Wizard 72

Chapter 72 Preparing for Living Together and Renka’s Anxiety

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 The day after Shinji conceived Charlotte.

 Shinji, who had breakfast in the dining room of <Hidden Dragon Inn> as if nothing had happened, visited the party house in the morning.

 He had heard a message from Emily the day before that Alvin wanted them to gather.

 All the members of <Running Wolves> and Emily would gather in the morning.

 ”Now that everyone has their furniture, we can start living here tomorrow!”

 ”Well, that’s what I thought”

 Shinji nodded in agreement with Alvin’s first words. Milis, Renka and Emily knew what Alvin had started to say yesterday.

 Milis and Renka looked troubled, while Emily was all smiles.

 ”Al, we haven’t cleaned the room yet”

 ”Then let’s clean it together today!”

 ”Al-kun, you’re going to clean with me, okay?”

 Shinji offered to help Renka, who muttered, “I’ll take care of the bathrooms, kitchen and water areas”

 Alvin and Milis were to clean the corridors and cafeteria.

 ”I’ll take care of the outside. Shinji, would it be okay if you and Freri worked together?”

 ”Of course. Speaking of Freri, she has grown up”

 ”…Growing up?”

 Emily froze, as if she had just heard a word she didn’t like.

 Alvin and the others have no knowledge of the growth of spirits. Therefore, they were looking at Shinji with a curious look on their faces.

 ”Unlike humans, when a spirit’s accumulated experience reaches a certain level, its appearance changes drastically overnight… while it sleeps. Well, I guess it’s faster to let you see. Come, Freri”

 Shinji summoned Freri.

 Everyone looked at Freri as she emerged from the magic circle… she was tilting her head. She’s a beautiful girl, and it suits her to such a degree that it’s almost mocking.

 ”Freri-chan is even cuter!”

 Milis quickly approached and hugged Freri, as she always did.

 Freri also hugged Milis back, as she always does when Milis hugs her.

 Milis’s large breasts and Freri’s larger breasts squashed together, creating a truly blissful sight.

 ”I’m really surprised at how much you’ve changed”

 ”Right? But it’s not that much different on the inside”

 Shinji shrugged his shoulders in front of Renka’s astonished eyes.

 ”I think my magic power has increased, and I think my strength has improved a lot. I’m glad to see that she’s grown before the upper-intermediate exam”


 Although Shinji was talking about the seriousness of combat power, Renka was paying attention to Freri’s growing breasts.

 (Huh? Is it possible that they’ve outgrown my size?)

 As Shinji’s girlfriend, this was a big problem.

 After they became lovers, Renka was the only one who told by Shinji that Freri was half-spirit, half-succubus. Of course, this includes the fact that they have a physical relationship.

 As a half-succubus, Freri has excellent s*xual skills.

 The fact that Renka had larger breasts than Freri was a big advantage for her.

 Paizuri service was one of the games that Shinji enjoyed.

 Shinji’s s*xfriends were all girls with breasts larger than her own.

 If she were to lose in size or skill, she would feel like she was out of the game.

 (…I don’t think that would be possible only with Freri, but…)

 The fear that Freri might dominate Shinji by making him melt over struck Renka. She couldn’t help but cast an anxious glance at Shinji.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”…Umm, nothing”

 Renka’s eyes met Shinji’s and she shook her head.

 ”You’ve gotten so cute…”


 ”Of course, Mil is the best!”

 Milis, who had been hugging Freri, gazed at Alvin who was unconsciously admiring Freri’s beauty.

 Alvin doesn’t even think she’s cheating on him, as he’s got a big smile on his face.

 ”…Freri, you’re traitorrrrrr!!”


 ”Oh, Freri-chan!”

 As Emily recovered from the shock of Freri’s growth, she ran out of the room screaming.

 This growth was a terrible betrayal from Emily, who had felt sympathy for the small breasts.

 Everyone else except Emily had large breasts…the environment of being alone on the cliff was very much on Emily’s mind.

 Freri slips out from Milis’s arms and runs out of the room after Emily.

 Shinji smiled and looked after her, thinking that as a fellow servant she could not leave her alone.

 ”Well, now that we’re a team of two, let’s do what we have to do”

 ”Okay! Mil, where do we start?”

 ”Let’s go get the cleaning supplies first, Al-kun”

 Alvin and Milis leave the room in good spirits.

 The rest of the team, Shinji and Renka, went to the kitchen together.

 ”Let’s do the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom last.”

 ”Oh, okay. I’ll do as Renka says”

 This is how they all started the hurried cleaning.

* * *

 ”I guess the bath is the most troublesome…”

 ”Yeah… It’s about the size of a medium-sized bathroom. I think it would have been necessary if all the employees were going to use it”

 The kitchen and bathrooms were easily cleaned thanks to the guild’s regular cleaners.

 While scrubbing the floor with a brush, Shinji looked at Renka.

 She seemed normal, but Shinji had the feeling that she was troubled.

 He could tell that Freri was the reason for this, because her mood had changed since he had seen her, but he couldn’t tell what the cause was.

 ”Shinji. Freri has changed so much, hasn’t she?”

 ”Hmm? Yeah, I guess so. But it’s just her appearance, right?”

 ”Yeah. I can see that. …You see, her breasts have gotten bigger”

 Shinji suddenly looked at Renka when he heard the word “breasts”.

 Reddened cheeks, Renka is scrubbing the floor with a brush. Shinji stared at Renka’s breasts, which swayed as she moved.

 ”I think Freri is better at s*x… I was a little worried that Shinji might prefer a girl like that”

 ”I like s*x, but it’s not everything, you know?”

 This is not something a man who has a lot of s*xfriends would say.

 ”As for me, I’m more comfortable with Renka”

 ”…Thank you. I’m sorry for saying such a strange thing so suddenly…”

 Shinji, who had been sneaking up on Renka, hugged her from behind. The brush leaves Renka’s hand and falls to the floor.

 Shinji’s hug is strong and muscular, and Renka is held in his arms quietly.

 ”You just said it’s not everything…”

 ”I was trying to help Renka regain her confidence”

 ”Mo~… ♡ Don’t say stupid things… ♡ Hey… ♡ Shinji… ♡”

 Shinji’s hands touched Renka’s breasts and slowly squeezed them.

 The firm breasts changed shape nastily in Shinji’s hands. When Shinji’s hands were caressing her, she felt anxious and wanted to respond, but instead of resisting, she just let him do it.

 ”Someone’s going to come… ♡”

 ”Let’s do it before they come”

 ”Hya… ♡ Don’t pinch them… ♡

 Renka let herself be carried away by Shinji’s escalating actions.

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