Wizard 81

Chapter 81 Spoiled by the Miko

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 After returning to the desert city, Alvin and the others headed to the temple.

 After being shown into a private room at the temple, Alvin and the others reported on the events that had occurred during their request.

 They reported a series of events that would normally be unthinkable, and the priest in charge was not sure if he should believe them all.

 However, when Flair, the spirit, appeared and swore on the name of the goddess that her testimony was true, the priest in charge reverently knelt down and bowed his head.

 It was well known in the world that spirits were a race that served the goddess and could not lie in the words they swore in her name.

 The report ended with the priest politely apologizing for his suspicions and handing over the church’s priest’s card that Milis had recovered as a relic.

 The temple was kind enough to provide an inn for the day, and Alvin and the others rented a good room where high-ranking priests sleep during their pilgrimage.

 In front of the private room assigned to them, Shinji looked back at Arvin and the three others.

 ”I guess I’ll just sleep here for today”

 Alvin nodded, looking as tired as Shinji, who could not hide his exhaustion.

 ”Okay. Sleep well, Shinji”


 When he saw that Renka was worried, he told her that he was fine and cowered in an easygoing attitude.

 ”I hope you’ll cook something delicious at the party house again”

 ”…Yeah, okay. I’ll do it when you return”

 Shinji smiled at Arvin and Milis when he saw that Renka still had a thoughtful look on her face.

 ”Together with Renka, we will going to eat something nice. Even though the request was successful, you can’t stay here, right?”

 ”Yes. Renka, let’s go”

 ”Don’t forget to buy a souvenir for Shinji!”

 ”Please cook something delicious”

 Seeing off Shinji waving his hand, Renka was taken out of the temple by Alvin and Milis.

 Shinji saw off Alvin and the others, entered the room and fell into bed without hesitation.

 ”It was hard this time…”

 Although his wounds had healed, he had lost a lot of blood and felt dull all over.

 He wanted to fall asleep like this, but he took out the blood-boosting drug for later and drank it down in one gulp. Frowning at the bitter taste, he put some dried fruit in his stomach as a palate cleanser, and drowsiness soon set in.

 (Freri, Flair, please watch out for me…)

 [All right]

 [You can leave it to me]

 Shinji fell into a deep sleep as he listened to their replies…

* * *

 Shinji’s consciousness emerges.

 As his consciousness became clearer and clearer, Shinji realized that someone was patting his head.

 He hurriedly opened his eyes, and what came into his vision was a pair of very large breasts.

 It was a very large pair of breasts.

 The white robe that wrapped her large breasts were something he had seen only recently.

 When he felt the warmth of human skin under his head, he realized that his head was resting on the thigh that was peeking through the slit of the robe.

 Shinji’s head was being stroked by a gentle, caring hand.

 Shinji is being thigh-pillowed by a Miko-sama!

 (What happened?!)

 Shinji was confused.

 [I reported the request to Arian-sama…]

 A thought came from Flair to the confused Shinji. It seems that she’s been monitoring him all along.

 [It seems that the Miko who heard the story from Arian-sama is very worried. Then Arian-sama told her to take care of the apostle, and then transferred her to this place]

 [I was told not to disturb Miko]

 [The apostle Shinji is the first apostle for the Miko Arian. So, it is my duty as a mother to support her]

 Not only Flair, but also Freri and the goddess Arian’s thoughts reach him.

 Shinji tried to jump up, aware of the shame of being on her thighs with the three of them watching over him.

 ”Apostle Shinji-sama, are you awake?”

 The Miko Arian looked into Shinji’s face.

 When he got up, he bumped into her, and when he moved slightly, his eyes were caught by her rich breasts that make him stopped moving.

 ”Why am I on your thighs…?”

 ”I was trying to help the apostle-sama who worked so hard… …Did I bother you?”

 Miko Arian’s chest shook again as she smiled and tilted her head.

 Her big breasts, which are no less than Milis’s breasts, were shaken in front of his eyes, and the arousal after the battle, which should have subsided with sleep, returned.

 Shinji’s p*nis erected and pushed up from his pants.

 ”It’s no bother, but I’m not a child, and I’m embarrassed. May I ask you to take me down?”

 Even though he was in lust, Shinji thought it would be a bad idea to touch Miko Arian, and tried to get away from her to leave as soon as possible.

 But Miko Arian smiled and shook her head.

 ”I still haven’t finished the labor I asked from the goddess, so…”

 Miko Arian muttered, and reluctantly opened the chest part of her robe.

 Her breasts, which had been freed from the robe, were not wearing any underwear, and her beautiful pink nipples were exposed before Shinji’s eyes.

 (Why are you taking them off!?)

 Although he was puzzled by Miko Arian’s act, which he thought was just an attempt to stir up trouble, his eyes were drawn to her divine breasts without a single stain.

 [Shinji likes big breasts. So, I taught her that big breasts make you happy]

 [As a mother, it’s complicated, but I’m willing to give my daughter some advice if that’s what she wants. Of course, if you take away my daughter’s virginity, you will have to take responsibility for it, Apostle Shinji]

 Shinji’s head hurts from Freri’s words and the fact that the goddess is also cooperating.

 [Arian-sama is the one who was most excited about it……]

 [Ufufu, what are you talking about? Flair]


 The goddess and Flair’s thoughts were cut off.

 Arian, the Miko, has no lust in her heart.

 But her cheeks were slightly red with shame, and she looked at Shinji with compassionate eyes.

 ”…Apostle Shinji-sama… Arian can… spoil you a lot…”

 The Miko Arian bent over and her large breasts pressed against Shinji.

 Shinji couldn’t move at all, and the soft breasts were pressed against his face.


 Goddess Arian’s suggested attack!

 The Miko Arian has been suggested by the goddess!

 It is the job of the Miko to tell the apostles of the oracle from the goddess.

 Miko Arian had only been a Miko for a short time, and Shinji was the first apostle she had ever told the oracle to.

 Many Miko are married to apostles, and Arian’s parents are also Miko and apostles.

 When she hears that Shinji is badly injured, she wants to do something for him, and Goddess Arian suggests that he is a candidate for her future husband.

 If he is made to take responsibility, the Miko Arian’s position will be the highest in the world, and his regular wife will change from Renka to the Miko Arian.

 So, for now, he’s stuck with her if he does it.

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