Wizard 73

Chapter 73 Sneaking Off in the Bath (Renka)

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 ”M, mo~… ♡ You can’t… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Kooraa~ ♡”

 While rubbing Renka’s chest, which was twisting in his arms, Shinji nuzzled his face into her neck. Renka feels Shinji’s snort and laughs tricklingly.

 He could smell the faint scent of sweat and a pleasant aroma coming from Renka.

 As soon as Renka’s resistance weakened, Shinji’s hands continued to pull up Renka’s clothes, exposing her breasts wrapped in her underwear.

 ”We just need to rinse it off and it will be fine, right?”

 ”Everyone’s still cleaning up~ ♡ So we’ll have to help too… ♡”

 Emily’s voice could be heard through the window, which had been opened slightly for ventilation.

 From the sound of her voice, it seemed that Freri was cutting the weeds with her magic and Emily was carrying them away.

 ”Just once, then. Renka’s wet, too”

 ”But Shinji who has made me wet ……♡”

 Shinji’s hand slips under her shorts and underwear.

 When Shinji’s fingers touched her private parts, they were already moist, and the light caress on her breasts showed that her body was ready to fuck.

 Renka was getting more and more eager to have s*x.

 After all, it was nice to be wanted as a lover. She knew she should be cleaning up, but she just couldn’t refuse in earnest.

 She knew that if she really refused, Shinji would stop like he did when she was cooking, but her bad self-whispered that she should just let it happen.

 ”Okay, just one time… ♡”

 ”Thank you, Renka”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Suddenly… ♡ Don’t be so hard on me… ♡ Let’s go to the corner… ♡ In this place~ ♡ Even with the frosted glass from the door… ♡ If someone comes, they’ll be noticed by the shadow …♡”

 When Renka gave her permission, Shinji’s caresses became less reserved.

 With his hands caressing her breasts, he loosened the underwear covering her breasts and rolled it up like the jacket. He pinched her nipples, which were beginning to harden, with his thumb and middle finger.

 As if pushed by Shinji, who took his hands away from her private parts and focused on caressing her breasts with both hands, Renka slowly walked to the corner of the bathroom.

 ”My breast… ♡ It’s hard to walk when you’re touching them… ♡ And you’re only touching my breast… ♡”

 ”Didn’t you worry about Freri’s breasts? I thought I should tell you that I like Renka’s breasts”

 ”Hah… ♡ Ah… ♡ My nipples… ♡ You’re just doing my nipples… ♡ Ah… ♡ I understand so it’s enough… ♡”

 Shinji and Renka, still in close contact, staggered to the corner of the bathroom and finally reached it. By this time, both of Renka’s nipples had swollen up to be hard and plump.

 With both hands on the wall, Renka put her hips out to Shinji.

 Renka’s hips were pressed even more closely against him, and the soft touch of her hips hit again his stiffly erect p*nis.

 ”Shinji…♡ Kiss me…♡ Chu…♡ Nn…♡ Rero…♡ Puha…♡ Ah…♡ There…♡ That’s good. …♡ Shinji’s finger feels so good…♡”

 Shinji slips down her shorts and pulls down her underwear as well, and presses his p*nis against Renka. Shinji’s p*nis is so hot that it can be seen even through the cloth, and Renka’s private parts are tingling with anticipation.

 Her tingling vagina quickly made the inside of her vagina slippery with love juice.

 Shinji’s fingers slipped into the vagina. Not one, but two fingers carefully stirred around inside Renka’s vagina.

 He knew exactly where Renka’s weak points were, because he’d had s*x with her many times, and when he rubbed her vagina with his fingers, Renka writhed in agony, dripping more love juice.

 ”Don’t make too much noise, or they’ll know we’re having s*x”

 ”I know…♡ Don’t have a hobby of exposing myself…♡ …Al is here today… ♡ So I have to hold back my voice…♡”

 Shinji and Renka were whispering to each other in a whisper.

 Renka, now Shinji’s girlfriend, has long since lost her heteros*xual affection for Alvin. Now she didn’t want to be seen in a lascivious manner.

 ”Then let’s take our time…”

 ”Yes…♡ Shinji…♡ Come on…♡”

 When Shinji pulled his fingers out, he saw a string of love juice.

 After pulling down his underwear, Shinji takes out his p*nis and slowly inserts it into Renka’s vagina. He pushes his p*nis into the vagina, which is wet with slippery love juice, and Shinji’s hips and Renka’s ass come into contact with each other.

 ”Hah… ♡ It’s entered… ♡ Shinji’s cock feels so good… ♡”

 ”It’s so good inside of you, Renka… Look at me”

 ”Yeah… ♡ Nn… ♡ Chu… Chu… ♡ Shinji… ♡ you’re twitching inside me… ♡ dDoes it feel good inside me? ♡”

 ”Ah… Renka, your insides are the most comfortable. I just want to stay connected to you forever”

 Shinji didn’t move as soon as he inserted himself, but wrapped his arms around Renka’s stomach and chest.

 He kissed Renka and slowly ran his hands over her body, stroking her.

 The frustrating caresses made Renka feel more happy connecting with the person she loved than happy.

 Renka’s vagina tightened around Shinji’s p*nis.

 The folds of Renka’s vagina tightened around Shinji’s p*nis, and her womb greeted the glans.

 There is no contraction to devour the semen like Freri. The vaginal pressure is just that of Renka’s devotion to making Shinji’s p*nis feel good.

 Shinji felt so comfortable that he felt like he could ejaculate just by being inserted.

 The best vagina for Shinji was here, made possible by their perfect body chemistry and Renka’s devoted love.

 ”Shinji…♡ I think I’m going to cum just by being connected to you…♡”

 ”I’ll move slowly too, so let’s be patient”

 ”Yeah…♡ Chu… ♡ Nn… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn… ♡ Rero… Rero… ♡ Slurp… ♡ Chuchu… ♡”

 Shinji and Renka’s lips are tightly pressed together and their tongues intertwine.

 Shinji begins a very slow pistoning motion while kissing her deeply, while they were exchanging saliva.

 He pulls his p*nis slowly until the edge, and then thrusts his p*nis in until it pushes up against the womb. Renka also thrusts her hips out, groping and pushing the back of her vagina against the glans. The folds of her vaginal wall tangled around his p*nis, urging him to ejaculate….

 Shinji decided to keep holding back his ejaculation to the limit, trying to taste Renka’s pussy to the fullest.

 Just when he thought he was about to ejaculate with one more rub, he heard the door to the changing room open.

 ”Shinji-san, Renka-chan. How’s it going over there?”

 ”We’re done! What? They’re not here…”

 They heard the voices of Alvin and Milis. From where Alvin and the others are standing, they can’t see the shadow of the two connected in the corner of the bathroom, making it look like the two are not in the bathroom.

 Renka’s eyes widened in surprise.

 Shinji can’t stop himself from rubbing one last time now.

 In order to prevent Renka from moaning from the pleasure of ejaculation, he forcefully pulls her head back and puts his p*nis deep into her vagina while keeping his lips perfectly pressed against hers.


 Dopyu… ♡ Dopyu… ♡ Dopyu… ♡ Dopyu… ♡

 Shinji ejaculates into Renka’s vagina while sending his thoughts to Milis through the lewd crest. He told her to take Alvin out of the changing room and go help in the garden.

 ”Al-kun, it looks like they’re not here, so let’ s go help Emily and the others outside.”

 ”Right! Maybe they’re over there, too”

 In the midst of Alvin and Milis talking, Renka was in a deep, deep climax.

 As much strength as she had left, she strained her legs to keep from collapsing to the floor.

 There was nowhere to hold on to on the slippery wall, so she grabbed Shinji’s arm and was intoxicated by the sensation of being drenched with semen.

 As it was, Shinji and Renka didn’t move until the ejaculation was over.

 As soon as Alvin and Milis left the dressing room, Shinji finally withdrew his p*nis.

 ”Oh no, that was really great timing”

 ”Hah… ♡ Hah… ♡ I thought we were going to get caught… ♡”

 Shinji and Renka laughed at each other.

 ”Looks like we have to go too”

 ”Yeah. They might come looking for us again. I’ll go to my room and change my clothes”

 ”Okay. Thank you, Renka”

 ”Nn… ♡”

 They kissed lightly and Shinji adjusted his clothes.

 With that in mind, Shinji went out into the garden ahead of Renka.

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