Wizard 79

Chapter 79 Cunning unique individual・After

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 ”Flair! Burn it down!!”

 ”I know~nojaaaaa!!!”

 Shinji summoned Flair before the Rock Lizard’s suicide attack would crush and kill them instantly.

 Over the head of Alvin and the others, Flair appeared to block the path of the Rock Lizard, floating in the air and pointed one hand to the sky.

 A very thick ray of light was released from her hand.

 The crimson ray swallows the entire body of the Rock Lizard and burns it down to the bone, leaving not a speck of dust.

 ”One after the other… there’s no end to this…”

 ”My magic is not infinite~noja!”

 Despite the fact that their own kind was being burned to death by the rays, the Rock Lizards jumping off from the cliff did not slow down.

 Flair continues to cast magics directly on the other Rock Lizards over Alvin and the others.

 The Rock Lizard that is not on a direct hit by the magic is slammed into the ground and dies instantly.

 It’s not only the Rock Lizard that’s doing the jumping to suicide, but also the corpse that’s blocking the narrow path.

 A monster inhabits this desert.

 It’s strange to see the variety of monsters that live in the desert, such as sand monsters, large earth dragons and large worms, coming to die one after another.


 ”Let’s run! Find a place where they can’t reach us by jumping!”

 Alvin shouted as he cut away the corpses blocking their path.

 Alvin and his team, led by Renka, start running at once. In order to support them, Flair moves to the rear of the group while shooting rays.

 Without thinking, Renka shouts.

 ”What’s going on here!?”

 ”I don’t know, but it’s not a normal situation. It’s impossible for a monster to go on a suicide mission and throw away its life for no reason”

 [It’s probably hypnosis. I’ll make everyone immune]

 ”Thanks. …Everyone! Freri will cast a magic! They’ve all been brainwashed, so we’ll have to deal with that!”

 ”Got it!”

 A pale glow envelops Alvin and the others. It’s a magic that makes it difficult to become mentally ill.

 As they continue to run, the road gradually widens.

 The road ahead is quite bright. They guessed that they would be able to get through this canyon.

 [We’re being ambush…]

 ”Renka, we’re being ambushed!”

 ”Please defend!”

 Renka’s speed in the lead did not slow down. Shinji and Milis nodded to each other.

 ”I’ll follow Renka!!”

 ”Let’s go!!”

 Renka jumps out of the narrow path. Alvin followed close behind.

 The monster that was lying in wait for the two of them attacked…… The sand monsters’s shot and the big worm’s acid shot rushed to the front of Renka.

 ”<Avoid Arrow>!”

 ”<Physical Barrier>!”

 The sand monsters’s shot were deflected by Shinji’s magic.

 The acid shot of the giant worm is blocked by the barrier created by Milis’s magic.

 Without being intimidated by the attacks that were rushing in front of her, Renka stopped and held up her bow.

 She put an arrow between her fingers and placed it on the string. Renka draws three arrows at once, and uses magic while thinking about the trajectory of each arrow.

 ”<Tracking> ……!”

 With magical power as a driving force, the arrows released with tremendous speed draw a curve and pierce the necks of the sand demon projectiles.

 The driving force given by the magic does not diminish when one arrow pierces through the first one, but it finally stops when one arrow pierces through the second one.

 Alvin ran next to Renka, who had killed six sand monsters in the blink of an eye.

 The monsters were unable to follow Alvin as he ran by using the technique Emily had taught him.

 Alvin jumped on a large worm that had not recovered from the freeze of spitting out acid shot, and slashed it from above with his great sword, cutting the large worm in two vertically.

 He charges into the crowd of sand monsters with the same momentum and annihilates them in no time.

 As a result, Alvin and Renka were able to destroy the group of monsters that were waiting for them in the canyon with just the two of them.

 When Shinji, Milis, Freri and Flair left the area, the monsters stopped throwing themselves at them.

 Freri continued to detect the monsters, but Flair, who had finished shooting her ray, came down next to Shinji.

 ”I’m glad we could make it… I’m tired~noja”

 ”We are saved. Thank you, Flair”

 ”Good. What are we going to do next~noja?”

 Flair’s cheeks reddened slightly as Shinji thanked her straightforwardly, but she turned away.

 In Shinji’s vision, he can see that Milis and Alvin are adjusting their ragged breathing due to running, and Renka is searching around for traces of the unique individual.

 Shinji, who could go back to the road after burning off the monster’s corpse but didn’t want to go through the same thing again, walked up to Renka.

 ”Do you see any tracks?”

 ”They’re on both roads…”

 In the canyon square where they ended up, the paths split up.

 Both sides of the path were as wide as they had ever been, and both had the same number of footprints.

 ”What should we do…?”

 Alvin and Milis came to the side of Shinji and Renka, who were troubled.

 When Shinji explained the situation to Milis, she was equally troubled, but then Alvin pointed to the path to the right.

 ”This way!”


 ”Intuition! If you can’t judge by logic, then intuition is the only way!”

 Shinji nodded to Alvin, who stated clearly.

 It’s a great option to rely on intuition when in doubt. He thinks that if anyone should rely on their intuition, it should be Alvin, especially since Alvin is a sensory person like Emily.

 It was the same for Milis and Renka.

 ”Then let’s go to the right!”

 ”I trust you, Al-kun!”

 ”Fufufu. My intuition is brilliant!”

 Alvin continued onward in a cheerful tone.

 Flair, who was watching the scene, looked into Shinji’s face. It’s a very nice smile.

 [You’re a good, positive member~noja. Shinji is a good companion~noja, and the reason you fought alone with Minato was because you didn’t want him to degrade by having to deal with bad people like Minato~noja]

 [No. It was a personal matter, because it was against my woman]

 [If you had told him what was going on, I’m sure he would have cooperated~noja. Did you want to keep your dark side a secret or did you not want to cause unnecessary trouble?]

 He was tickled to see Flair nodding her head in agreement. Shinji thought he had been misunderstood in a strange way, but he gave up trying to clear up the misunderstanding because denying it now would only make him look embarrassed. Instead.

 [I’ll tell you about it later]

 [!? What? Why~noja!]

 Shinji quietly decided to make her cry in bed.

 He dismissed the connection with Flair, who was sending out thoughts to him, and he and Freri followed Alvin and the others.

 At the end of the path.

 At a wide-open dead end, they found a unique Rock Lizard with a jet-black rock skin, along with two lesser dragons.

 They finally found the unique individual.

 Alvin, your intuition is excellent (but only for adventures).

 If his trust in Shinji wavers, he might learn to doubt him, but for now, his trust is too high and his intuition doesn’t react to cuckolding.

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