Wizard 82

Chapter 82 The Healing of the Miko Arian

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 Munyu ♡ Miko Arian’s big breasts pressed against Shinji’s face, making a soft feeling spread across his face.

 She has an untainted body that has never known a man.

 Miko Arian’s body, which is carefully nurtured to become a Miko, is superb.

 Her carefully maintained skin has not a single stain on it.

 It’s not only the woman’s unique scent, but also her discreetly applied perfume that Shinji noticed.

 ”…You really look tired… You’re already so tired… Apostle Shinji-sama… Now… I’ll make you comfortable…”

 Arian, the Miko, who had already seen his p*nis pushing up his pants, gently stroked it from the top of his pants.

 After a few moments of hesitation, she loosened his pants and pulled out his big, fully erect p*nis.

 Arian gasped at the sight of a male organ for the first time.

 Shinji is at her mercy.

 He had no intention of moving aggressively as he would be held responsible if he inserted it. So, he decided to let the Miko do whatever she wanted until she was satisfied.

 ”…It’s already hard, isn’t it, Apostle Shinji-sama?… I’ll do exactly as I’ve been taught… So please just make yourself comfortable…”


 Although Shinji’s vision is blocked by her chest, he can sense Miko Arian searching for something, but he can’t see it.

 However, he knew immediately what she is looking for.

 She is looking for a lotion, a liquid that lubricates sliding.

 Because his erect p*nis is covered with a thick liquid that is as warm as human skin.

 The use of this unexpected tool made Shinji’s p*nis tremble with expectation.

 ”…Now then… Excuse me…”

 With that, Miko Arian’s thin and untainted fingers gently wrapped around Shinji’s p*nis.

 She is nervous to touch a real p*nis for the first time, but the way she caresses it, making it shiver and shake with pleasure, is very skillful and familiar.

 ”…It’s trembling… If it feels so good… Please feel it… A lot… I’ve been practicing… For my future husband… Ah~ ♡”

 Nichu ♡ Guchu ♡ Nichu ♡ Nichu ♡ Nichu ♡ Nichu ♡ Nichu

 She continued to gently handle Shinji’s p*nis up and down while pressing her breasts against his face.

 It’s not an attempt to squeeze out semen, but rather a gentle, caring hand, and the frustrating pleasure slowly that makes Shinji feel like he’s ejaculating.

 The pleasure isn’t strong enough so he was able to endure it, but in fact, it made him keep storing semen in his p*nis.

 Then, a hard object hit Shinji’s lips, which were half open from the pleasure.

 That’s Arian’s nipple… And made Shinji couldn’t help but take it into his mouth and suck on it.

 Shinji’s suck made Arian moaned with sweet, lustrous voice, and aroused him more and more as he moved his hand to grab the breast that was not being sucked.

 ”…Hah …Hah…♡ How’s Arian’s… Breast…♡ Apostle Shinji-sama… Do you like it… Nn~ ♡ I hope you like it… ♡ If so~ ♡ Please touch them a lot… ♡ And let it heal you… ♡♡”

 (Even though I shouldn’t feel good… ♡ Goddess-sama… ♡ Please forgive Arian for being inexperienced… ♡)

 Miko Arian was also beginning to feel the pleasure of having her nipples sucked and her breasts squeezed for the first time.

 Because Shinji was an expert in the s*x.

 So, he caressed Arian’s breasts, checking her body’s trembling to see what would feel good to caress.

 Arian’s body, which had always been highly sensitive, was rapidly awakening as a woman.

 Shinji, on the other hand, was engrossed in caressing her bountiful breasts.

 Shinji, who is basically the blamer, does not like to be pampered. This was the first time he had been exposed to such overwhelming and uncalculated motherhood.

 Without any repulsive feelings rising up, he continued to receive the hand job from Miko Arian to the limit of his endurance…….

 Dopyu ♡ Doppu ♡ Doppu ♡ Dopyu … ♡ Dopyu… ♡

 ”…Ah~ ♡ Great intensity… ♡ It’s so much… ♡ Apostle Shinji-sama… Thank you for using Arian’s hands and breast… ♡ …I’m glad you enjoyed it…♡”

 The semen that had been stored up from the glans was released at once. A large amount of semen that spewed out stained Miko Arian’s hands and Shinji’s pants.

 Nuchi…♡ Nuchi…♡ Nuchi…♡

 As Arian continued to gently handle Shinji’s p*nis, making sure not to leave a single drop of semen in his urethra, the p*nis that hadn’t wilted continued to insist that it could still come.

 ”…You still haven’t healed yet…♡ Apostle Shinji-sama… What do you want me to do…?”

 (I want to have s*x with you so badly…!)

 Miko Arian smiles as she gently moves her body away.

 Her nipples had hardened and her face has a glossy look… But Shinji can’t do anything about it even though she’s right in front of him.

 If he wants have s*x to his heart’s content, he may get his wish, but the price is marriage to Miko. Shinji didn’t want to be tied down to the temple yet.

 ”…I want to breastfeed you, so I want you to lie down”

 Shinji didn’t want this to be the end of the story so he commands her.

 Miko Arian nodded obediently and folded her wings gracefully and lay down on her back.

 Shinji straddled Miko Arian’s belly as she shook her large breasts.

 And Arian applied lotion to her breasts, and the shiny breast is very nasty.

 ”…Please…♡ …Do as you wish…♡”

 The firm big breast created a firm cleavage that can be inserted without Miko Arian having to use her hands to pull it in.

 Shinji slowly insert his p*nis into her cleavage from the lower breast…….

 His p*nis so comfortable that he could ejaculate just by inserting it into the bouncy, soft, and slippery valley.

 Nuchu ♡ Kuchu ♡ Guchu ♡ Necha ♡ Nucha ♡

 Shinji grabbed Miko Arian’s breast and squeezed them without hesitation, pulling her breasts together and increasing the pressure on his p*nis.

 The soft skin rubs against the p*nis, and the pistoning movement gradually becomes faster.

 This is an act that can be called pseudo-s*x with breasts. (Paizuri)

 Miko Arian continues to look at Shinji with a compassionate gaze, despite the fact that he is using her breasts as he pleases.

 However, deep in her eyes, her lust is firmly swirling, and she rubs her thighs together.

 ”…You feel so good…♡ …So enthusiastic…♡ …Please use Arian’s breast as you wish… ♡ …I’ll heal you to the fullest…♡”

 ”G… ugh, I’m cumming…!”

 Shinji, who is staring at the soft breasts that shakes with each slap of his hips, reached his limit. He ejaculated with his glans sticking out of her cleavage.

 Dopyu ♡ Doppu ♡ Doppu ♡ Dopyu … ♡ Dopyu… ♡

 An unbelievable amount of semen is released onto Miko Arian’s face for the second time.

 With her eyes closed, Miko Arian continued to bathe in Shinji’s ejaculation until it was over…… By the time the ejaculation ended, the white semen had stained her face and chest.

 ”…Again… It came out a lot… ♡ …Can you still… Continue… ♡ …Apostle Shinji-sama… You can use Arian as you wish…♡”

 Arian, the Miko, smiles kindly even though she is stained with semen.

 A woman’s desire tingles in the depths of her eyes.

 Shinji’s instincts are screaming at her to make this innocent woman his own.

 ”Fuh~…. Seriously, I’ve had enough”

 Shinji was about to say “s*x” when he managed to control himself.

 He pulled his p*nis out of Arian’s cleavage, using all his reason.

 ”…Thank you for your hard work…♡…If you get tired again… I’ll heal you… ♡ …So …Please don’t die… Apostle Shinji-sama…”

 ”…Yes, I’ll do my best”

 If he keeps staring at it, his will might waver.

 So, Shinji replied as he averted his gaze from Miko Arian.


 Goddess: “So you endured it. You have a spirit of steel, Apostle Shinji”

 Flower spirit: “Shinji is resistant thanks to me (Mufu)”

 Fire Spirit: “(I want to be noticed by Arian-sama too… I’ll do my best)

 Shinji managed to avoid responsibility!

 It almost turned into the adventures of a cuckolded wizard instead cuckolding!

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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