Wizard 77

Chapter 77 Taking Care Flair and Taming Her

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 In preparation for tomorrow’s battle against the unique individual in the desert city, Alvin and the others had eaten early and returned to their rooms.

 Shinji didn’t go out either, and stayed in his room quietly.

 After all, there are things that must be done before tomorrow’s attack.

 ”Flair, come here”

 ”What do you want~noja?”

 Shinji summoned Flair. She appeared in front of Shinji.

 She is wary of Shinji, but since he said he would behave normally, she is trying to talk calmly.

 (You’re like a cat I just got…)

 He smiles wryly and continues talking.

 ”I’d like to check what Flair can do before tomorrow’s request”

 ”Oh, so that’s what you mean~noja…”

 Looking at the relieved Flair, Shinji wanted to be mean, but it would interrupt the conversation, so Shinji quietly concentrated on listening.

 ”I’m good at self-strengthening magic and fire magic. I also possess enough martial arts to block the attacks of the female warriors under your command~noja. And I have too much magic power for more subtle magic~noja. It’s best to call me when you want to kick the crap out of the small fry~noja!”

 Flair puffed out her chest in front of Shinji.

 Shinji stared at the large breasts covered by the dress as he listened.

 ”Of course, I can handle the big fish. On the other hand, in small places, I can only punch and kick. And my fire magic will make an accidents~noja…”

 She was talking nicely, but when she felt Shinji’s eyes on her chest, she covered it with her arm.

 Shinji, who took a step closer to Flair, hugged Flair’s shoulders.

 She shivered and looked up at Shinji.

 ”That is helpful. I really wanted to see you fight on another request, but… it can’t be helped”

 ”…I see. And what’s this hand~noja… Nnn~ ♡”

 Knead Flair’s breasts from the top of her dress with the hand that was vacant.

 When Shinji rubbed her breasts with his hands, Flair remembered the pleasure he was giving her and her nipples hardened quickly.

 ”I thought you said you wouldn’t punish me… ♡”

 ”Yes. I’m not punishing you, but I’m inviting you to have s*x with me”

 ”Hyan… ♡ You, you’re already touching me… ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 The hands that had been on her shoulders began to caress Flair’s breasts.

 If Shinji continues to torment her nipples with both hands, Flair’s knees will start to shake.

 ”I absolutely don’t wate Flair hate me. If you say you won’t have s*x with me again, I’ll stop. If not, then let’s just do it”

 ”That~ ♡ That way of saying not fair~noja ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Hah… ♡ Hah… ♡ Please be gentle ♡ It’s fine if it’s gentle~noja… ♡”

 ”I understand. I’ve only ever forced myself on you before. But I had no choice because Minato was there at that time. Do you understand?”

 ”Ah…♡ I know~noja…♡ Ah~ ♡ My nipples… ♡ Hyan… ♡ Ah~, Ah~, Fuah~ ♡ You lick it and suck it… ♡ Hah~ ♡ You’re touching that place too… Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 As long as he doesn’t try to force her to give in, Flair has no desire to resist Shinji’s caresses. That’s how much Flair’s body was captivated by s*x with Shinji.

 Shinji undid Flair’s shoulder straps, exposing her breasts, and sucked on her nipples with his mouth.

 He licked the hardened nipple with his tongue, biting and sucking it sweetly, making a sucking sound.

 He slipped his hand underneath her dress and rubbed his fingers over the twitching skin of her underwear, causing her to lose strength in her legs.

 Shinji clung to her as she continued to receive caresses.

 (As expected, It feels so good… ♡ My body… ♡ When this man touches me, I immediately get hot… ♡ I immediately want his cock… ♡)

 Her underwear was already soaked with love juice.

 Shinji’s caresses were as gentle as Flair wanted them to be. It was not a gentle caress, but rather a caress that took a long time.

 Shinji didn’t need to rush as there was no need to make Flair give in. He thought about caressing her until she begged for it.

 Kuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Kuchu

 Before she knew it, her underwear was pulled down.

 Two of Shinji’s fingers were inserted into Flair’s vagina, carefully stirring the inside of her vagina.

 Flair’s body bounced as he rubbed the stiff spot with his fingers. Then, she climaxes lightly.

 Shinji’s hands were already soaked from the caressing.

 When this happened two or three more times, Flair’s face became soaked with emotion that she could no longer keep it straight.

 Finally, her vagina became too impatient and she asked for a cock.

 ”It’s enough~noja… ♡ You… ♡” (*Note: You -> Onushi -> Used by elders and samurai to talk to people of equal or lower rank, as well as by fictional ninja. Literally means “master”)

 ”Call me by my name”

 ”Nn… ♡ Shinji’s cock… ♡ I want you to insert it~noja… ♡”

 Flair begged, and Shinji’s fingers slowly withdrew.

 Shinji took off his pants and underwear and lay down on the bed on his back, pulling on Flair’s hand.

 He let Flair straddle him, exposing his big, erect p*nis.

 No need to say it, but she could tell by Shinji’s attitude that he was urging Flair to insert herself into him.

 (I said you’d be gentle, but you’re being mean~noja…)

 Even though words of complaint came to mind, it never came out of her mouth. Instead, Flair wanted to insert Shinji’s p*nis.

 Placing the p*nis in her own private parts, Flair slowly lowered her hips and welcomed it into her vagina.

 She was so enthralled by the sensation of the p*nis as it penetrated her vaginal canal, that she continued to lower her hips until her genitals came together perfectly.

 ”Hah… Hah… ♡ Ah… As expected, it’s so big~noja… ♡ I can’t help but think that Shinji’s cock is so big~noja… ♡ Huh~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ My breast… ♡ When you rub them… ♡ When you look me from below… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 Looking up at Flair from below was a good thing.

 Shinji pinched and squeezed her big breast with both hands, which were the perfect size for his shapely hands, and poked her deep inside her vagina, which made her scream in delight.

 ”Ah~ ♡ No good~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ I never get tired of this~noja ♡ Ah~~~ ♡”

 She climaxed after being poked several times in her aching vagina.

 Shinji grabbed her waist firmly and did not let Flair escape. While enduring his ejaculation, he felt Flair’s vagina tighten without moving.

 When Flair’s climax is over and she regains consciousness from the aftermath, Shinji starts to move again.

 (Can you let me rest for a while I’m coming… ♡ Please be gentle… ♡ I want you really be gentle with me… ♡ But, I want to be impregnated right now… ♡)

 Flair’s body was delighted by the fact that the s*x was not just making her climax as she had done in the past, but that she could continue to feel the best.

 Flair’s hips naturally became more and more excited.

 Flair bounced on top of Shinji, shaking her big breast as if she was devouring the pleasure, without any shame. The mouth of her womb descended and sucked the glans, forcing her to cum.

 Shinji was nearing the end of his patience, and he kept thrusting his hips vigorously to start the final spurt.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 ”Inside~ ♡ Put it inside~noja ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ I’m going to cum too…♡ I want cum together…♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cummming ♡♡♡”

 ”I’m ejaculate… Conceive it…! Flair!”

 A large amount of semen comes out of the glans that is pressed against the womb mouth.

 The semen that is poured into the womb fills Flair’s womb to the bone…. Flair clung to Shinji as she lost herself in her climax.

 (It’s so thick… ♡ There’s so much of it… ♡ I’m being impregnated… ♡ It’s so warm~noja… ♡ I’m sure my parents won’t blame me if it’s an apostle’s child~nojana… ♡)

 Flair’s face was enraptured as she shivered and trembled.

 However, Shinji has cast a contraceptive spell, so Flair will never become pregnant. It was Shinji who just said it in a mood.

 ”Hah… ♡ Hah… ♡ Shinji’s child is here… ♡”

 After Shinji finished ejaculating, Flair stroked her belly and muttered to herself.

 The way she looked at him, it was almost as if she was saying that it wouldn’t be a problem if she got pregnant.

 ”Ah… ♡ It’s inserted again… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 There was no way Shinji wouldn’t be burned by that.

 He made Flair squeal again with his unwilted p*nis.

 There is no longer any guilt about Shinji in Flair. As a female, she could only enjoy the experience of copulating with this superior male.

 In the end, the s*x between Flair and Shinji didn’t end until Shinji ejaculated inside her vagina three more times.


 Flair’s body was already captivated, but the strategy was to tame her mind with gentle s*x.

 It’s like she won’t listen to orders if he don’t make her feel good! (No.)

 As for Flair-chan, the fact that Shinji was appointed as an apostle lowered her guard considerably.

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