Wizard 80

Chapter 80 Decisive Battle, Unique Individual Rock Lizard

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 Guooooooo! The Rock Lizard screams, and The Lesser Dragons on both side step forward.

 At the same time, The Rock Lizard’s forehead cracked vertically, and the third eye pop out from it, Alvin and others caught sight of it.

 Just looking into that third eyes, Alvin and others felt as if their bodies were being held down from above by an invisible force.

 ”What’s this…! My body feels heavy…!”

 ”It’s hard to gather magic power…!”

 Alvin and Milis are struggling to hold their weapons in place. Shinji and Renka are the same, but Alvin seems especially painful.

 Freri and Flair seem to have no problem with it.

 [That’s magical eye that makes the instincts of the human species fearful]

 [Because the last time using force is failed, this time using different method]

 (Is this a countermeasure to what Emily did to it…? The Goddess says that the monster of the outside world is very clever)

 It’s a horrible effect of the magic eye, but if one understands the logic, it can be countered.

 ”Milis! cast <Lion’s Heart>!”

 ”Give us courage… <Lion’s Heart>!”

 The Lesser Dragon took a deep breath to breathe out the flames.

 As Shinji shouted, Milis cast a magic, and the magic was cast on everyone. The fear is suppressed and the courage is inspired. The magic that binds the bodies of Alvin and the others is made somewhat better.

 ”I can move…!”

 ”Let’s go!”

 Alvin and Renka split off to the left and right and start running just as The Lesser Dragon spits out its flames. Milis followed after Alvin, and Shinji and the spirits followed after Renka.

 The flames did not hit anyone, but landed on the ground and scoured the earth.

 ”I will hit the eyes!”

 Renka quickly shoots an arrow.

 However, Renka’s arrow was blocked by a black barrier that appeared in front of The Rock Lizard.

 ”The Rock Lizard is really skilled…! It can even use magic”

 The color was different, but the effect seemed to be the same as Milis’ physical barrier.

 Shinji instructed Freri and Flair to defeat The Lesser Dragon and pointed the tip of his staff at The Rock Lizard like Renka.

 ”<Crush>! <Gust>!”

 The stone that was lying on the ground in front of The Rock Lizard was crushed roughly by magic. And the sand was blown up by the wind and rushed to the face of The Rock Lizard.

 The magic itself is so simple and basic that anyone can use it, but it is effective in blinding.

 The aim is to keep manipulating the wind and blowing the sand to keep The Rock Lizard using its magical barriers and attract its attention.

 Like Shinji, Renka knew that the barrier was unbreakable, so she continued to shoot arrows at The Rock Lizard.

 ”Let’s go! Mil!”


 ”Don’t be late, flower spirit!”

 [You too!]

 Alvin-Milis pair and Freri-Flair pair are superior to The Lesser Dragons in terms of strength, and if the unique individual doesn’t interfere, they can be defeated without problems.

 And the unique individual rock lizard is aware of the same thing.

 Shinji and his team’s interference were successful in keeping The Rock Lizard from using magic.

 However, The Rock Lizard was able to combine magic with the magical eye.

 Alvin, who took the opportunity to slash at The Lesser Dragon, suddenly stopped moving.

 He who had stopped moving for a moment, missed the perfect moment to slash at The Lesser Dragon’s body.

 In addition, he attacked by The Lesser Dragon’s tail, so to prevent The Lesser Dragon from hitting his body, he used his arm as a shield.

 An unpleasant cracking sound is heard from his arm, and Alvin is blown away.


 ”Al-kun! Kyaa!”

 Then, The Lesser Dragon approaching Milis more quickly, and the claws approach her.

 However, the <Physical Barrier> deployed in front of her prevented a blow from the claws, but the next blow from the tail cracked the barrier, and although Milis managed to avoid a direct hit with her staff, she was blown away like Alvin.

 In the meantime, Freri and Flair, who had no interference from The Rock Lizard, had succeeded in killing The Lesser Dragon.

 Another lesser dragon leapt forward to thrust its claws at Freri, but the claws never reached Freri’s body.

 [<Mud wall>]

 The ground in front of Freri rose up and formed a wall to defend the claws.

 The claws pierced the wall, but the thickness of the wall prevented the tips from reaching Freri. In fact, when The Lesser Dragon tried to pull it out, the claw remained stuck.

 Because the moment it pierced the wall, the soil hardened by Freri’s magic power will make The Lesser Dragon unable to pull it out even though with its power.

 Flair jumped on the stuck lesser dragon.

 ”<Flame Sword>~noja!”

 Flair creates huge sword made of solidified flames that can easily cut down The Lesser Dragon.

 Shortly after slashing it, The Lesser Dragon burned up and became a mute wreck.

 ”Freri, support the two of them!”

 ”Al! Mil!”

 Freri is directed towards The Lesser Dragon that was about to attack Alvin and the others who were blown away. Renka also quickly shifted her attention from The Rock Lizard to the remaining lesser dragons and changed the aim of her bow.

 At that moment, The Rock Lizard closed its third eye and cut the barrier.

 A large amount of sand that sprayed on The Rock Lizard does not damage it.

 ”Oh, Renka!”


 Shinji feels The Rock Lizard’s magic power increase and shouts the name of Renka who is in The Rock Lizard’s line of sight.

 The third eye opened again and a pile of darkness was forming when Shinji turned his gaze back to The Rock Lizard. Renka, who was holding her bow, could not take evasive action…

 Shinji, who quickly increased the power of his body-strengthening magic to strengthen his leg strength, slipped between The Rock Lizard and Renka.

 The pile pierced Shinji’s flank as if it was sucked in.

 Shinji’s magic power, raised to the extreme, and make him became resistance, but although it pierced Shinji, it did not reach Renka.

 ”Gua… Flair… Please…!”

 ”Tch… you goddess enemy!”

 Flair, still holding the flaming sword, attacked The Rock Lizard.

 The Rock Lizard tries to evade with its nimble movements, but Flair’s movements are faster.

 Shinji endured the pain as he thought about the fact that Flair, as a spirit, had no effect on the magic eye, and that Flair was unlikely to be defeated because it was a pure contest of specifications.

 ”What do you do to her!!”

 The remaining lesser dragons also gained the upper hand when Alvin came back, holding his great sword in one hand.

 Alvin’s emotions inflamed by the fact that Milis had been injured and flung away, and make him raising his magic power.

 The sharpness and range of the <Magic Blade> that came out was the best so far.

 The Lesser Dragon that was fighting with Freri was cut down with a single sword and became a corpse.

 ”Go to hell!”

 Flair, who cornered The Rock Lizard, burned out the enemy at the same time as Alvin killed The Lesser Dragon.

 ”Shinji…! I’m sorry…!”

 ”Shinji-san…! I’ll close the wound…!”

 ”It’s okay… Milis, Thank you…”

 When the Rock Lizard collapses, the pile that was sticking into him disappears.

 The pile that sealed his wound is gone, and blood gushes out, and Shinji staggering. Renka lends her shoulder to Shinji to keep him from falling, and Milis, who is covered in scratches from being blown away and rolled, rushes over to him.

 The hole in Shinji’s arm was safely closed with Milis’ recovery magic.

 Alvin also had a broken bone in one of his arms, and Milis cuddled up to him, applying recovery magic to heal him.

 Leaning on Renka’s shoulder, Shinji looked at the corpse of the unique individual.

 (I should handle this, right…)

 ”Renka, I’m going to use magic… <Funeral Fire>”

 The corpse of the unique individual was set on fire.

 The fire quickly burned the corpse and turned it to dust.

 Shinji heard the screams of unseen something.

 The only one who heard it was Shinji, the apostle, as Alvin and the others did not react.

 ”Is it over?”

 ”Yeah, I’m glad we’re all okay”

 ”Our injuries are moderate, though”

 Alvin who had finished being treated called out to Shinji after he had finished burning the bodies.

 Thanks to Milis’s treatment, Alvin’s and Shinji’s wounds are healed, but they are exhausted and fatigued.

 ”But now we pass the test, right?”

 ”Ah…! Upper-Intermediate rank… but I guess we’ll have to wait until we get home to be happy about that”

 Shinji nodded to Alvin, who gave an unusually tired laugh.

 ”Are you sure you’re okay, Al-kun?”

 ”Shinji, hold on to me…?”

 Alvin leaned on Milis and Shinji leaned on Renka.

 ”I’m fine! Let’s all go back to ……home”

 ”Thank you, Renka. It’s a quest to get home”

 [I will report to the goddess properly~noja. You can rest assured]

 [I will protect you on the way home]

 As he listened to Flair and Freri’s words, Shinji walked away.

 There were no problems on the way back, and <Running Wolves> was able to return safely to the desert city.


 So that was the adventure episode!

 It was hard to tell how much they was struggling. Debuffs are scary.

 They’ll report to Miko-sama tomorrow.

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