Wizard 76

Chapter 76 Running Wolves – Taking Upper-Intermediate Exam, Part Two

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 (It was a very interesting story)

 The content was something that he would not have believed if it had not come from a goddess. But for Shinji, it was very interesting and useful.

 He wanted to do some research, but first he had to defeat the unique individual, he thought.

 (It’s troublesome to think that if it’s not an apostle of the goddess, the monster will eventually revive. I’m not sure if the factor that was attached to the lesser dragon that Emily defeated will revive again somewhere… or maybe this request for that one?)

 He walked down the corridor from the Miko’s room, thinking.


 [W, what?]

 Shinji is able to talk to Flair, who has been assigned to him by the goddess, through his thoughts. As he called her, he could feel her thoughts, which were extremely nervous, and he chuckled.

 [Who knows that I’m an apostle?]

 [Arian-sama and the Miko Arian are the only ones who know~noja]

 [If that’s the case, we’ll keep it a secret for a while. Do you understand?]

 [I know~noja]

 Flair is indifferent, as if she wants to avoid talking to Shinji as much as possible.

 [I wonder if you need to be punished another time]

 [!? What? Why, I answered you correctly~noja!!]

 [Because of your attitude. I’m going to fuck you until you behave. If you behave normally, I’ll stop]

 [It was my fault~noja. I’m very sorry~noja. I will change my attitude~noja!]

 ”It’s okay then,” he said, sending a thought, and Shinji cut the connection.

 In the meantime, Alvin and the others found Shinji in the public area while Shinji was thinking that he hadn’t trained Flair enough because he had given priority to Minato at that time.

 ”Shinji! How was it?”

 ”It was a valuable experience for me. It’s about wizard”

 He nodded in satisfaction to Alvin, who came running up to him.

 ”Did you learn magic directly from Miko-sama?

 ”It’s similar, I guess. I heard that unique individuals are the target of the mission?”

 ”Yes. I heard there was another unique one in the desert city”

 Shinji spoke while making eye contact with Milis, who looked envious, and Renka, who looked relieved that Shinji had returned safely.

 ”I learned how to destroy the unique individuals from Miko-sama. It seems to be the same cause as the monster that Emily and I had defeated last time. It just so happened that I’m the right person for the job. It seems that we should defeat it normally and then I’m the one who has to finish it off”

 ”The monsters that we’re trying to kill have been downgraded. It’s a mutated version of <Rock Lizard>, so unlike last time, I think we’ll be fine on our own”

 As the name suggests, <Rock Lizard> is a large lizard with scales as hard as a rock.

 They are carnivorous and ferocious in nature. They often attack travelers.

 It is about twice the size of a human, and its claws, fangs, and tail are its weapons. It is a power-type monster that only attacks purely physically.

 They are much easier to deal with than <Lesser Dragon>. It’s a monster that can be defeated by a party of intermediate-range ranks adventurers. But because it’s a unique individual, so the rank is upper-intermediate.

 <Running Wolves> is an upper-lower rank so it’s not a problem.

 ”I wonder if it’s treated as an upper-intermediate rank because of the fact that it was told to me by Miko-sama…?”

 ”I’m sure it is. The fact that it is only shared with Shinji-san suggests that it is an important secret”

 ”We’re not supposed to ask either, right?”

 Milis was happy to see the Miko up close and personal, which was unusual for her.

 If someone is not an adventurer and becomes a priest in a temple, they need to be of a very high rank to be able to see Miko-sama and enter the restricted areas.

 It was a valuable experience for a priest.

 Shinji nodded in response to Alvin’s question.

 ”That’s why I stayed behind, you see. What we have to do is the same as always. We’ll defeat the monster. After that, I’ll just deal with it. It’s like draining blood”

 ” Blood drainage… you could say that!”

 Alvin smiles brightly.

 Seeing that Shinji said it is the same as usual, Alvin felt that the part of him that had been preoccupied with the test had lightened up.

 ”All right!”, He regained his composure and faced Shinji again.

 ”We’ll go to the desert city first. When we get there, you can tell me where the targets are. They’ll give us a lift to the desert city via Pegasus, so we should arrive there this evening!”

 ”It seems they’re setting up a temporary base in the area today. We’ll spend the night in the desert city and go to the temporary base tomorrow morning. From there, we’ll be able to take down the unique individual of <Rock Lizard>”

 ”That’s a lot of work”

  (*Note: Pegasus -> Tenma -> 天馬)

 Pegasus is a horse with wings on its back.

 It’s completely controlled by the temple, and only high-ranking priests at the temple can ride them.

 If someone pulls a carriage that has been levitated by <Levitation> magic and pulled by Pegasus, the carriage can move in a group at a terrifying speed.

 As a side note, in the country, a giant crow, <Yatagarasu>, replaces Pegasus. Both of them are precious creatures, as their populations are not very large.

 ”I want to go as soon as I’m ready! I never thought I’d be able to ride in a Pegasus carriage!”

 Milis’s eyes were shining brighter than ever, as she was excited by the Miko-sama, Pegasus, and the series of events that would make any priest excited.

 Shinji chuckled, Renka smiled, and Alvin gazed lovingly at Milis.

 ”We’ll probably have to take a carriage on the way back, so make sure you have fun on the way there, Milis”


 Yesterday, a letter from Akane arrived at the party house.

 The reply from Akane received by Renka.

 ”I would like to work there. I will take care of the personal affairs”

 It was written on the letter.

 So, we’ll be taking Akane home in a carriage on the way back.

 ”The housekeeper of the party house is now solved! Now all we have to do is clear this request and become an upper-intermediate!”

 ”That’s right. Let’s do our best to stay alert”

 ”That’s right!!”

 Shinji’s words were answered by Alvin, and Milis and Renka nodded.

 In this way, <Running Wolves> departed from <Medio> city on a carriage pulled by a Pegasus.

 The Pegasus is as fast as the rumors said it would be.

 That same day, <Running Wolves> is transported to the desert city.

 After getting a room at the inn, Alvin and the others prepared for tomorrow.

 This is a serious story about a request.

 Each organization has its own creature in charge of the sky.

 The debate which is stronger between (Pegasus) or (Yatagarasu), has not been settled.

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