Wizard 69

Chapter 69 The Beginning of Child-Making (Charlotte) and Freri’s Growth

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 The day after Emily was made helpless.

 Shinji woke up in the morning and was having breakfast in the dining room of <Hidden Dragon Inn>

 After a good night’s sleep, Emily went to her new home to pick up her furniture. She would meet up with Alvin and Renka there and would be gone for half a day to unpack.

 ”Here’s your after-dinner drink”

 Shinji looked up at the unfamiliar voice of a man.

 The man who served the drinks was Charlotte’s boyfriend, Morse.

 ”Morse-kun, right? Charlotte’s boyfriend”

 ”Yes, Shinji-san. I’ve been working here for a while now”

 As Morse began to clean up the empty dishes on Shinji’s desk, Shinji decided to speak to him.

 ”Are you training to be a son-in-law?”

 ’Yes… I’ve been allowed to marry Charl”

 ”That’s great. Congratulations”

 ”Thank you very much”

 Morse, who was beaming with happiness, looked very happy.

 He had no idea that the man in front of him, who was congratulating him, was about to impregnate his bride-to-be.

 ”Well, thank you for the food”

 ”Yes, thank you very much”

 Shinji drank it all in one gulp and left the table. As Shinji had predicted, there was Charlotte at the entrance of the inn.

 As Shinji had expected, Charlotte was sitting at the counter.

 Charlotte also noticed Shinji and waved with a smile.

 ”It looks like things are going well with you and Morse-kun”

 ”Yes. What do you think? Here’s my engagement ring”

 Charlotte showed Shinji the ring on her left ring finger, which had a small jewel on it.

 Charlotte was in a good mood and Shinji continued to talk.

 ”When will the wedding take place?”

 ”It will be at the end of next month. If you want, Shinji-san, you can come”

 ”Of course. I’ll go with everyone from the party. We’re celebrating it”

 It was obvious that Milis, Renka and Emily would want to go, as they were all at an age when they were longing for beautiful bridal gowns.

 Charlotte whispered to Shinji in a quiet voice.

 ”So, Morse is living with me… and we’re already talking about having a baby… ♡”

 With a face full of happiness, Charlotte reports back as Shinji had told her to do.

 The fallen Charlotte did not have the option of breaking Shinji’s orders.

 Charlotte has been changed from the inside out and is looking forward to Shinji. Even if she is living with her husband-to-be, Morse.

 ”In that case, here”

 Shinji handed Charlotte a bag that at first glance looked like a congratulatory gift.

 When Charlotte received the bag, she looked inside and found a small bottle filled with a clear liquid.

 ”When I come to your room, mix it with Morse-kun’s drink. He’ll sleep well until morning”

 ”Yes… ♡”

 Charlotte nodded and carefully put the bag away on the counter.

 Seen from the side, it looked like Shinji was handing over a wedding gift.

 ”And I’m leaving the inn soon. I’m going to rent a party house soon”

 ”I see…. I’m sorry, but it can’t be helped”

 ”Then I’ll be going to your room this evening as soon as possible…” Shinji whispered to Charlotte, who whispered sadly to him.

 ”I’m going to do it with Charlotte-chan even after I leave the inn. So, I’ll prepare a place properly”

 ”…Yes ♡ Please take care of me…♡”

 After making the secret promise, Shinji left the counter.

 No one saw or heard the exchange between them.

 Charlotte went back to work in a good mood, thinking about what will they going to have tonight.

* * *

 When Shinji returned to his room at the inn, he sat down on his bed to read a book.

 As he took out his book, he received a thought from Freri, asking him to hurry up and summon her.

 Shinji felt Freri’s strange intentions, both happy and panicked.

 ”Come, Freri”

 Freri appeared in front of Shinji’s eyes.

 But her appearance had changed dramatically from yesterday.

 Her hair was still green, but it had grown to cover her shoulders.

 Her pale green skin was whiter than that of a flower, as if she was closer to a succubus.

 Her height has also increased a little, and her face, though still young, has become more beautiful.

 And above all, her body had changed from a girl to a woman.

 Her breasts had swelled to a size just right for squeezing with both hands, her hips were curvy, her ass were full, and her curves were so magnificent that he could see them even from the top of her dress.

 Freri, now looking like a beautiful girl who had begun to wake up as a woman, spun around in front of Shinji.

 When she finished, she raised her thumb in the same way she always did.

 ”…No, I’m surprised. You’ve changed a lot. Is this how a spirit grows?”


 According to Freri, the other day, after the incident with <Fire-Breathing Dragon>, when he was carving lewd crests and stealing magic power from Flair and the twin elves, it makes her reached the limit of her growth.

 Spirits are different from humans which their appearance changes little by little.

 But they gain experience, and when they reach their limit of growth, they grow and change their appearance during the night when they fall asleep.

 There are three stages of growth: childhood, growth, and maturity. Freri has been in the childhood stage until now.

 The current appearance means that she is now in the growth phase.

 (Hmm, she’s growing up just like I expected.)

 Look at Freri’s breasts as she pushes up her dress.

 They were still not as big as Freri’s mother’s, but they had room to grow another notch.

 Considering the fact that she has grown so much at once, Shinji nodded his head in agreement, thinking that she will have really great breasts when she reaches maturity.

 If he looked at her like that, Freri would naturally sense it.

 Freri’s cheeks flushed as she silently put her hands on the shoulder straps of her dress.

 She untied the straps and the dress fell to the floor, exposing only her underwear to Shinji.

 Renka’s style is better, and Milis’ breasts are bigger.

 And yet, the s*xiness that emanated from the growing Freri was beyond compare.

 Shinji swallowed his saliva as if under pressure.

 As she approached, Freri pushed Shinji’s chest with her hand.

 Unable to put up any kind of resistance, Shinji was thrown down on the bed.

 (This is… not good if she takes control…!)

 In front of Shinji’s impatient face, the grown-up Freri looked down at him with predatory eyes as she took off her underwear.

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