Wizard 65 5

Chapter 65.5 Extra Edition – Milis and Renka_s Changed Holiday

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The <Running Wolves>, who have reached upper-lower rank, spend their days in dungeons, aiming for further advancement. There is no change in the rotation of spending a day in the dungeon, killing monsters, collecting magic stones to make money, and resting for a few days to get in shape.

 However, one thing has changed…

 ”*Slurp…♡ Nmuu…♡ Nfuu…♡”

 ”It’s good… you’re getting good at this, Milis”


 That was when Milis and Renka started to visit Shinji in turn on their days off.

 And now praised by Shinji, Milis who was holding his p*nis in her mouth, smiled happily.

 They do it on their day off, the day after the adventure.

 Milis started that day by visiting Shinji’s house in the morning and sucking his erect dick. And because the lewd crests on Milis have been activated since last night, Milis has been horny all night.

 She is too embarrassed to ask Alvin to have s*x with her, so she masturbates herself to sleep, but as soon as she wakes up, she asks Renka to watch over Alvin and goes to Shinji’s house.

 She doesn’t want her lover to know about her dirty self, but she also wants to feel good as soon as possible, and when she sees Shinji, she gives him a disheveled smile.

 After being trained by Shinji’s big cock, Milis’ s*x life begins with servicing the cock that makes her feel so good.

 She’s used to sucking his cock for what seems like an eternity, and the sight of her licking and sucking his cock with an enraptured look on her face gives Shinji the greatest pleasure of all.

 (Oh…♡ It’s twitching…♡)

 Milis felt Shinji’s trembling p*nis indicating that he was about to ejaculate, and so she took it deep into her throat. Shinji, who unable to resist the increasing stimulation, ejaculated into Milis’ mouth.

 *Spurtttttttt ♡

 The first thick semen of the morning pours into her mouth, and a strong male scent pervades her nose. For Milis, who is in heat, the scent is so enticing that it makes her head spin.

 ”*gulp* ngh, nn, it’s getting stuck in my throat ♡”

 The words sound like a complaint, but the tone is sweet and flirtatious, not at all uncomfortable.

 ”That’s what happens when you’re naughty, Milis”

 ”Geez…. Then, please give me one more shot…♡”

 Shinji shifts the blame to Milis, showing off his undiminished p*nis, but such details are of no concern to Milis.

 (Hurry up ♡ I want a cock ♡ I want a cock ♡ I want a cock ♡)

 The tingling in her womb from last night and the scent of semen had made Milis’s head want Shinji’s p*nis so badly. She didn’t think about Alvin, her beloved lover, she just wanted the best pleasure that the man in front of her could give her.

 And to do that, she removes her miniskirt and sticks her hips out with her back to Shinji to show him her white pants. And with her hands on the desk and her head down, she is nothing short of a slut, and the fact that Shinji had degraded Milis to such an extent only made him more excited.

 ”I can’t help it if you say so”

 ”Nhaaaaaaaaaa ♡”

 Shinji slips off his pants and inserts his p*nis deep into her vagina.

 (Shinji’s p*nis is so big ♡ it goes all the way to my vagina ♡)

 Milis, who came lightly with that, shakes her body and tries hard not to fall to her knees. Shinji, on the other hand, could tell that Milis is climaxing by the way her vagina was wriggling, and he chuckled as he tasted the sucking vagina.

 Then, not wanting to just wait, Shinji’s hands slip inside through the hem of her clothes, loosen her bra, and squeeze Milis’ ample breasts directly from behind.

 (Milis’s breasts are the best, after all. I’ve never touched breasts that are so soft and comfortable to the touch)

 Shinji loves big breasts, and he likes Milis’ breasts so much that he feels he can touch them as much as he wants. Naturally, his caresses are insistent, rolling and crushing her nipples with his fingers, squeezing her breasts hard, and giving her pleasure with a skillful touch that kept Milis occupied.

 ”S-Shinji-san ♡ You’re always doing that to my breast…♡ Oh, they’re getting bigger again…♡ Ah, oh, oh, don’t squeeze them while rubbing them…♡ Ah, oh, oh, I’m cumming again…♡”

 He pushes his harder, larger p*nis deep into Milis’ vagina. Shinji’s porcupine torment is so pleasurable that it easily takes Milis out of her thoughts, something Alvin could never do.

 (It feels good ♡ Shinji-san’s cock ♡ It feels good ♡)

 Milis shakes her hips back and forth as her instincts take over. Shinji also matched Milis’s movements, pulling his hips back as far as his p*nis would go, and then began to piston his way deep into her vagina.

 There is no love in their breathy interplay, just beastly s*x as they sought each other’s pleasure. But that’s okay.

 Because Milis could forget her guilt about her lover for a while and get lost in it.

 ”I’m going to cum ♡ Shinji-san ♡ Please cum inside me ♡ Fuahhhhn ♡”


 Milis is the first to climax, screaming uncontrollably. The vaginal pressure is so tight that it almost eats away at his p*nis, and Shinji pours his semen into Milis’ womb.

 *Spurt ♡ *Spurt ♡ *Spurt ♡

 Their hips and asses are pressed against each other, and Shinji hugs her tightly so that there is no space between their bodies, and Milis accepts it. They stand quietly, breathing hard, until the long ejaculation subsides.

 After the most wonderful climax, Milis feels guilty for Alvin.

 (Al-kun…♡ I’m sorry…♡ He made me cum again…♡ But I can’t resist the lewd crest…♡)

 Milis thought so while she felt the heat of Shinji’s semen filling her womb. And since Shinji is using magic contraception, she can’t have children. Relieved by this, Milis’s face has a very satisfied expression as she basks in the afterglow of her climax.

 When she was done, she hurriedly prepared herself and left Shinji’s house. Shinji does nothing to stop her.

 Milis stopped at the morning market to buy some ingredients for sweets to make up an excuse she had made. He then returned to the inn where Alvin and Renka were waiting.

 Milis, holding the shopping bags, greeted them and smiled at them as if nothing had happened.

 ”I’m home, Renka-chan. Good morning, Al-kun ♪”

 ”Welcome back, Mil, you’re a little late, what happened?”

 In response to Alvin’s question, Milis spun her words without panic.

 ”I couldn’t decide what kind of pastry to make. I was just looking around and thinking and then it got late. Sorry, Al-kun”

 ”If Al had woken up earlier, you could have gone with her. Maybe it’s because you’ve been asleep all night”

 ”I-I’m sorry. Because it’s an off day…”

 Alvin looked ashamed when he heard Renka’s words, but Milis helped him out.

 ”I didn’t wake Al-kun up because I wanted him to have a good night’s sleep. Besides, the morning market is full of women, so there’s no danger”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Mil is so kind. I just want to sleep in on my day off”

 ”Mil…. Don’t spoil Al too much, Mil”


 The giggling Milis drew Renka out of her funk and she gave a small laugh. Alvin couldn’t have known that Milis, who was trying to help and care for her lover, had been in the arms of another man until now.

 ”Well, now that Mil is back, I’m going out”

 Renka said as she left the room, after the casual conversation had died down.

 ”Where are you going?”

 ”I’m going shopping too. Al and Mil, enjoy your date at home, okay?”

 Alvin blushed as if embarrassed by Renka’s use of the word date. Milis reacted in a similar way, but made firm eye contact with Renka.

 ”Thanks! Have fun, Renka-chan ♡”

 It’s a very common phrase. However, if one knows what’s going on behind the scenes, it can also be taken as “Have fun having s*x with Shinji”.

 ”Yeah. Thanks. See you later”

 ”Be careful!”

 With an unaware Alvin at her side, Renka heads for Shinji’s house.

 Upon arriving at Shinji’s house, Renka sat on a chair and stared at him with half-lidded eyes. Shinji smiles and accepts her gaze.

 ”Geez, I was actually going to come in the morning”

 Renka, who gave in to Milis’s “I’m dying to have s*x” vibe when they met first thing in the morning, is getting angry. Of course, Shinji knew that she wasn’t really angry, but was just posing.

 ”It’s all Renka’s time from now on. How long will you be here today?”

 ”Well… I came out to do some shopping, so I guess until the 3 o’clock bell rings”

 ”That’s a lot of time. Are you sure you want to go shopping?”

 There is still plenty of time before lunch. And since Alvin would be baking pastries at the inn with Milis, it’s unlikely that they would bump into each other on the street. Renka thought it would not be a bad idea to make lunch at Shinji’s house, if she could buy some ingredients while window shopping.

 ”Okay. Since we’re here, let’s go into town”

 ”Okay. I’ll be ready soon”

 As Shinji gets up from his seat and starts to get ready, Renka also picks up her bag to go out again.

 Then, after returning from the town and finishing their lunch, they embraced each other on the bed.

 Although they went out together, Renka is dissatisfied with the fact that they spend their time at a distance as friends so that no one would know that they are lovers, which leads to her desire to spoil him.

 ”Chu, chu ♡ Nnn ♡ chu…chu ♡ Shinji, I like you…♡”

 ”I like you too, Renka”

 They hugged and whispered their favors to each other at close range, making Renka feel happy and fluffy in her chest. Shinji’s touch as he fondles Renka’s ass also makes her tingle in the pit of her stomach.

 Then, with addition of Shinji’s whispers, she begins to lose her temper.

 ”Renka, let’s start”

 ”…Yes ♡”

 Renka wakes up and takes off her pants, and Shinji takes off his too. Renka then straddles Shinji’s face as he lies down, and Renka buries her face in his crotch.

 The six-nine position is embarrassing for Renka because it allows Shinji to look closely at the important part of her body, but she often does it because it makes Shinji happy.

 (It’s getting so big…♡)

 She swallows her saliva in front of Shinji’s huge cock, which is pushing up her underwear. Renka then welcomes the symbol of the man she loves, which she has sucked so many times, into her mouth.

 At the same time, Renka is sucking his cock. Shinji’s tongue touches the side of her unbuttoned pants, directly on her private parts. He sucks on her pussy and caresses it, giving Renka a strong sensation of pleasure.

 (Oh ♡ Shinji’s tongue ♡ is coming in…♡)

 Renka continues to suck on his p*nis while enduring the pleasure. And now, the only sounds in the room are the licking of each other’s genitals and the raspy sniffing.

 Shinji’s tongue is very skillful, and Renka felt her climax coming on quickly as he played with her clitoris with his fingers. But Shinji stopped himself to prevent Renka from climaxing so that he could ejaculate in her mouth together.

 ”Nnn, nfu…♡ *Pant…♡ …fufu, we came together…♡”

 ”Oh, that felt so good, Renka”

 Renka’s cheeks flushed with happiness as she reached the man she loved. Her gesture is not only s*xy, but also beautiful. Shinji’s p*nis did not deflate, but grew even stronger.

 ”Shall we try Renka’s favorite position next?”

 ”! I think so ♡”

 The two of them sat down on the bed, and Renka sat on top of him. Shinji sat cross-legged on the bed, and Renka straddled him, slowly lowering her hips with her arms around his neck.

 ”Nnn…♡ *Pant…♡ I feel like I’m going to cum too soon…♡”

 The vagina that had climaxed during the foreplay is now fully relaxed and easily accepted Shinji’s huge cock. As Renka murmured, the vaginal pressure after her climax is stronger and more comfortable than usual. And because she lost her virginity to Shinji and had s*x with him many times, her vagina has already been adjusted to his size.

 Therefore, just inserting it, Renka felt not only good but also euphoric.

 ”I’ll move…”

 ”Ahhhh…♡ Yeah, nngh ♡ Nn ♡ chuu ♡”

 Shinji’s arms held Renka’s body as if to support her, and slowly they started to move against each other. Renka, on the other hand, hugged Shinji with both her arms, and their body to body contact made Renka feel more secure than ever. After a series of shallow kisses, Renka latched onto Shinji’s slender but well toned body and is engrossed in the sweet s*x.

 (Shinji…♡ I love you…♡ I’m so happy when we do this…♡)

 It’s a slow, affectionate s*x.

 This is a special kind of s*x that Shinji can only have with Renka, a kind of lover’s s*x that can’t be experienced with intense s*x that only seeks pleasure. And now, his p*nis, which occupies Renka’s vagina, swells as it slowly rises from the depths of his body.

 ”Shinji ♡ Shinji ♡ you’re coming out already…? ♡”

 ”Oh, I’m about to…. I’m going to cum in the deepest part…”

 ”Yes…♡ Yes…♡ Cum inside me…♡”

 To encourage Shinji’s ejaculation, Renka hugged him tightly and started to shake her hips hard. And as Renka’s mouth came close to Shinji’s ear, the sweet sound of her voice, her breath, and her large breasts crushed by his chest drove him over the edge. Naturally, there is no man who can hold back when asked to ejaculate in the vagina.

 *spurt ♡ *spurt ♡ *spurtttttt ♡

 ”Nnnn~~~~ ♡”

 He hugged her tightly around the waist and ejaculated with his glans pressed against her cervix. Renka also climaxed at the sensation of having semen poured directly into her womb. Her mind is overflowing with happiness as she continues to receive the long ejaculation, and her body moves to push her hips against Shinji’s to get as much semen as possible.

 After a while, the ejaculation is finally over, and Shinji relaxes, gently pulling away from Renka’s body and making eye contact with her, smiling at the lustful expression on Renka’s face after her climax.

 ”*Pant…* that was a lot of cum. Sex with Renka feels too good”

 ”Me too…♡ It feels so good to fuck Shinji ♡ I get carried away ♡”

 The way she brushes her hair while breathing hard is very s*xy. Feeling as if her eyes are telling him that she’s not fully satisfied yet, Shinji pulls Renka’s face closer.

 ”Ah…♡ Chu, nnn… *lick lick ♡”

 He kisses her with his tongue, and Renka’s vagina stirs again.

 And their intercourse would continue until the end of time.

 After saying goodbye, Renka returns to the inn where Alvin and Milis are waiting. Renka, who had gone out for shopping, returns on time, and Alvin does not suspect her behavior.

 They continue to spend time together until dinner and make plans for the next day.

 The next day, the second day of the day off.

 Alvin has left the inn to train with his mentor Emily. Milis and Renka, on the other hand, go out together in the morning, but have agreed to meet up in the afternoon.

 The early morning training with Emily gives Alvin the feeling that he is steadily improving himself. With a good mentor, a good friend, and a good lover, he will go higher. One day, he hopes to climb the same mountain as his parents.

 [Ahh ♡ Ahh ♡ Shinji ♡ more ♡]

 [Shinji-san ♡ me too ♡ Me too ♡]

 ”I know. I’ll do both of you in turn”

 [‘Yes…♡ ‘]

 At the same time, Alvin had no way of knowing that his lover and his best friend were also indulging in pleasure….

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