Wizard 75

Chapter 75 Talk with The Goddess

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 The presence of the priests and Alvin and the others had moved away from the room.

 ”Well, I guess we can finally get down to business”

 As soon as she said that, the Miko’s presence changed.

 The motherly calmness was gone, and an intimidating atmosphere took over.

 Shinji felt an overwhelming difference in magic power that made him feel as if his body was being crushed. With all the strength he could muster to keep his legs from trembling, Shinji endured the intimidation.

 As long as he didn’t get permission to raise his head, he could only maintain the status quo.

 ”…Good. Raise your head”


 With permission, Shinji raised his head.

 The Miko Arian met his gaze. Shinji waits for her to speak as he gazes into her emotionless, inorganic eyes.

 ”… You killed my apostle. If you have an excuse, I’m all ears”

 Shinji decided to place a ray of hope that he would not be punished without question.

 He took a deep breath, looked back into Arian’s eyes, and opened his mouth.

 ”I was just trying to shake off the flames. He was obsessed with my woman. So, I’m not going to shut up and let him steal her. I was attacked, so I fought back”

 ”You didn’t have to kill him”

 ”It was necessary. I’m not relieved just by breaking his heart. He might come back with stronger companions to take revenge. He might increase the range of what he can charm with his eyes. As long as he has those eyes, it’s too dangerous to keep him alive”

 Shinji immediately denied Arian’s words that seemed to condemn him.

 Arian glared at Shinji with a look of displeasure.

 It was as if she was saying, “If you want to withdraw, now is the time”.

 A few moments of silence passed.

 ”…Good. Then I’ll give you a command …I’m going to make Flair your companion, and you’re going to lead your life as before. That is all.

 ”I want you to wait, Arian-samaaaa!!!”

 The heavy atmosphere of the past dissipated, and Arian said with a very beautiful and gentle smile.

 At about the same time, Flair appeared out of nowhere and fell flat in front of Arian.

 The sudden turn of events left Shinji with a dumbfounded look on his face.

 ”What do you need to wait for? I don’t want to hear anything but ‘yes’ from you”

 ”The man there is the one who humiliated me…!”

 ”I know. But it’s the result of your negligence, isn’t it? I’m not involved. Rather, I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the initiative”

 ”If, if that’s the case, could you remove the lewd crest?”

 ”Of course”

 Flair crumpled to the floor with a thud.

 Arian didn’t even look at her.

 Finally, Shinji rebooted and his expression returned to normal.

 ”Maybe you’re… the goddess herself?”

 ”Yes. I have temporarily borrowed the body of the Miko Arian. I am the Goddess Arian. I am Goddess who manages the world”

 In the face of the miracle of the goddess’s descent, Shinji’s curiosity as a wizard overcame his fear and awe.

 He knew he was being disrespectful, but he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to continue the conversation.

 ”I am honored to be able to speak directly with you. I would like to know the true meaning of what you just said…!”

 From the perspective of the goddess Arian, Shinji’s attitude was disrespectful.

 However, if one looked inside Shinji’s mind, one would find respect. The goddess Arian felt good about Shinji wanting to ask and answer questions on that basis.

 ”You…! You are disrespectful to Arian-sama~noja!”

 ”Very well. Flair, prepare my tea. I’ll talk to him”

 Goddess Arian said, and in an instant a round table and two round chairs appeared in front of Shinji and Goddess Arian.


 ”Flair, what is your response?”

 ”…Yes…, I understand”

 The goddess Arian sat down on a round chair and recommended Shinji to face her.

 Flair reluctantly disappears. She returned to get a drink, as Arian had requested.

 Shinji sat down in front of the goddess Arian as she asked him to.

 ”I like you a little. I hadn’t planned on telling you this but I will satisfy your curiosity as a wizard”

 ”Thank you”

 The goddess Arian put on her best smug face.

 ”There are several worlds that I control. Including this world where you live and the world where the spirits live. The distance between worlds is very close, and with a little effort, it is possible to travel between worlds. >Summoning Spirits> is a good example”

 Shinji listened in silence, trying not to miss a single word.

 ”There are many other worlds besides the one I control. Naturally, there are worlds outside of my control. I will also deal with any invasion from those other worlds. The summoning of the apostle Minato is one of those countermeasures.

 There are other apostles, but… the common request is to defeat the monster of unique individuals. That monster called the black unique individual is a lead soldier that has been embedded with factors from other worlds”

 The scale of the story was too large for Shinji to say anything.

 ”They breed black monsters and kill people. You can think that as the number of lives forms, I control decreases and the number of unique individuals increases, my power will decrease. They attack me from the inside while blocking my hands with a massive invasion from the outside. It’s a good strategy, even for the enemy.

 So, I decided to reincarnate people from other worlds that I control. While moving from one world to another, I wanted to give them a factor in their body that could extinguish the factor of the unique individual, and have them defeat the monster. Even if a person who does not have the factor defeats the monster, the monster will just leave the body and live in another body somewhere else”

 The goddess Arian said that since it was not possible to attach a factor to a living person, she would give them a factor after death and have them reincarnated.

 ”Fortunately, there was a world where there were many people who yearned for this world, so that helped. Also, the factor I gave has a certain property. It is a characteristic that my factor will be passed on to those who defeat the apostles”

 She muttered, “The factor intervening in the system that makes a person stronger when he or she defeat a monster.”

 This means that Shinji, who killed Minato, also has the goddess’s factor in him.

 ”So, even a fool had a role to play. Fortunately, the role of the fool passing the factor to a better person. As an adventurer, I want you to continue to take the initiative in defeating monster, especially unique individuals if there is any talk of them. For the sake of the world. I look forward to working with you, Apostle Shinji”


 Shinji’s face tightens thanks to the uncompromising smile.

 It’s not unreasonable to feel reluctant to say yes when he has no choice but to say yes.

 ”I’ve also prepared a reward for you. The advanced payment is having Flair as your companion. It seems have become a habit for Flair to be held by you, so please take good care of her”

 ”A, Arian-samaaa! That’s not true~noja! It’s the tea~noja!”

 Flair came back and protested while serving tea, but the goddess Arian did not care.

 ”Ara. Don’t lie to me, Flair. I’m sure you were thinking, ‘I love your cock~ ♡ I want be impregnated again~ ♡’”


 The goddess Arian read out her feelings at the time, and Flair crouched down again.

 (Goddess-sama, you’re a bully… but you know exactly how I feel)

 Flair also wants to abuse Shinji for some reason.

 She and Goddess Arian looked at each other and nodded at each other, as if they understood each other.

 Goddess Arian took a sip of her tea and smiled.

 ”Flair’s tea is delicious. …Well, I stayed longer than I thought I would. It was a fun time. See you again, Apostle Shinji”

 ”Thank you very much for everything. I will do everything I can to help”

 ”Good. I look forward to it”

 The goddess Arian seemed satisfied with Shinji’s reply, but then her presence changed.

 The atmosphere was softened, and the sparkle returned to her eyes.

 The Goddess Arian had left the room and switched to the consciousness of the Miko Arian.

 Shinji had a good impression of the goddess Arian, who was much easier to talk to than he had expected. At least enough to make him think about accepting the request to defeat the unique individual, the role of the apostle, as long as it was not too much to ask.

 He’s also curious about the Goddess’s reward.

 ”…Then… The Miko Arian prays for the safety of the apostle Shinji-sama…”

 Shinji replied to Arian, who bowed gently to him.


 Flair-chan crying as the Goddess teases her.

 Minato’s Charm Eyes were not given to him by the Goddess, but by a skill he developed when he was reincarnated, so it is outside Goddess jurisdiction.

 There was no problem if Minato had used it properly, gathering strong party members and living an adventurer’s life defeating unique individuals as often as he could.

 Shinji-kun was appointed as an apostle.

 Instead, he got Flair.

 He didn’t make a contract with her, so his magical power didn’t change.

 She’s like a summoned beast.

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