji pulls a dagger from its sheath.

 He kneeled down in front of the raging Minato and thrust the dagger into his throat.

 ”Goho…! … A…. Ag…. Gh… Koho…”

 Shinji moved away from Minato and pulled out the dagger with ivy that was pierced firmly to the root, and then fresh blood spurted from his throat.

 He also vomited blood from the mouth that Flair had blocked, and fell to the ground.

 He convulsed a few times and then stopped moving.

 ”Freri, take care of the rest”


 Freri, who gave a thumbs-up, was sent back with Minato’s corpse. If she can get rid of him in the other world, there will be no evidence left behind.

 ”Shinji-san… are you okay?”

 ”Well… There’s nothing to worry about for now. But It’s about the future”

 ”I don’t know if that’s a good thing…”

 Shinji handed a scroll to an anxious Lila.

 When Lila untied the string and opened it, she discovered that it was a pledge scroll.

 A scroll of oath, although expensive, is a magical contract used for important agreements and promises. They are mutually agreed upon and kept secret by magic. If they break it, they will be punished.

 ”Today. What you see or hear here today must not be divulged to anyone else. Failure to do so will result in your death. Can three of you swear to that? Wouldn’t you like that, Flair?”

 ”…I agree~noja. If they swear, I can let the three sisters go~noja. But It’s not that I want to kill them, either”

 Shinji hadn’t let go of Flair since he had finished with Minato.

 The only thing that binds Flair is the attack on himself, and she is not bound to the three sisters.

 From the standpoint of the spirit called Flair, the fewer people who knew that Minato was an apostle of the goddess, the better.

 It is the duty of a contracted spirit to clean up after Minato.

 Now that Minato is dead, there is no reason to keep the three sisters alive. However, it was not that she wanted to kill them.

 ”””I swear!”””

 Lila and the others immediately made a vow.

 The oath scrolls blazed, and here was the contract.

 ”All right, then, let’s disband. I’ll repatriate Flair, too. We won’t be seeing each other that often, though”

 ”Wh, what…!? …But you’re responsible for doing this to my body~noja…”

 Flair, who was surprised, whispered in a whispering voice.

 [If Flair insists, I’ll summon you again]

 [T, this bad mannn, ……… c, call me again]

 Shinji’s smirking voice echoes in Flair’s head via her lewd crest.

 Flair, who can’t be said to be held obediently, can only trembled.

 Shinji quickly repatriates Flair. At the last moment, just before Flair left, she said her plea.

 (I’ll call her back and torment her again.)

 Shinji was satisfied with Flair’s good reaction to his torment.

 ”Shinji-san. Can I see you again…?”


 Lila stopped Shinji when he tried to leave with Emily.

 After cleansing Lili and Lilu and putting on replacement clothes, Lila followed Shinji and grabbed the hem of his clothes.

 Shinji chuckles when he sees Lila looking up at Shinji.

 ”It’s better for both of us if we don’t get involved anymore. Even though it was necessary, he was the man who forcibly raped Lila-chan’s sisters”

 ”But still… I want to thank you properly again. You have saved Lili and Lilu”

 Shinji gave up when Lila’s strong gaze told him so.

 ”When you have settled down, please write to me through the guild or give me a message”

 ”…Okay. Shinji-san, another time….”

 This time Shinji turned his back on Lili, who smiled daintily at him.

 He also heard Lili and Lilu thanking him, but he didn’t look back and left the warehouse with Emily.

 ”She was just saved as a result. It’s strange to be thanked for doing nothing but sneaking around behind the scenes”

 On the way back to the inn, Emily walked around in front of Shinji, who was muttering to himself, smiling mischievously.

 ”Ara, Shinji, are you embarrassed? It’s cute ♡”

 ”Shut up”

 ”You’re always so sweet to women, aren’t you? ♡”


 Emily’s happy voice echoed in the quiet night.

* * *

 A few days later, he checked the guild for information on <Fire-Breathing Dragon>.

 Due to the disappearance of their leader Minato, <Fire-Breathing Dragon> had disbanded.

 He was told that the three remaining elf sisters had formed a new party called the <Green Travelers> and started their activities in this city.

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