Wizard 71

Chapter 71 Making Babies with Charlotte

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 ”Ah~… I slept too much…”

 Now that Shinji had recovered from the aftermath and his mind was working again, he sent Freri back and decided to go back to sleep.

 He had been drained of his magic and energy since morning and needed to sleep.

 Later that night, when Shinji woke up from his slumber, it was evening. He was more exhausted than he thought he would be.

 (But it wasn’t all bad)

 The connection with Freri, who had grown up, made him learn some of the erotic magic he hadn’t acquired in the past.

 There are several ways to learn magic besides acquiring it oneself.

 This time, the method is called <Inheritance>, which involves s*xual intercourse.

 It is one of the techniques that have been lost in the human world, and is often used by non-humans to perform on humans.

 Freri taught him a new kind of erotic magic for Shinji, who said he was going to have a baby with Charlotte.

 (I’ll use it tonight, right away)

 Thanking Freri, Shinji left the room to have dinner first for tonight.

* * *

 ”Thank you, Morse, for your hard work today”

 ”Thank you. Charl too, thank you for your hard work”

 After all the work was done, Charlotte and Morse were getting ready to sleep in their bedroom.

 Charlotte is preparing for their customary late-night tea time after supporting Morse, who is still new to the job.

 She made tea for the two of them and secretly put a few drops of the liquid Shinji had given her on Morse’s cup.

 ”Here you go, Morse”

 ”I’ll take it”

 Without questioning his wife, Morse drank the tea. Charlotte followed Morse’s lead and drank her tea.

 After a few moments of enjoyable conversation, Morse began to yawn.

 ”Hoam…. I’m getting sleepy…. Shall we go to bed now?”

 ”Indeed. I’m getting sleepy too”

 Charlotte takes the cup from Morse and puts it on the desk. Then they went to bed together.

 Before Morse fell asleep, Charlotte kissed him lightly on the lips.

 ”Good night, Morse ♡”

 ”Yes… Good night… Charl”

 Smiling happily, Morse closes his eyelids as sleepiness takes over.

 He sleeps happily, not knowing that his wife will be embraced by another man after this.

* * *


 ”Shinji-san ♡”

 When Charlotte left the couple’s room to visit Shinji’s room, Shinji immediately called her. She hugged Shinji with the enthusiasm she had been waiting for.

 As Shinji stroked Charlotte’s ass, which had become more and more absorbed in Shinji after their last cheating s*x, he cast a soundproofing magic around Morse and Charlotte’s room.

 Charlotte, unaware of the magic, moans sweetly as she rubs her rich breasts against Shinji’s chest, with her hips squirming and shaking.

 ”You’re ready to get impregnated, right?”

 ”Nn… ♡ It’s a competition… ♡ Shinji-san’s first, though… ♡”

 ”I don’t think I’m going to lose”

 ”Ah…♡ Shinji-san wants me to get pregnant… ♡ In here… ♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis, which is pressed against Charlotte’s body, is already in a fighting stance. A hot, hard p*nis was pressed against her, and Charlotte’s eyes lit up with a genuine sense of lust.

 ”Then… let’s have s*x to make a baby, shall we?”

 ”Yes… ♡”

 Charlotte nodded with a lustful expression at Shinji’s words.

* * *

 ”Morse will wake up… ♡:

 ”Don’t worry. It’s a magic potion that keeps him from waking up until morning, but it also completely removes his fatigue”

 After pushing Charlotte into her couple’s room, Shinji embraced her from behind by the side of the bed where Morse was still sleeping, crawling his fingers over her private parts and caressing them.

 She felt guilty again for being so close to her husband, but her body, which had been aroused by Shinji, felt the touch of his fingers.

 Her underwear was removed from her baby doll dress and she was naked underneath, and when her large breasts were squeezed and her nipples pinched with Shinji’s fingertips, Charlotte was turned on and all she could think about was how great the pleasure would be.

 ”Look, your nipple got hard right away. This one wants it too”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah… ♡ You can’t touch my nipples and pussy together… ♡ It feels too good… ♡”

 ”Is it because You’re in front of Morse-kun that you feel more than usual?”

 Shinji stirred the inside of Charlotte’s vagina with two fingers.

 Charlotte’s vagina has been soaked with her love juices and the fingers that stirred on the sensitive parts of the vagina make Charlotte lean back.

 (Morse… ♡ I’m sorry… ♡ My body can’t be satisfied without Shinji-san’s cock… ♡)

 With her hands behind her back, Charlotte pulled Shinji’s pants down, pulled his p*nis out of his underwear, and turned around while rubbing up the back of his erect p*nis with her soft ass.

 ”It’s already twitching… ♡”

 ”You too, Charlotte. I’m going to insert it now”

 ”Yes…♡ Please insert it quickly…♡”

 Shinji turned off the contraceptive magic that he had cast on himself.

 Not only that, but he cast a new magic on himself. The implantation rate increased, which meant that it would be easier for the woman to conceive.

 Placing her hands on the bed, Shinji grasps Charlotte’s slim hips and inserts his p*nis into her.

 As he slowly inserts his p*nis, Charlotte’s vagina clenches and tightens.

 Shinji rubbed the back of her vagina with a thin smirk on his face as he tried to make her pregnant as quickly as possible. The womb’s sucked on the glans as it squeezed….

 ”Ah… ♡ Ah… ♡ My womb… ♡ It’s coming down… ♡”

 ”You’re sucking so hard. This is not competition at all…. Your body is definitely going to conceive, is it okay?”

 ”Because…♡ Shinji-san’s cock…♡ feels so good…♡ I can’t take this…♡ I’m going to get pregnant…♡”

 Charlotte stared at Morse’s face as he slept on the bed, soaking in the pleasure with a face full of love.

 Charlotte swayed her hips in time with Shinji’s pistoning movements.

 Even though her husband was right in front of her, her entire attention was focused on the p*nis gouging her vagina.

 Shinji also felt an unprecedented amount of excitement at the situation of fucking a young wife in front of her sleeping husband.

 Especially when it comes to child-making s*x without contraceptive magic.

 Shinji goes into a final spurt as he watches Charlotte’s hips sway each time he slams his hips against it, and watches her love juices splash around.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 (Ah… ♡ It’s twitching… ♡ It’s going to ejaculate… ♡ I’m going to be impregnated… ♡ I’m going to be impregnated in front of Morse… ♡ Nn… Me too… ♡ I’m going to cum too… ♡ I’m cummmmmiing~ ♡)

 While holding back her moans and closing her lips tightly, Charlotte pushed her hips out with both hands to catch Shinji’s semen.

 The semen gushes out of Shinji’s p*nis when the glans is in close contact with Charlotte’s womb.

 ”Conceive it… Char!!”

 ”Nnngh~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡”

 A thick, sticky semen was poured into the woman to impregnate her.

 The body trembles at the sensation of the thick semen filling the womb as it experiences the most pleasurable climax.

 (My womb… ♡ It’s so warm… ♡ I’m definitely having Shinji’s baby… ♡ Morse… I’m sorry… ♡)

 Charlotte is immersed in the afterglow of a deep climax…

 Instinctively, Charlotte realized that she was pregnant with Shinji’s child.

 Shinji casts a magic on Charlotte as he pours his semen into her.

 He manipulates the child so that she will resemble her mother… It’s Genetic Manipulation magic.

 Shinji didn’t understand the logic behind it. However, he understood that manipulation could bring about the desired result so he used the magic.

 (To have a daughter… The gender must be selected as female. The appearance of the daughter should be like her mother. The succubus’s magic is very advanced…)

 Shinji pulls out his p*nis from Charlotte after pouring out his semen.

 Charlotte’s body falls back on the bed and she grabs Morse’s hand in front of her.

 ”You have to raise it properly, Charlotte”

 ”Yes…♡ I understand, Papa…♡”

 The woman who conceived another man’s baby in front of her husband replies with an entranced look on her face. And Morse never woke up.

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