Wizard 70

Chapter 70 Squeezed by Growned Freri

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 Shinji was sitting on the bed looking at Freri’s naked body.

 Even though Shinji had seen many beautiful women and girls naked, Freri’s nakedness seemed bewitching to him.

 Even though she was still very young, she had the magical beauty of a spirit and a succubus.

 ”You can’t use energy drain. I’m going to have s*x with Charlotte this evening”


 The magic power can be recovered with a little rest, but the energy (life force) is hard to recover without a good night’s sleep.

 Freri’s gesture of nodding and trying to pull down his pants with his underwear is the same as before.

 He was relieved to see that although her appearance had changed a great deal, her inner self had not, and she seemed obedient, but he should not have been so careless.

 On his erect p*nis, Freri stuck out his tongue and dripped saliva on the glans.

 Even though it was just a drop of saliva, the sweet, numbing pleasure made his p*nis jump.

 Obviously, the sensitivity of his p*nis is increasing…!

 ”Freri! You cast a spell on me without permission…! Uhh… Ah…”

 [I’m going to make Shinji feels good with his favorite breast]

 ”Were you worried about the size of your breasts?”

 [Shinji loves big breasts. You should enjoy them…♡]

 Since Freri is talking through her thoughts, from the side he looks like a miserable person talking to himself in front of a naked woman.

 She welcomed Shinji’s p*nis between her larger breasts.

 She pushed her breasts from side to side with her hands to apply pressure.

 Sticky soft skin, fluffy softness in the firmness.

 Shinji’s p*nis was assaulted by the most exquisite pleasure.

 The glans, dripping with pre-cum, peeks out from between her breasts. It’s not big enough to completely envelop him, but it’s big enough to give him a good paizuri.

 Nuchi ♡ Nuchi ♡ Nuchi ♡ Nuchi ♡

 Freri shakes her body back and forth while handling the p*nis between her breasts.

 The p*nis, slippery from the pre-cum and saliva, slides well and the pressure on the entire rod makes the p*nis quiver with pleasure.

 It is skillful movement that does not seem to be the very first time to do it.

 ”……, oh no…, Freri…!”

 [If you want to ejaculate… ♡ You can do it as many times as you want… ♡]


 Shinji’s ejaculation was faster than usual.

 The semen was released with such force that it stained Freri’s face, hair, and chest white.

 Shinji thrusts his hips upward and tries to soak up the afterglow of his ejaculation… but then Freri puts her lips on the glans.

 Chu… ♡ Rero… ♡ Hamu~ ♡ Jup… ♡ Jupu… ♡ Jupyo… ♡

 Freri sucked on the p*nis, which was even more sensitive in the aftermath.

 She sucked the glans into her mouth and her long tongue licked around the glans. She doesn’t forget to shake her body while squeezing the rod between her breasts.

 Freri’s caresses quickly brought Shinji’s p*nis to the limit.

 ”Argh…! It’s coming out again…!”

 [Delicious magic power…♡]

 The magic power is drained out of him along with his semen.

 It’s a pleasure like no other, and it feels so good.

 Shinji was left to his own by Freri.

 The p*nis held in her breast is still not released.

 [Shinji loves breast… ♡]

 Guchi ♡ Guchi ♡ Guchi ♡ Guchi ♡ Guchi ♡ Guchi ♡

 The p*nis that doesn’t wilted at all is crushed by the chest from both sides.

 Freri doesn’t move her body, but moves her hands up and down vigorously, squeezing the p*nis with her breasts alone.

 After one ejaculation after another, his testes can’t keep up with the replenishment, but his p*nis jumps, wanting to make another ejaculation as soon as possible.

 ”…G! …Gh!!”

 [Shinji is ejaculated again… ♡ Are my breasts that good? ♡]

 The semen spurted out like a fountain, staining Freri again.

 Even though it was the third consecutive ejaculation, the amount of semen did not diminish. But the fatigue is definitely building up, and Shinji is breathing hard and limp, trying to catch his breath.

 ”Huh… well… you’ve learned to speak with thoughts… huh…”

 [My natural voice is embarrassing, this one not so much]

 Shinji feels that the tone is still the same, but the number of words has increased considerably.

 The p*nis was finally released from the cleavage and was now stained with semen.

 The sensation in his p*nis had returned to normal. He had succeeded in breaking the magic that made him more sensitive while being squeezed.

 ”I think succubus is too much…”

 [It’s natural for me to grow up like this. There’s a lot more eroticism than fighting. So, it’s only natural that they want a lot of semen. Shinji should do his duty…♡]

 Freri, her eyes glistening with s*xual desire, straddles Shinji.

 She straddled him with her thighs, addressed his p*nis to the entrance of her vagina, and inserted the tip.

 He puts his hands on the bed and sits back….

 He could see from the position that they were in that there was nowhere to touch but each other’s genitals that Freri it was ready to cum.

 Freri’s vagina is flooded with warm love juice, and she welcomes the p*nis deep inside her without resistance.

 The folds of her vagina clung to the p*nis as if to mold it.

 The entrance of the womb, which has come down to swallow the semen, sucks on the glans.

 The vaginal pressure was just right, and it felt so good that he felt like he could ejaculate just by inserting herself.

 Shinji could only think that the vagina has grown to be suitable for Shinji’s p*nis, having learned to have s*x many times before.

 [Shinji’s cock is the best…♡]

 Freri, breathing hard with excitement, starts to move.

 Guchi ♡ Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡ Guchu

 Freri, who had been aroused by the paizuri, couldn’t take it anymore and started shaking her hips violently.

 She shakes her large breasts and makes loud, nasty noises as she tries to squeeze the cum out of Shinji.

 (My dick is melting… It’s truly a magical vagina…. It’s no wonder ordinary men are corrupted by this…)

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡

 As the fierce pleasure that assaults his p*nis prompts him, Shinji ejaculates.

 Freri’s vagina wriggles happily, swallowing the semen into her womb. The ejaculation goes on for a long time because it feels so good to be pressed against the glans of a gripping cervix.

 ”Still… so hard… ♡”

 Once the ejaculation is over, Freri moves again.

 There was a momentum that could have squeezed all of Shinji’s semen out of him.

 Her expression is as lacking as ever, but as she meets Freri’s feverish gaze, Shinji rubs her swaying breasts with both hands.

 Although his body was dull after four ejaculations, Shinji had somehow regained the will to fight back as a contractor.

 ”This is the last time, okay?”

 […N~ ♡]

 Freri began her last spurt, wriggling as her breasts were squeezed. The bed creaked loudly as their genitals slapped against each other.

 Shinji, too, thrusts his hips upward, holding back his ejaculation as if it were his last.

 He’s not a fan of being left to her own. He poked the back of her vagina with his glans and her vagina contracted and tightened.

 He tries his best to keep his ego from drowning in pleasure.

 He squeezed her nipples hard, and Freri’s nectar sprayed through the air.

 With great dexterity, Shinji dropped Freri’s nectar into his mouth and licked it.

 ”It’s sweeter than before”

 ”My nectar… ♡ Don’t lick it… ♡ Nnnnnn~ ♡♡♡”

 Freri’s words came out as soon as the nectar was squeezed out from her.

 The joy of being praised for her nectar and the shame of having her voice heard drove Freri over the edge. Freri climaxed in a big way.

 Her vagina writhed and writhed more than ever before.

 It was as if she was being pumped full of semen. A tremendous amount of semen was being swallowed into Freri’s vagina…

 (Hah… Hah… I thought I was going to be squeezed to death….)

 [I came…♡♡]

 Shinji and Freri soak in the afterglow of their climax.

 After four defeated ejaculations, Shinji is relieved that he managed to make Freri cum for the fifth time and satisfy her.

 The two of them remained in the same position for a while, unable to move.

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