Wizard 83

Chapter 83 Akane Becomes a Maid at the Party House

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 The next day, after Shinji was nearly defeated by Miko Arian’s breasts.

 <Running Wolves> met up with Akane and left from the desert city.

 It took them three days to arrive at <Medio>, and they arrived safely without any problems along the way.

 Akane was a little tired from her first trip in a while, but as a former adventurer, she is still in good spirits.

 On the way, Akane had a good time talking with Alvin and the others about the past, and deepened her friendship with them.

 Since then, Akane’s dislike of men had weakened and she had no more problems in her daily life. Renka was as happy about this as she was.

 After reporting the completion of the request to the guild, Alvin and the others are on the way back to the party house after the exam.

 ”Hey, let’s have a welcome party tomorrow!”

 ”I’ve got a great idea!” Alvin spoke up with a face like he had a good idea.

 ”Is it’s for me?”

 ”Of course!”

 Alvin gives a thumbs up to the puzzled Akane.

 ”I appreciate the offer, but I’m only here to work for you”

 ”Al just wants to drink~”

 ”No, it’s not! The exam went well. So, let’s have some fun!”

 Renka spoke to Akane from the side as she tried to hold back.

 But Alvin seems to want to drink anyway, and he’s going to talk about it as if he wanted to start a drinking game.

 ”Well, I think it’s fine. I’ve been planning on cooking for a while now, and …… it would be nice to make some variety and eat together”

 ”Then let’s cook together for the first time in a while, Renka”

 ”I want to cook too!”

 Perhaps it was because they had passed the big obstacle of the exam, the women responded well.

 ”Then I’ll go stock up the liquor. I think Emily knows a lot about liquor stores, so I’ll ask her.”

 Shinji considered going to the liquor store recommended by Emily.

 So, Alvin nodded yes, but tilted his head.

 ”But? What’s my job?”

 ”””Carrying luggage!”””

 Alvin nodded his head in agreement with Milis, Renka and Akane.

* * *

 ”I’ll start with wearing the outfit”

 When they returned to the party house, they unloaded their luggage into their respective rooms.

 Emily is not there, so they all assumed that she was probably out of town on a request.

 At any rate, they guided Akane to use the servant’s room as her own, and registered her magic power so that she could lock the door.

 When Akane came out of her room after entering and arranging her belongings, she had changed her clothes.

 A navy-blue long-sleeved dress and a long skirt. A white frilly apron and headdress.

 She was a standard maid, no doubt about it.

 ”…It suits you”

 ”you’ll be the flower of the party house”

 Renka looked sideways at Shinji’s love of maids, and as expected, Shinji seemed to be in a good mood.

 In addition, Akane has taken the exposure because the party house is only for people she knows.

 Thus, she’s now a big-breasted maid!

 Renka thought she should mention that she was now Shinji’s girlfriend, since Akane is so clearly and openly in tune with his tastes.

 ”Well, I’m going to go around cleaning. Don’t forget that dust can accumulate even when no one lives here”

 After saying that, Akane left the room to get the cleaning tools.

 ”I like the ……maid outfit. Mil too, you should try it on”

 ”Okay, but where can I find a maid outfit?”

 After seeing Akane off, Alvin and Milis started talking.

 (Milis in a maid uniform… I want her to wear an erotic maid uniform)

 When Shinji heard them talking and was thinking about that, Renka pulled his arm.

 Shinji and Renka’s eyes met.

 Renka’s eyes are very strong.

 It seems that Shinji’s obsession with the maid is not to Renka’s liking. And it made Shinji’s face involuntarily tightened.

 ”Shinji, can I talk to you about something?”

 “……Oh. Let’s talk in your room, Renka”

 The two of them holed up in her room, Shinji struggling until Renka’s mood improved.

* * *

 ”Ah! Shinji! Everyone! Welcome back~♡”

 As the sun began to set, Emily came home.

 She had a bright voice, and with a quick movement she jumped on Shinji and wrapped her arms around him.

 ”Hey, Emily, ……, You’re hurting me”

 ”I’m sorry ♡ I missed you so much”

 Renka pulled Emily away from him who didn’t seem to be offended at all.

 Emily, who has quietly left Shinji, is now eye to eye with Akane, who is wearing a maid’s uniform.

 Akane is stunned by Emily’s energy, but she hurriedly bows her head.

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Akane. I’ve been hired as a maid. Please take care of me from now on”

 Akane’s big breasts swayed as she bowed her head vigorously.

 ”I’m Emily…… Alvin’s master …… Nice to meet you …… You’ve got big breast again….”

 Emily greeted her properly, but moaned at the end. This time, she clutched at Shinji’s arm.

 Shinji, who felt sorry for her, lightly touched her head, and Emily rubbed her head.

 ”Yes! So how was the exam?”

 ”Of course! We successfully defeated them, so I don’t think we’ll have any problems!”

 ”That’s great!”

 Emily and Alvin regained their composure! then they high-five each other.

 ”Then you’re now in the upper-intermediate rank, just like me!”

 ”You’re right. But Emily, why don’t you go to the bathroom first? Akane has already prepared it for you”

 ”Right! Then I’ll go in first”

 When Emily hears Renka’s words, she quickly moves away from Shinji.

 She who forgot that she is sweating, blushed a little, and tried to go back to her room.

 ”Akane-san is cooking dinner for us, so let’s eat together when it comes out”

 ”I understand! I’ll be out as soon as I can!”

 Emily ran off in a hurry.

 ”She’s lively, isn’t it?”

 ”Fufu, that’s right. She looks like Alvin”

 Akane laughed at Shinji’s words after seeing Emily off.

 ”I’m not sure if it’s that similar…?” Alvin muttered when Milis and Renka nodded silently.

 ”They’re like a brother and sister”

 ”I think that makes them easier for me to relate to”

 ”Are we like…… that?”

 Everyone nodded at Alvin, who tilted his head.

 Renka is relieved to see that Akane could fit in with the cheerful atmosphere.

 As a side note.

 Akane’s cooking was very tasty.

 Akane has reappeared.

 As a maid at the party house, she will be supporting Alvin and the others from behind the scenes.

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